49. The return of the senior cellmate.

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 The next two days we waited for the return of Diesel.

   Among the inmates was a nervous situation. Between Dasha-doronila and prisoner in the house, always arise conflicts, which are the Dasha and provoked.

   Every time there was a scandal, she threatened to:

   “I’ll look at you when Diesel comes back! You’ll be as quiet as a mymra in the house.»

   After this phrase, any arguing with Dasha was silent, and it was visible that the woman is frightened.

   Night on dashkin phone called Adam and demanded that she handed me the phone. After talking to him for a few minutes, I told Dasha to gently pull the road, because Adam sent me a smartphone.

   I spent an hour on my smartphone talking to my son, and ten minutes with Adam. When Dasha sent her smartphone back to Adam on the road, she came up to me and said quietly:

   “I myself am very afraid of Diesel. If she finds out I gave you my phone to talk to Adam, she’ll beat me. Let’s make a deal, you don’t tell her you talked to Adam on my phone, and I won’t tell her you talked to him at all. Agreed?»

   “Well, I won’t say. I don’t care about her at all.”I said, inside shrinking with fear, imagining how Diesel with his hands beats me and Dashka to death.

   But for the next few days, Diesel has not yet returned to our house.

   “Maybe Masha-Diesel is very sick, and she decided to leave forever in the prison hospital?”- on the tenth day after my trial suggested Masha-Gypsy.

   “Almost a month without her live in the cell was calm and clean. No permanent night screams and tantrums that Diesel is constantly arranged. It’s better without her.”the old Gypsy aunt Tonya said.

   “Aunt Ton, I want to ask you, but I forget. And all camps meet Coble?”- suddenly asked the Gypsy Masha.

   “In those areas that I was everywhere. Of them, ten in each zone. But, the usual lesbian full. For me, it is better to maintain friendly relations with Coble, than with someone from “the Pink Panther”. Cobles live with their half, with all in the bedroom do not have sex. They’re going somewhere private. And “pink”, FIE on them, without shame or conscience will hang a sheet on the bunk and even a day can fuck, no shame. Sometimes these “pink” even orgies are satisfied with three somersault, among them mostly all salt or vichevyi junkie.”- said an elderly Gypsy.

   “A Coble, they also a former junkie?”- asked the Gypsy Masha.

   “There are drug addicts. But I’m thinking that Coble any article you take on, if only in the area to be. They’re very popular, and the administration of the camps are busy with them, encourage them. Where here in the wild, they can so quietly with your loved one to live? Society won’t miss it. And in the zone, well, we’re all scum out there.”- added an elderly Gypsy.

   “The Coble is a type of “Butch”? “Buchi” at liberty wear men’s clothes, fully tattooed and pierced. They act like men and support their wife – “FEM.” In Europe, they live openly, no one, do not hesitate. Often participate in gay parades.”- I shared my information about lesbians.

   “Yes,the cobles are the same. Dressed like men in shorts lay various objects, to simulate a penis, breast drag to have shrunk. And with us in the bath was too shy to swim, always the last to go, when the whole area will pramoedya. They “dubicki” allowed and after hours to swim.”aunt Tonya continued.

    “It is strange that they are supported by the administration of the zones. Maybe among them there are also lesbians?”- surprised the Gypsy girl Masha.

   “Yes there is of course. Here, even in this jail was such a case. A warden fell in love with a convict and wouldn’t let her pass. And she despised to such courtship. Then the jailer got mad at secco and became “work it” through their sixes provocateurs, which hoisted her into the house. When the cellmates beat the poor fellow, cut short and dyed her hair with green paint, she could not stand it and turned for protection to the warden, fulfilling all the perverted dreams. After that, that zechka lived like a Queen in prison, in the coolest women’s hut with a TV, refrigerator, electric stove, air conditioning, carpets on the walls and rugs on the floor. We do longitudinal talked about this. And then she was taken to the zone, the jailer could not leave her here in the household, because she was almost herself for debauchery in the workplace was not fired. That convict, for fraud and Grand theft, was sentenced to ten years. That was about four years ago, when I was convicted of theft for a year. But I was taken to the short zone, and that was taken for primroses.”- told the Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   “And this warden and now in this prison works?”I asked an elderly Gypsy.

   Aunt Tonya hesitated.

   “Yes, I saw her recently. Immediately only not recognized, strongly she’ve lost weight. She used to be chubby. Just, women, don’t ask me her name I will not say, no, it will avenge me.”aunt Tonya said.

   I already guessed what the warden’s name was.

   Under the armor there was a furious female cry:

   “No, I said I’d only go back to this house! Want to talk to the warden Vasilisa, I’m not going anywhere.»

   Forty minutes later the reservation was opened and on the threshold stood an angry Diesel and satisfied the warden Vasilisa.

   “Yes, let them tell me to my face that they do not want to live with me in the same house!”- shouted menacingly Diesel and was glaring at each of us with their hateful gaze.

   We were all in a daze.

   “Well, what do you say? Is it true you don’t want me to go back to my house?”- continued to threaten Diesel.

   Dasha jumped to Diesel and grabbing her duffel bag, she lamented:

   “Diesel, what are you saying, we’ve been waiting for a long time, missed you!»

   Next, smartly jumped an elderly Gypsy, what surprised me and many:

   “Welcome, dear Diesel, how we’ve been waiting for you!»

