42. In a prison cell with a rival.

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Composition of the prisoners of the cell 181. 

 I woke up to someone clapping me on the shoulder. Opening my eyes, I did not immediately realize that I was in another cell.

   “Do you need to talk to your family?”I heard someone’s voice.

   Turning to the other side, I saw the face of a pretty woman with long hair.

   “My name is Polina. We didn’t meet this afternoon. It’s midnight. They brought you the gear and the medicine, and the stuff from the warehouse. You were sound asleep, and we didn’t Wake you. Things put under aunt’s Car with the rack, the food in the fridge. When you get off the palm, I’ll show you which shelf in the fridge is your bag. Do you need to talk to your family?”the cellmate said softly.

   I nodded, and she handed me a mobile phone,a flashlight. Covered with a blanket, I called my son. We talked for a little less than five minutes.

   After the conversation, I’m throwing back the blanket, waved his hand to Pauline, so she approached me.

   «Thank You. Son will put money on your numbers tomorrow.”- thanked the fellow inmate.

   “You can still talk until morning. I already called my mother and son, and I have no one else to call. Pauline suggested.

   “Yes, I also only talk to my son. We’ve talked it over with him now. I explained.

   “Well, then, get up from the palm, let’s have coffee. Yes, I’ll show you where your products and things put.”the cellmate called.

   For four and a half months, that has been in jail, I only the first three days slept on the top shkonke-“palm tree.” Now, after the lesbian fight, (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.  Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.),

still not enough to gain strength, I was afraid to climb down from the top rack, which had no ladder, and I had to jump down. Aunt Masha, noticing my indecision, came to help me, holding my hands.

   “Masha, get with marginalia-the crossbar of his shit. And let the “thin” on the side goes down and up. She’ll kill herself jumping off like that!”- commented Gypsy aunt Tonya, when I was standing on the floor.

   I went to the bathroom, which was half the size of the 190 cell. Here, in a toilet there was a water tank from which, drawing a ladle, prisoners could wash.

   When I came out of the toilet, Polina showed on my bags under the bunk aunt Masha.

   “We did not open your grocery bags, immediately put everything in the refrigerator, had a whole shelf free. You now, as you change your clothes, then reconsider, that there you had transferred. What is not for the refrigerator, you can put in the table Cabinet. You won’t be able to swim today, the water in the tank is already cold, and the hot one is turned off at ten in the evening. Come on, get changed and let’s go get some coffee!”said Pauline.

   “What coffee? She needs to be fed, she’s hungry all day. Polka, look how skinny she is! I’m going to heat her soup with a scauldron.”- Masha-the Gypsy objected.

   I didn’t object to the soup for fear of offending my cellmate. Quickly changing my clothes, I pulled out of the refrigerator a huge package of products that I gave my son.

   “Then you will! Eat the hot stuff first!”- ordered Masha-Gypsy.

   The soup was very tasty, and I enjoyed the addition.

   “These mrazota-lesbians you got there and hunger starved! I wish I couldn’t eat when there were ugly people around me.”- said Masha-Gypsy.

   “Masha, you’re only six months, and suddenly after a year she “netraditsionnoi” will be?”- I blurted out cellmate Anna is a thief.

   On her remark, three indignant Gypsy Masha, aunt Tonya and Barbie burst out. The three of them scolded Anna with obscene words, mixed with Gypsy ones.

   I was kidding!”- justified by the Anne thief.

   “You will joke to your daughter and sisters!”- threatened Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   The women were still arguing quietly, and I began to disassemble the package from the gear. There were: sausage, bacon, cheese, butter, vegetable oil, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs, onions, apples, loaf, lavash, noodles and mashed potatoes, Viennese buns, milk candy, gingerbread, coffee, natural and instant tea packaged. There were also new plastic mugs, plates, disposable spoons, toilet paper, sanitary pads, shampoo, professional toothpaste and brush. I sat on a bench and cried from sadness for the little boy.

   Leaving all the food on the table, I invited all my cellmates to have coffee.

   “You leave only sweets and buns to coffee, and everything else put it away in refrigerator! You eat because you’re skinny. All of us here do not eat the common Fund. I Hlebnitsa with Masha-Gypsy. Barbie prepares for Diesel and Dashka. And Polka, Anka and Mashka-lawyer eat alone. You still ubivis, look, maybe I’ll have to klubnacht.”- ordered the Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   While I hesitantly pondered what was said, Masha-Gypsy my bacon, sausage, butter, vegetables with herbs stuffed in the refrigerator, and natural coffee, tea, loaf, pita bread, noodles and mashed potatoes folded in a package and hid in the table, leaving on the table only instant coffee, rolls and sweets.

   “And I wanted a loaf of butter for coffee.”- sadly said aunt Masha-lawyer.

   “Here and order your daughter, may you peredachku do! She lives in a treat for yourself, and you even bread with tea will not give!”- Anna-thief was indignant.

   “She barely has enough to live and has to take care of her grandmother.”- aunt Masha-the lawyer objected.

