24. Humiliation in a prisoner’s car.

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  On the fourteenth of February we sincerely celebrated Valentine’s day. Natasha-thief prepared salad “Herring under a fur coat” and a cake of cookies. (recipes here: Life hack herring under a fur coat in jail. , Lifehack cake in prison.)

 In the evening from SEG led Milka-doronino. She was unrecognisable, as if she had aged ten years, looked so exhausted. After a long bath in the shower, she attacked the food and fell asleep until the next day. An employee of the prison office told her that the day her taken stage in the colony. Milka was packing for the zone.

   And I was packing my things home, with the certainty that as soon as the judge interrogates the last victim and witness, then immediately bring against them all a case of false denunciation, and I will be on the outside. Natasha-Armenian, looking at my bags with things, sadly told me:

   “This time, do not drag with him to court with all your stuff. If anything, the day after tomorrow you will come from the house to the administrative building of the prison, and we will pass everything to you through the guards.»

   I agreed and looking at the sympathetic look of Natasha the thief, said:

   “You’ll see, tomorrow, when you go to bed after lights out, my rack will be empty!»

   “Then I will take offense at you that you exchanged me for freedom and I will leave to live to another! I’ll move to the empty rack to the Armenian!”she said to me, laughing.

   “Okay, but now let’s finish two appeals on your case. Today we need to send a “brief” appeal, to which we will attach a request for extension of the appeal with yesterday’s outgoing number of the remand prison. And let’s immediately draft a second – “full” appeal.”- I was pleased Natasha-thief.

   On the same day, she wrote under my dictation two copies: a brief appeal, a petition for extension of the appeal period and a full appeal. To the office for submission to the court, it was just a brief complaint and petition.

   “Why can’t I immediately send a full appeal?”- sadly asked me Natasha-thief.

   “As soon as the court will acquaint you with case papers, at once next day you will send the full appeal. And yet not to disclose “their cards” before a judge, you never know what her mood against you. I replied.

    Late at night, the “pocket” of the armor opened, and the longitudinal told me that the time of my trial has changed and I will be taken to court at seven in the morning. That is, the case was postponed from two o’clock in the afternoon to eleven. It so upset me, and I was indignant all evening that all participants of process could not warn in advance. And I was also upset that I could not warn my son in any way, and he also knows about the meeting in the afternoon. Looking at the packages I collected, I went to bed early with a heavy heart.

   That’s the day of the second trial on the merits.

   At exactly seven in the morning the convoy took me to the ” sump at the station.” There were already about ten prisoners. Their noisy conversation died down when I arrived. Absolutely everything I with interest looked at, and I have no interest in looking them over. Three of the prisoners were very brightly painted and dressed in mink coats, the other seven were dressed simply in cheap but cute down jackets.

   “Which house? What is the name? What is an article?”one of the prisoners in a mink coat asked without anger.

   After I introduced myself from the grey mass was a short woman in a parka and said with irony:

   “Oh, so it’s you, the famous prisoner with the criminal record? What are you not on-concepts, Natasha-Gypsy kicked out of the house?»

   A few minutes later I digested this, remembering who this Natasha is a Gypsy.

   “If you mean that Gypsy girl who was taken out of our cell after a fight with one of her cellmates, then you’re in the wrong place! I had a little friction with her, but not to survive from the hut!”I said boldly, not looking up from her eyes.

   “Oh, Roska, the whole prison knows that where Masha-khokhlushka in the hut, no one will live! Not all girls in my house moved! And what they told about her vile deeds, we were all shocked!”a tall, unsympathetic woman in a white mink coat entered the conversation.

   “Welcome! My name is Masha, but everyone at the prison knows me as “Diesel”. My article in prison is also authoritative – 162. With friends hijacked from neighboring regions back cars for scrum.”a lady in a white fur coat told me.

   “I – well known to all jail Gypsy rose!”announced “run into a jacket”.

   “What are you known for? In the two months I’ve been in prison, no one in our house has told me about you? I asked, almost without irony.

   But my question Gypsy glared with hostility, and “Diesel” has his arm around me and loud feminine laughter.

   “I feel you and I are gonna be best friends!”- said to me “white coat” between neighing.

   At this moment the armored door opened and the warden named surnames among which there was also a Gypsy. These prisoners came out of the “sump” and there were three of us.

   “Today, many have courts in different territories. And the great departure “stage” at camp, so all of us early taken to the courts to paddy wagons to pick up transferred.”- lighting a cigarette, it is important said “Diesel”.

   Her habits were rough and she smoked ugly, like a man. Imagine yourself: sitting on his haunches a woman in a white mink coat, inhales cigarette smoke, with one screwing up his eyes and puffing out his cheeks. Sometimes she even spat saliva at her feet. “Basically, what feminine grace can come from such ugly and unkempt women? I thought as I watched her paint herself sloppily, the arrows in her eyes were awfully wide for her eyes, and her lipstick smeared over the edges of her lips like a clown’s.

