12. Prison Cake

 Offer a recipe of the cake with the success enjoyed by the prisoners.

  •    Cookie cake.
  •    Ingredients:
  •    Cookies – 500 grams
  •    Milk – 1stakan
  •    Condensed milk – 1 Bank
  •    Butter – 200 grams

First, make a cream: softened butter mixed with condensed milk until smooth.
In a deep dish spread a layer of cookies, pre-dip each cookie in milk. If there is no milk, can be replace juice or jam, diluted boiled water. If you dip in a coffee drink, the cake will turn out with a delicate aroma of coffee.
The cookies spread an even layer of the cream. Cream not regret!
Another layer of cookies soaked in milk.
The next layer of cream.
   The number of layers depends on the volume of your dish. 

The top layer should be smeared with cream and sprinkled with crushed cookies.
   The finished cake is left to soak in the cream for a few hours in the refrigerator. Between the layers can be laid sliced fruit. Very tasty and fast cake!

   Bon appetit!


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4 thoughts on “12. Prison Cake

  1. Кулнария.

    Если взять слоенное печенье, которое называют “ушками” и также следовать этому рецепту, то получится тюремный торт “Наполеон”.

  2. Грек

    Хороший тюремный рецепт! От души)

  3. ЧайХана

    Обалденный тюремный рецепт. Клёвое видео! Беру себе на заметку

  4. Хозяюшка

    Благодарю за толковый рецепт тюремного торта! Надо приготовить.

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