44. Testimony from torture.

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 Six cellmates took turns going to the toilet to “torpedo” (hide the “ban-strem”).

   Suddenly opened “reservation”, and on the threshold of emerged longitudinal-the matron Olga Vasilyevna.

   “Diesel, get your women to the gynecologist!”the jailer said threateningly.

   On the faces “torpedoed” the inmates expressed horror and fear. No one in the cell moved, everyone was in a daze.

   “Women, why are you stupid? Which one of you made an appointment for a gynecologist and an ultrasound? The doctor was brought here to examine those who asked.”the matron said, puzzled.

   “Ah, that’s the deal! We have three of the camera wrote the statement on reception to the gynecologist. Olga, give us ten minutes to put clean clothes on and run to the toilet.”- has finally responded to Diesel, at the same time, sighing with relief.

   “All right, come on, wash up, I’ll come back in ten minutes!”the matron agreed.

   As soon as the reservation was closed, everyone in the cell began to laugh hysterically.

   “I really thought that Adam had already begun to take revenge on us! He knows where we hide our cell phones! Barbie laughed.

   “Girls, let’s hurry to the toilet!”- commanded Diesel.

   Ten minutes later Diesel, Dasha and Barbie went to see a gynecologist.

   We rest engaged in their own business. I wrote an application to the court for consideration of the criminal case without my participation, a statement of a fainted confession and rewrote the application for withdrawal of the Prosecutor. All applications immediately passed longitudinal for transfer to the office of the prison.

   Polina came up to me and asked me to show her a sketch of my fairy tale. She smiled at me slyly as she read it.

   “We had a girl a few months ago, she also had your judge. She said he was a very handsome and pleasant man. He gave her a commutation. So you got lucky with the judge!”said Pauline.

   I stared at my cellmate in surprise.

   “And I’ve heard that he’s a monster who hates women! And also that he’s gay.”he told me.

   “About the orientation of accidentally not men say? Don’t believe! Try to build his eyes, check!”joked Pauline.

   “Oh, Paul, I’d rather strangle him than make eyes. That bastard didn’t approve any of my applications. Openly against me plays! But I was told that he was a decent judge, which now I doubt!”I answered fiercely to my cellmate.

   “Now admit it, in his tale, you portrayed a poisonous spider, presenting their judge? Rewrite the ending, let the end of the tale, this spider does not kill the butterfly, and helps her get out of the web. And the judge determined that he is not your enemy, but your friend will see at once how the trial in your party sparkle!”- mysteriously smiling, Polina advised me.

   The reservation opened, and Diesel, Dasha, and Barbie walked into the cell. Diesel was crying. She sat down at the table, lit a cigarette and shared her diagnosis.

   “The gynecologist found a tumor in me. Took a biopsy. Soon I will be taken to the hospital. It is even possible, will do the surgery.”- sadly said Diesel.

   Everyone in the cell sympathized with her. I noticed how Diesel turned from a thunder-woman into a defenseless and lost woman. She cried until lights out, then, “word” with his family, fell asleep sound sleep.

   There were no morning checks in this cell, the longitudinal ones opened the armor pocket in the morning and if they saw that we were all asleep, they did not enter the cell.

   Polina woke me up for another morning walk, where we enjoyed doing exercises, running and training Tree-live. Returning to the cell, we drank coffee together, talking in whispers, so as not to Wake the cellmates.

   The women in the cell woke up for dinner. During the day, someone washed, someone read a book, someone wrote a statement to the court, someone was engaged in cooking.

   So, day after day flew week. I have to go to court tomorrow, but I didn’t know how the prison management will arrive on my statement for consideration of criminal case without my participation. So I decided, just in case, to prepare for the trial in the evening.

   Diesel looked at me with displeasure as I ironed my dress. Iron I asked a longitudinal matron.

   “Dressing up in a short dress to seduce Adam?”- dissatisfied muttered Diesel.

   «No. I want to seduce the judge. Here Field claims that he is gay. So, I decided with her to experiment on him. I laughed.

   Diesel looked at me incredulously from under her brows.

   “Look, Masha, and heck you yesterday Adam washed his armor? If you’re jealous of the skinny, so let it in dirty things to his own and appears in front of her!”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said.

   “Yes, Adam had his things with him is almost there! These are his cellmate Timur’s things. Stuff from him all the expensive, branded, so he is afraid that the wash he will spoil them. And Adam probably wears Timur’s clothes to show off in court, and to mess with the prisoners ‘ brains. Himself something he, poor. But Timur – a rich widower, arrested for tax evasion.”- admitted Diesel.