   My thoughts were interrupted by the supervisor, who called my name and brought out of the “sump” for loading into the paddy wagon.

   After checking my data on the card file, I was taken to the truck.

   “Get in!”one of the guards shoved me roughly.

   “In what sense, “climb”, where are the steps or ladder? Or are you offering me to a height of half a meter from the place to jump in?”I said, irritably.

   “Oh, you think you’re a Princess? So all climbs and no one is outraged! Grab the handrails and pull up!”- with anger continued the same the convoy.

   “First of all, Don’t poke me! Secondly, can I at least considered the Queen for all I care. But I will not be humiliated in this way!”I growled furiously.

   “You want to go to solitary, bitch?”the bastard hissed as he pushed me.

   From the depths of the paddy wagon heard men’s loud voices, several people were indignant:

   “You fucking want us here now your fucking paddy wagon supplies&&&Chile? And then you were torn, you bastard!»

   “See to you all today is the one place in solitary confinement did not break, bastards fucking!”- shouted the guard into rasstavayas machine.

   “Since when do the officers of the convoy of paddy wagons imprison prisoners in the punishment cell?”- thundered the terrible male voice over Spino. convoy.

   “Why the delay in sending the prisoners?”the voice continued to rumble.

   Turning, I saw a tall and handsome man in a cap and a major’s uniform. Two men in camouflage suits stood beside him, masks with slits for their eyes on their heads, and machine guns in their hands. All three were almost two meters tall.

   The guard, swallowing nervously, pointed at me.:

   “Now, disobeys orders and refuses to go in the paddy wagon!»

   The newcomers glared at me with astonished eyes. My voice squeaked in fright:

   “He refuses to put the ladder so I can get into the paddy wagon!»

   “A plane ramp, You do not need?”- menacingly said “Cap” and turning to the convoy, ordered:

   “Bring her a stool, let him climb into the paddy wagon! And I will be forced to make a report on You, the convoy that detain departures of prisoners to the courts!»

   The guard jumped on the spot and bent under the body, pulled out a ladder, which I climbed inside the paddy wagon.

   A few minutes later, as soon as the paddy wagon moved, we were all thrown at the booth. We were driven like firewood. Not only the prisoners were cursing loudly, but also the two young guards accompanying us. As soon as the car stopped abruptly, one of the guards threw up in the aisle near the door. 

   “Because of one such p&&&&&&& (forbidden word) we’re all assholes. And you won’t tell him anything! The chief of the guard and a relative of the General.”one of the escorts said.

   When the door opened, the convoy, which threw up, began to pour five liters of water on the floor, washing away the contents of his stomach on the street near the court. 

   First, all the male prisoners were taken out of the paddy wagon in turn, and then me.

   I was back in the same cage as last time. But this time, eight prisoners stood in front of me and smiled at me, admiring me. I also smiled at them, but with a grateful smile, because, despite the conditions in which we were, they acted as noble men, protecting me.

   “Wow, you’re beautiful! Yeah for you, I’d not only paddy wagon to turn over, but take your deluge for yourself! My name is “gunner”!”a tall, plump, handsome man said with a smile.

   “Relax, Gunner! A deluge like hers is too much for you!”a familiar Armenian voice with a faint accent said.

 He came from behind the Gunner. He was wearing a fashionable cashmere coat of dark gray, jeans and fashionable shoes. This time he was without his cap pulled over his eyes, and I could see his face. Eyes black, nose is classical Armenian, volitional square chin, freshly shaven, short black hair neatly trimmed. Such a beautiful man, met on the street, can be mistaken for a model that advertises men’s clothing “Pierre Cardin”.

   “Hello, dear! How’re you feeling?”he said carefully.

   «Hello. If I were out there, I’d feel better.”I answered him and smiled. He beamed at my smile, too.

   “You got my message with the numbers?”he asked in a stern voice.

   At my nod he continued:

   “Why didn’t you call me back? Did I scare you last time I saw you? Or am I just unsympathetic?”pretending to be sad said the Armenian.

   “We “flew” all the phones, and we are almost a week without communication.”I said softly.

   All the prisoners looked at me in surprise.

   “Have you reported it to the cauldron? Who’s the eldest in your house?»

   “Actually, I’m recently in prison and don’t know all the rules! But we in the house are no older, we said: “the lads”!”I said.

   After my last words, the prisoners laughed loudly. They laughed for a long time, some of them wiping their tears and looking at my confused face continued to cackle again.

   I didn’t know whether to be offended or not. Without thinking twice, I turned away from them and opened the book of the criminal procedure code, pretending that I read a very smart thing.