   “Hi, Masha!”we said in turn, without moving.

   “Barbie, what are you? Turned over or shore confused, what are you not hugging me, do not meet?”- ominously asked Diesel.

   After this phrase, the Diesel went over and hugged her, everyone except me, Pauline and aunt Masha-lawyer.

   Diesel turned to the wardens and said,:

   “You see, everyone is happy to have me back. Let’s ask them who doesn’t want me to stay in the house with them.»

   All the prisoners were silent, frightened. The silence was broken by a satisfied matron Vasilisa:

   “So, Masha-Diesel, this week you will stay here as on probation. Girls without you, look what order in the camera brought! Clean, tidy, no stink of tobacco. They behaved quietly, amicably and without scandals, which in this cell did not exist before. Well, only once, made a noise on may 9, when the songs and dances are staged.»

 “I promise that there will be no scandals with me.”- promised Diesel engine.

   When your booking is closed, Diesel looked at me, then at aunt Masha, a lawyer said:

   “While a week of probation, there will be no scandals. And then it will be seen.»

   “Masha, you look, what we have now a cool shower in the house! That skinny girl made a deal with the kids.”- said the Gypsy Masha and dragged Diesel into the bathroom.

   Coming out of the shower, Diesel dissatisfied examined the camera:

   “Did you paint the walls?»

   “We washed them with Domestos. Skinny made such a solution that the first time the walls were washed from the burning.”replied the Gypsy Barbie.

   “And racks and shelves is also slim full?”- dissatisfied muttered Diesel.

   “No, it’s Leroy-male interrupted, she and the refrigerator was repaired, and the doors on the cabinets. But as we were lit for the holidays, you can’t imagine how much fun we had!”happily said Dora Doronina.

   “I see you really had fun without me. They didn’t want to take me out of the hospital. Nothing was treated at all. No family connection. When I began to demand that I was brought back here, I was told that the head of the prison forbade me to return. This today, by accident, I was lucky, when Vasilisa was brought to the hospital some Sacco bleeding from the miscarriage. “Vaska” came to see me, and I persuaded her to take me with her to prison. When we arrived here, she went to negotiate with the chief, and some goat on duty at the prison said that I would be sent to the cell to the Gypsy rose. And when they took me to that hut, I ran in the opposite direction to our cell, grabbed the reservation and said that until I talk to the head of the prison, I will not move.”- told Diesel.

   In this moment opened a pocket on the armor and the longitudinal announced that I would be taken to see their families. I sighed with relief and went to meet my son.

   Two hours later, when I returned to the cell, everyone was nervous, some crying. Diesel looked at me like she’d fired a gun. Next to me, Dasha was lying on the upper rack-palm tree and crying loudly. The cell was dead silent, the TV did not work, on the floor near the table – the Dorm was lying broken remote control from the TV.

   I climbed up on my rack and began to sort through the motions, preparing for tomorrow’s trial.

   Suddenly, my bunk went Diesel, and through clenched teeth said:

   “You promised not to hang yourself on Adam!»

   “She didn’t hang herself! He called her, and she refused to talk to him!”- jumped cellmate Pauline and stood near my rack.

   “Then why did he send her grilled chicken? I suppose she begged him when she went to court? And the smartphone.”- fiercely cast Diesel.

   I looked at lying next to Dasha-doronino, and she explained to me:

   “It was aunt Tonya who told me all about it while you were out.»

   “Yeah, thanks aunt Tony that, though, she never bitched out like everybody else! Corrupt creature, a chicken is ready to sell friendship!”- sobbed Diesel and went to his rack.

   “Now I understand who was referring to tranzitka when he said that we have in the house – provocateur.”I said quietly, looking with contempt at the elderly Gypsy recidivist aunt Tonya.

   Diesel was sobbing in his bunk, everyone was silent and everyone was going about their business. Before lights out Polina offered to do breathing yoga and climbed up to me on the upper rack, but we did not have time to do two exercises, as we ran angry Diesel and shouted menacingly:

   “Stop showing off in front of the men’s corps! Or I’ll punch you both in the face! Dasha, get off the rack, go, shout to the next building that we do not need the road today!»

   I was scared and Polina was confused. We looked at each other silently for a few minutes, and I said,:

   “Polina, I have to go to court tomorrow. I want you and aunt Mary looked at my petition, and who wrote it. You’re also a lawyer, see if you can error find.»

   “Girls, come to my rack. The three of us will see the motions.”- invited us to her aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   At the moment when we were coming down from the palm-rack, the bolt on the armor rattled.

   “Girls, take to themselves the prisoners for a couple of days and then their cells were flooded with sewage!”- said included in the camera Vasilisa.

   On the threshold of stood two young girls. One of them, a blonde with long hair, was smiling happily at me.

   When the reservation was closed, the blonde told me:

   “Hello! You don’t remember me? You and I have met before, in the cells of the court. I was convicted after signing up. And you and your husband were, you were so lovingly cooing in court.» (Court meeting. Prison bet and the reality show.)

 “Well. Who’s the husband? Of the cops?”- interested asked Diesel.

   “Yes there is no, he, too, in cage was. I think his name is Adam? How I envied such a love of her husband can be seen only in Indian movies!”- happily reported the blonde, looking on me.

   “Or in the Comedy theater….”sadly, I thought, afraid to look towards Diesel.

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