   I remembered all our meetings with Adam in court, and it turned out he wasn’t wearing his own clothes. Although, remembering the Pauline warning that Diesel is stretching the truth, decided not to clog stuff up your head.

   “Adam treated you to barbecue many times?”I asked aunt Tony.

   Everyone’s eyes widened.

   “And unless the prison can transfer the skewers?”- surprised the Gypsy girl Masha.

   “Of course not! What nonsense is this? Where would he get a barbecue?”diesel got angry.

   I smirked.

   “So you didn’t get any hot grilled chicken, either?”- I asked sarcastically, referring to Diesel.

   “You mean to say Adam you “bandyukova” products?”I say to Gypsy Barbie.

   “Yes, every day he sent me some Goodies in the evening. If you don’t believe me, Diesel, you can write to hut 190 and ask if we ate barbecue, grilled chicken and other products that Adam sent me. I will tell you the names of five or six women who were with me in the cell. I replied.

   “Diesel, this is what happens? You cook him grub out of our products, and he eats what kind of food!”- protested Gypsy Barbie.

   “By the way, about the fact that he is a beggar. Last month, he, through a lawyer, made a power of attorney for his mom to sell his BMW X6. The car has already been sold and part of the money in his account in jail. And when I was free, I met Adam once. He reminded me of that himself. Adam was on his crossover at the time, and he was scolding me at the traffic lights for cutting him off. I said.

   “Tell me, do you do Laundry at least once things to Adam in the chamber 190?”the Gypsy aunt Tonya asked.

   «No. And I would never do that. He didn’t ask, he probably knew I wouldn’t agree to do the Laundry. Perhaps if he had installed a machine gun in the cell, I would have agreed. I wiped my hands to the wounds, washing my clothes. Not enough to stay with crooked fingers because of washing men! I was indignant.

 I supported Pauline, the three Gypsies, Masha’s aunt is a lawyer and Anna-zolotonoshka.

   Diesel and Dasha looked at me with anger and hatred.

   “You, Mashka and Dashka, not volcari need to watch and follow the example of skinny! And then, you two, for a pack of cigarettes wash and barbecue send to those who will never agree to do this!”- advised Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   On this Gypsy lesson and ended the day on the eve of my court. 

   In the morning I did not go for a walk with Polina, and dressed up in court. Made up brightly, which had not done, wearing a short dress “Mango”.

   Pauline had already come from a walk, and I still have not taken to the “sump.”We had two cups of coffee, but no one followed me.

   Pauline lay down on the rack to take a NAP, and the rest of the cellmates were still asleep. It was nine o’clock in the morning, and the meeting was scheduled for ten. I was tired of sitting on a hard bench, and I decided to lie down in my dress for a minute. 

   I woke up from the movement on the camera. All women already engaged in their Affairs.

   “Well, have stooped to the judge on your dress?”- laughed at me Gypsy Masha.

   “Probably, I learned about our tricks with Polina and decided not to risk! Remain in mystery about their orientation! I laughed.

   Several inmates have supported my laughter. I changed my clothes and decided to wash off my war paint before going to bed.

   Right after the dinner party, the pocket of the armor opened, and the matron called me. She handed me the judge’s ruling from four months ago about extension of a measure of opinion, which I already had.

   “I have one. You can send it back, I don’t need it.”- I refused to sign for the received resolution.

   The pocket was closed, and I was surprised to say Polina and aunt Masha-lawyer, who together wrote Polina’s petition to the court:

   “My judge, perhaps drunken from happiness, that forced vymorochennoe recognition write. Sends some unnecessary orders to me.»

   I had just climbed the palm-rack, when the pocket opened again, and the same jailer called me.

   The matron put her head in her pocket and asked me in a whisper.:

   “Sign in the magazine that you received the resolution. They’ve come from the court and they want you to sign for this order.»

   “But I already have such a decision, then I signed for it in court. And if they lost that receipt, that’s their problem. I will not sign for this statement. You can tell them I said no. I was stubborn.

   The matron left, and I did not climb the rack, feeling that I would soon be called to my pocket again.

   «Correctly. It’s their problem, they should not “shoals to cover”!”- supported my stubbornness Pauline and aunt Masha.

   Pocket armor opened about a half hour later, the warden called me. All the cellmates quieted down because everyone was interested.

   “The telephone message came to your name that the next court session will take place in may. Sign under this text of the telephone message that you were notified. To be honest, this is the first time we have. At the same time, the same man from the court is waiting at the checkpoint, your signature on this form. the matron asked in confusion.

   I was scared. Why did they need my painting? Because I did not have time painted under the petitions and statements to the judge.

   Without thinking twice, the left hand clumsily wrote and signed under the telephone message. The matron sighed with relief and left. My cellmates looked at me in surprise and intrigued.