   “Beauty, do not take offense at us! We do not know what in the women’s huts layouts. But you have to admit how ridiculous it sounds that a community of women calls themselves brothers.”- the pleading voice of the “Gunner”sounded.

   “So, gunner, you let not roll up to my woman, in which I fell in love at first sight!”the Armenian conspirator winked at me when I wanted to object to his words.

   “Adam, you can’t keep up with your agility. And we recently in the sump rubbed that you are an old man and it’s time to call you “Grandfather”!”- good-naturedly mocked Armenian Pushkar.

   “Adam, can I ask your advice? I will be sent to the strict, which of the brothers I immediately turn to?”softly chimed in the gray-haired prisoner.

   The Armenian began to tell him something quietly, and I answered the questions of the other prisoners, who were interested in what kind of “deluga” I have, which is not on the shoulder of the gunner.

   After a while I was taken to the courtroom. The unsolicited victim and the witness did not appear. My son wasn’t there either.

   I said a request that I was given the Protocol of the last meeting, as I have no doubt that the testimony of the victims questioned in the same form as it was read in court. But the judge rejected my application.

   Hardly restraining myself not to say nasty things to the judge, I asked to provide me notifications which were sent to the unsolicited victim and the witness.

   “Strange request. We have no such petition has been filed yet. Can you explain Your motion?”the judge asked me in surprise.

   “The thing is, Your honor, I have my doubts that the apparatus of your court is interested in calling these people. Especially as they have a direct bearing on your court. I explained.

   The angry judge turned to his Secretary and asked::

   “Where are the copies of sent notifications?»

   The frightened Secretary said::

   “I forgot to send them!»

   “And You accidentally forgot a word in the word to make the testimony of victims in court records?”I couldn’t stand it, I said angrily.

   The judge, ignoring my statement, irritably ordered the Secretary:

   “In business there are phone numbers of victims and the witness. Immediately call for today by telephone! Break until fourteen o’clock!»

   When I was brought to the courthouse for the prisoners, it was twelve o’clock. Everyone who came with me to the court has already had a hearing. Only Adam was not taken out, the convoy brought him a decision to postpone the meeting because of the absence of the victim. We had the same judge.

   To my cage came one of the guards and said quietly:

   “Now all will be loaded into the paddy wagon. You’re left alone in court. For you can not send the car, because we have today all the paddy wagons went to the camp. So they can keep you here until tomorrow, until the prisoners are brought to court. Call the chief of the court convoy and clarify the situation, he’s a normal man, can ask the judge to send you with all the Central!»

   When the escort left me, the Armenian raised his eyebrows questioningly, as if asking me what was going on. I waved to him that I would explain everything. Very loudly I called:

   “Chief of the convoy, come to me, please!»

   There were two: one, that bastard from the paddy wagon, the second was the head of the convoy in court.

   Addressing the chief court.convoy, I asked.:

   “Will someone be brought to the meetings this afternoon? The thing is, I’m the only one left in court right now.»

   “No one else has meetings after lunch. And because of You one car can not send! So it was more than once, and the prisoners slept here. I will personally approach Your judge and explain the situation.”- promised the head of the convoy.

   When he returned, he was sorry and said uncertainly:

   “The judge promised to personally see to it that you were sent a paddy wagon.»

   “Well, Queen, tonight you will sleep on this bench!”- gleefully said the scoundrel out of the paddy wagon.

   After these words, the Armenian called the head of the judicial convoy and asked to take him to the toilet. When he returned, he mysteriously smiled at me.

   “Let’s have a “kipish”! We’ll all stay here together until the sister has a trial.”- suggested one of the prisoners and all approvingly zagaldeli.

   “No, don’t! You’re gonna get in trouble for this. I feel like everything’s gonna be okay. And to be honest, I hope that I will be home right after this meeting. I believe this judge!”I said convincingly.

   “Sister, you shouldn’t believe him. I have heard about him many times, and what severe sentences he makes to women and drug addicts! He hates them!”- said an elderly prisoner.

   “But I’m not a drug addict! I don’t think he’ll be prejudiced against me because I’m a woman. Once he considered my application for the actions of the investigator, then he was on my side.”I said.

   At this point, we began loading in the van. When the vile convoy called Adam’s name, the chief of the convoy said,:

   “The judge said that the witnesses in his case came up. He’ll have a trial this afternoon.»

   I looked at Adam in surprise, and he winked at me, smiling.

   Passing by me he joyfully said:

   “Don’t play around here, my children! Do not forget that you are shot with a hidden camera!»

   Adam, looking at me, said seriously,:

   “If we have to stay here overnight in the cells, then I, as a decent man, will have to marry you!»

   I laughed, my wife didn’t call!

   Continuation: Start of workings (continued). 

  And this is from the minutes of my judicial meeting:


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