51. The composition of non-Smoking house №184.

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 1.Natasha is a drug addict. Moved from cell 190.

   A drug addict with a lot of experience. She worked in a very prestigious restaurant, arrested in the workplace. The Department provided audio and video when she received a call from a “time-tested drug friend” and offered to go to his “supplier”together. Was found, there was money “to dose”, the friend was “on the lookout” near the entrance, she went to his “vendor”, came out, gave him a second syringe and then in a neighboring yard both pricked and split.

   The age of 45. Not married, son 8 years, later will issue on grandmother guardianship. Sentenced to 10 years for drug trafficking.

   Neat, clean, responsive, compassionate, not scandalous.

   Took care of me after my lesbian fight. (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.)

 2. Irene. Article 158, 159 of the criminal code. Five years on the wanted list. 70 years. Convicted of shoplifting while working as a cashier at a jewelry store. Short, thick, but athletic build. Intelligent, accurate, conflict.

   3. Larissa is Gypsy. Convicted of bribing the investigator who arrested her son for stealing geese in the farm.  Short, a little overweight, very pretty. Khutoryanka, without conflict.

   4. Lisa. St.159 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. Sentenced to 10 years. Tall, athletic. Hedgehog haircut. Features similar to the singer Zh. Aguzarova – as a twin. Masculine, 40 years old. Divorced.

   5. Zhenya. St.228 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. Distributing “spice”. 57 years old. A tall, stout, masculine. No husband or children. There is a hardened criminal.

   6. Rimma. St. 105 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. She cut her husband with an axe when she found him raping a six-year-old daughter. 35 years old. A mother of many children, but deprived of motherhood during the first conviction – for stealing a cow. Short, masculine. Uneducated, raised in an orphanage. Parents alive, drunks. Dog. There is a hardened criminal.

   7. Katya. St.St. 228, 158 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. The addict-thief. 33 years old. High, full. Inadequate. My husband died of a drug overdose, children in an orphanage. There is a hardened criminal.

   8. Julja. St.St. 228, 158 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. The addict-thief. 45 years old. Short, full. Non-conflict. Husband, no children. There is a hardened criminal.

   9. Tamara. St. 105 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. Poisoned an elderly neighbor, put rat poison in the sugar. Tall, plump. 59 years old. Married, have children and grandchildren. The secretive nature.

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