   “And for you didn’t come or you didn’t want to go to court today?”the Gypsy aunt Tonya asked.

   «Not come. But I a few days ago wrote the application to the judge that he without my participation considered criminal case.”I told the inmates about the last meeting when he promised that he would write vymorozhennoe a confession, I didn’t do.

   Also, under the laughter of the inmates, I was told, as stated by the judge that in my death after vimeochannel testimony, he is guilty. (The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181.)

 Women laughing, especially laughing Pauline and aunt Mary, they excitedly described the state of a judge if I was not brought to the court.

   “What is vymorozhennoe a confession?”- asked the cellmate Dasha.

   “In the fifteenth century, the court was in the form of an inquisitorial process. All the accused were tortured and demanded to plead guilty. Anyone who gets a red-hot needle under his fingernails will admit to something he didn’t do. Later, when the accused refused such testimony under torture, the court still recognized the confession as full evidence. This is taught only in the faculties of criminal law.”explained aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   “And you, slim, how do you know that?”the Gypsy Masha asked in surprise.

   “Somewhere in the Internet I read!”I lied with fake ease.

   Aunt Masha,the lawyer, raised her eyebrow incredulously and stared at me, and the other inmates were satisfied with my answer.

   About an hour later, the reservation was opened, and the longitudinal shouted:

   “Stand up, line up!»

   We lined up in a row, and a group of inspectors from the Council came into the cell. Now I could distinguish them from the local guards in the form of clothing.

   The group was accompanied by a terrified warden.

   “Complaints, remarks, statements?”- the Lieutenant Colonel in a cap menacingly addressed me. This man has already saved me from suffering during the investigation. (Chaos on the investigation.)

  The Lieutenant Colonel’s face was tense, he looked at my left hand, and his gaze hardened even more. He looked me in the eye, demanding. Sliding down my face, probably noticed on your forehead cuts from washing the blade after a fight with lesbians (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.), squinted and softly repeated:


“Any complaints, comments or statements?»

   I could not utter a word, afraid to cry at his sympathetic gaze. Lowering my eyes to the floor, I shook my head. A few minutes there was silence, then, the whole group silently walked out of the chamber.

   “You know him?”asked the Gypsy woman Masha.

   “I saw it here in prison a couple of times. I replied.

   Now the other inmates looked at me incredulously, as aunt Masha, a lawyer, had recently looked at me.

   After a short time, the reservation was opened, and again entered the cell the warden. We all lined up. He turned to all his cellmates one by one for complaints or suggestions. He came up to me at the very last, in the depths of his eyes, I saw the threat.

   “Do you need any medication for burns that aren’t in prison? Write on a piece of paper, tomorrow the doctor will buy for You.”he said in a feigned caring voice.

   “And can my son give me the medicine “Kontraktubeks”? This is an expensive gel, but it helps to regenerate the skin very quickly. I asked.

   “Your son can pass any medications that are necessary for healing. But You can write all the drugs on the list to our doctor. By the way, I have a good burn spray in my office. Today You will be given.”the boss said.

   “Citizen chief, I want to get to You today at the reception.”- asked Diesel.

   “Today? I don’t know. The Council will be here for a long time. What did you want?”the Master replied.

   “The other day, a doctor came and found I had a tumor. I’d like to get a certificate to take to court.”said Diesel.

   “I’ll find out. But you’ll have to spend some time in another prison hospital. And then the court will take into account your illness to commute the sentence. Are you ready to go to a prison hospital like this?”said the chief jailer.

   “Yes is ready!”- answered Diesel.

   “Well, I’ll find out tomorrow!”- promised “Owner” and left.

   Less than ten minutes later, they brought me a spray of burns from the warden.

   “Lucky you! All with you skitter, as with Princess.”- good-naturedly envied the Gypsy woman Masha.

   “They’re so excited about it, because it is not filed in the court of the prison working off. If I said this, so jail inspections tortured, and she would here such pressure arranged that it has imposed on itself hands. How many cases have there been?”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said.

   “Oh, aunt Tonya, if you don’t know something, you’d better keep quiet! I am here, one prison officer said that she will “ordered”, so wait until she is up and about, and then he will practice to the full! diesel said.

   “And who told you that? The owner of the prison? After all, you are constantly running to him at receptions. an elderly Gypsy snorted contemptuously.

   “But she wrote a forced confession. Maybe it will not work now?”- with hope in his voice said the Gypsy woman Masha.

   I smiled gratefully at Masha the Gypsy, but there was a shiver running down my spine, because deep down, I, too, had a premonition of what Diesel had said.

   Continue reading in: The fifth circle of purgatory or may day transit-recidivists. 

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