36. The prisoner is an outsider.

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 Today from the court I was met by all the cellmates, so I was surprised.

   “We decided you replace Natasha-the thief!”- said the drug addict Tick.

   When we sat down together to drink coffee, I told the women about the meeting in court with Natasha-thief.  We laughed heartily when she admitted that I Aue-knula in court on video cameras.

   Then I told about how “Diesel” talked about reality show in jail, but he said nothing about betting on me and khokhlushka.

   Natasha-Armenian and Masha-khokhlushka, excitedly told that they too before different people said that illegal videos about prisoners sell on the Internet. I was outraged at how humiliating the conditions were for us in prison.

   After talking on the phone with my son and Adam, I fell asleep very early that day.

   The next three days were the same as before: morning six-hour check, Breakfast-Balanda, walk in the yard, cleaning the cell, lunch-Balanda, time for writing applications to the court, backgammon, reading books, watching TV, evening check, dinner-Balanda, “setting roads”, talk “on the flight” with family, taking a shower and lights out.

   Anna,a drug addict, asked my son to make a program for her from the prison store. The money was transferred to the card by her friend from another city. So, my son “loaded on transfers to other prisoners.»

   The assortment of the prison shop, we were given out every week on printed sheets. Therefore, we knew the prices for the entire range. At night on the phone we dictated to my son the list of necessary, and he next day came to prison shop and did purchases. According to my son, he was pleased to do it.

   One of these days Masha-Ukrainian were taken for investigations, and then, it is only one brought “a conversation”. In the evening of the same day, brought her to all the same products as before.

   “You said your lawyer turned you down. Who’s the one you did today peredachku?”- Natasha-Armenian asked irritably.

   “Today I did peredachku investigator!”- surprised by all the response hohlushka.

   “For what merits he spent on you, at least two thousand rubles? Yes, and how did he arrange to have none of the products inspected, cut, or opened?”- Natasha-Armenian got excited.

   “Mind your own business! You want trouble?”with the threat said Mary.

   We exchanged confused glances with Natasha-the Armenian, both of us remembered that after each such transfer, cellmates were under “drug intoxication”. (The prison showdown in women part 2. Christmas in prison. , The Savior is in solitary, and I am in court.)

 “What if these parcels herself Vasilisa is doing, and the forms of records other data? I don’t believe that supervisors will not check transmissions from the tracker or the lawyer. And here is, Vasilisa they could do indulgences.”I asked Natasha-Armenian in a whisper.

   Now my cellmate and I looked at each other with fear.

   “Girls, if today is a junkie again, “obovata”, I will personally notify the Agent. Because they are exposed, and we are all being pulled!”- surprised us, joined us at the table Olya-robber.

   Now there were three of us against five drug addicts.

   Suddenly, the bolts on the armor rattled, and a group of guards entered the cell, among them was my countryman.

   “So, the women quickly put their things into the bunk and stand next to each bunk!”- said the Deputy chief of the prison major Gusev.

   After completing his instructions, we stood, each near his bunk.

   Eight guards approached the rack and began to search. Gusev filmed it all on a mobile video camera.

   My things approached to check the fellow countryman, he very slowly and carefully revised each subject, thumbed through and read documents on court. When he came across one of the “babies”-congratulations on Easter, he wanted to quietly put it back, but the major noticed it and ordered:

   “No, they should not be allowed to keep correspondence with prisoners! Throw the Munchkins away!»

   From khokhlushkina the bunk he heard:

   “Why do you have red-and-white capsules in the new passit Box? This medicine has only white or green capsules!»

   “Who gave you these capsules?”the major asked menacingly.

   «Prison doctor.”- quietly said Masha-khokhlushka.

   “Come back here under escort the doctor, he’s in the office!”- Gusev ordered his subordinate.

   When brought the doctor, he categorically declared that any drugs to Masha-khokhlushka never gave out. In the red-and-white capsules, he recognized psychotropic illegal drugs.

   Masha-Ukrainian refused to say how she was the psychotropics. Under escort she was taken to the punishment cell.

   When the “reservation” for all closed, we sat down at the table to drink coffee, except Natasha-addict. She climbed on top of the rack and cried until the next visitors came.

   Reservation again opened and on the threshold of teetered a frightened the matron “Vasilisa.”

   “Girls, gather quickly now all the Machines belongings in a bag, they are referred to the warehouse, while she’s in solitary confinement.”the matron said sadly.

   Natasha-addict jumped off the rack and put all the things in one bag.

   “After the punishment cell Masha will be transferred to another cell, so ordered the head of the prison.”- looking at me with angry eyes, said Vasilisa.

   I remained silent and stared straight into her eyes.

   “And now, to you will bring on “re-education” two prisoners from other chambers. I hope You are up to the task as “looking” for the camera?”with a hint of threat, the jailer said sarcastically and left the cell.

   When two new prisoners were brought to the cell, Natasha-Armenian and Anna-drug addict said in one voice:

   “Oh My God! Why should we?»

   Continue reading in: Horror in the cell number 190, or like I failed with the job “looking». 

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