   “Aha, and a month ago, she for what Shishi bought a car? You’re the one who bragged! So she’s got money for the car and no money for the gear for you? Or does she think we’ll support you here?”aunt Tonya said irritably.

   “She took the car on credit.”the lawyer’s cellmate answered uncertainly.

   “Credit? Did you just make that up? Masha, get away from sin, or I’ll beat your face for your bullshit!”aunt Tonya said threateningly.

   Aunt Masha,the lawyer, got up from the table and, taking her coffee mug, went to her rack.

   “And that from today, with us at the table did not sit down! The stench of you makes me lose my appetite! Start swimming already!”he called to aunt Tonya.

   “I have said a hundred times that I can not fit in the toilet to swim!”- whimpered cellmate-face.

   “So asks the house to BS-Nizam! There, they say, conditions are great!”- advised Masha-Gypsy.

   “I asked, I’m not being transferred. They say there’s only room for judges and sladecek and lawyers do not belong to the HB-nicks!”- weeping, said aunt Mary.

   «Strangely. And I once read on the Internet that any person with a legal education, as well as relatives of employees of the judicial and legal system, should be kept separately from other prisoners. I said in surprise.

   “And in this prison – the rules!”said aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   “Because this prison is black!”- said Masha-Gypsy.

   “And Adam told me that this prison – “Red”! I said without thinking, and everyone at the table tensed.

   Diesel sat across from me and drilled me with a hating look. The other inmates fidgeted nervously and didn’t know what to say. A minute of silence dragged on. I did not know how to get out of the situation and turned to an elderly Gypsy:

   “Aunt Tonya, what days does the sauna work? The 190 cell had a very comfortable shower so we were not taken to the bath.»

   “Really, I must ask that we brought to the bath. There is something Mashka-stink wash off! Polka, are you going tomorrow morning for a walk along it and claim to have brought all in the bath!”said an elderly Gypsy woman.

   “Good, demand! Women, once again I ask, will anyone come with me for a morning walk?”- said the cellmate Pauline.

   “Except for you, no longer fools to this early in the morning to trudge to walk in the stinking patio! Especially because you’re not allowed to smoke there!”- answered the blonde Dasha.

   “Not fools, but fools. And in this case, you fools are more likely. Because you breathe tobacco smoke all the time. Yes, I’m on a walk forbidden to smoke, so at least there’s a breath of fresh air!”said Pauline.

   “Yeah, where did you get the fresh air in the middle of town?”- the blonde Dasha laughed.

   “If I fall asleep, Wake me. I’m going for a walk too.”- I asked Pauline.

   “I’ll Wake you. Let’s go to bed then, we can sleep for another four hours. Thanks for the coffee and sweets.”Polina said and left the table.

   The moment I wanted to get up from the table, Diesel turned to me.:

   “Adam called me and asked me to put you on the phone. But I told him you don’t want to talk to him anymore!»

   “What right did you have to answer that on her behalf? They should talk together and find out everything between themselves. Moreover, the “skinny girl” until today nothing was known that he was playing both of you head!”said an elderly Gypsy woman.

   “Aunt Tonya, don’t you think you can move into a cell with people like you – “short”? And you know perfectly well that there are cameras in the killed state, our, compared to them, “VIPVOY” seem!”- ominously said Diesel.

   “I can Express my dissatisfaction to him not by phone, but live. He and I are taken to court together every week. Me and Adam, one judge, we take turns in the courtroom.”I said defiantly, staring into Diesel’s eyes.

   “You’re lucky you’re still sick and crippled! Because I’d make it so you couldn’t get off the rack! I have often done of inmates with disabilities, so in fact, aunt Tonya?”- threatened me Diesel.

   “If you threaten me with physical violence, I will immediately write a statement addressed to the head of the prison and let you be transferred to the Gypsy rose or to the brief for re-education, as promised to you “Vasilisa”. Enjoy your meal, Masha-Diesel! Tell me, Mary, how tasty my coffee and my candy?”I said boldly and ironically, knowing that it was all recorded on audio-video recording.

   Face Diesel became confused and scared, apparently remembered the promise of “Vasilisa”. I got up from the table and threw on my top rack a package with documents on the court, notebooks and pens. Somehow climbing on the sides of the rack-“palm”, I opened a clean notebook and began to write a statement to the court.

   I was going to write a few statements about the withdrawal of all prosecutors of the district Department that are geographically participated in court; refusal to participate in court proceedings; that I am forced to admit guilt. I was terribly sleepy, my thoughts were confused. Therefore, having written one application for branch of the Prosecutor, I quickly wrote on a small leaf the note for the fellow countryman which was going to transfer on walk. When I was putting all my writing in the package, I noticed how Diesel nervously pacing around the camera and looks at me unkind. Putting the package of documents under the pillow, I under the edge of the side of the mattress, put the book, so she did not fall in a dream.

   In my mind, I turned to God to protect me while I slept. I have heard stories from the inmates of cell No. 190, which, sometimes sleeping prisoner confronted with the top of racks and they break the spines.

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