56. Intrigue in a non-Smoking cell

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Since the morning I was preparing to meet with my son. Every time he came to see me “on a date” in prison, I felt the rise of vital energy.

   My cellmates looked at me with envy, because no one came to the others, many did not even make transfers.

   At two o’clock in the afternoon the escort from rooms of appointments came for me and accompanied to a meeting with the son. This man I saw for the first time, although my son has repeatedly come to me on a date.

   When my son entered the room, the jailer began to interfere in our conversation, condemning his colleagues, who with passion searched the relatives of the prisoners before the meeting. So, the conversation of the escort went smoothly on computer games and for the next hour, my son and listened as the jailer told the group about the game “tanks”. I was outraged that the warden prevents me from communicating with my son, but today one of the women was on a date and was afraid without witnesses-prisoners to conflict with a prison employee.

   “I chatted to you and did not notice how much time I took. I add one more hour, you can communicate.”suddenly the jailer was generous.

   “Mammy, no offense, but I have to be at work in an hour. I’ll be back next week. The court clerk said I could take a date any day – the judge doesn’t mind our frequent meetings.”my son said sadly.

   «Strangely. In fact, judges are reluctant to issue such permits. I know, that all judges of our cities give maximum two resolution in month and the, I think, that not a gift.”again said the jailer.

   After saying goodbye to his son, the warden took me to his office and asked me to wait until he closes the meeting room.

   I sat on a stool and looked at the office, which was computer equipment with all sorts of glowing bulbs. There were two more doors in this room, one was ajar, and it was dark behind it.

   At some point, it seemed to me that someone was looking at me from the darkness, and I felt acutely that I was in danger.

   Jumping from my chair, I ran out of the room into the corridor and leaned against the door, so that it could be seen on the video camera. I’ve noticed this security camera before, so I thought if someone wanted to get even with me, it should be on video.

   I listened to the sounds behind the closed door, and someone coughed softly. My knees trembled and the hair on my head began to move. I was shaking with horror and fear.

   Unexpectedly for myself, I turned to the camera and looking into it, began to scream loudly:

   “Convoy, convoy, convoy!»

   After a while the frightened supervisor came running.

   “Why did you leave the room? Me from the control room on the radio scolding arranged that you are standing in the hallway under the video. This camera is online, it transmits the recording directly to the Board.”the jailer said indignantly.

   “There’s someone else in that room, he’s hiding behind one of the doors. I shouted in a hysterical voice.

   The jailer was angry.

   “No one was there! Let me take you to your cell.»

   Path to the camera passed without incident. The warden followed me with a sullen face, which scared me even more. Now I could say with certainty that the jailer knew who was waiting for me in that room and what he wanted to do with me, perhaps even kill me.

   When I went into the cell, the elderly prisoner aunt Ira asked me:

   “What, my son not come? You’re Moody.»

   “No, I just came. But the jailer didn’t allow to communicate normally, interfered with our conversation. And then, almost an hour we listened to him, as he and his friends on the grid playing Tanchiki.”I replied indignantly.

   “And he didn’t forget you with his tests? He thinks he’s a great psychologist. One day, after my meeting with my husband, he decided to test me in his room, gave the forms and ordered them to answer. He was so mad at me when I told him I couldn’t read.”- shared Gypsy Larisa.

   I looked at the Gypsy girl and I thought, “Poor Gypsies, they don’t all go to our schools. It is strange that Gypsies do not have their homeland, because nationality and language exist.»

   A few hours later I was brought a transmission from my son, which he did before the date. The next day, they had to bring from the prison stall the food he had bought there today.

   I was very sad, I missed my son terribly. For seven months he alone copes with the difficult situation in which we were placed competitors and envious. All that’s left of my business is the name of the firm.

   Having treated the cellmates to sandwiches with sausage, brisket and vegetable salad, I went to bed before everyone else.

   In the morning I woke up when the recidivist Katya was taken out of the cell to go to court. The other inmates were still asleep. I took a shower, washed my clothes, and turned on the boiler for coffee. When I opened the refrigerator, I discovered that my “peredacha” is almost all eaten from rolling the sausage remained only the tail, on a plate lay two slices of doctoral sausage and a small piece of brisket, four pounds of cucumbers with tomatoes, there are only two of cucumber. I watched in mute incomprehension, where night happened to my products.

   “That night Katya and Yulia were hanging around the fridge.”an old prisoner, aunt Ira, said softly behind my back.

   “The two of them ate two wheelchairs of sausage, a kilogram of brisket and almost four kilograms of vegetables? I asked in surprise and disbelief.

   «Yeah. No one else came to the fridge.”aunt Ira replied, her rack was next to the fridge.

   I’m indignant and angry went to the recidivist Julia and waking her up, began to shout:

   “Who allowed you without asking to eat my food?»

   Julia sat on the rack and blinking stupidly.

   “Katya said you let me help you.”- said the recidivist.

   “When did I tell you you could eat all my food? You and her, like rats, waited until everyone was asleep and quietly stuffed sausages. Bitches and choked so much to eat sausages? I screamed in fury.

   I was very sorry, my child saved on himself to pamper me with Goodies, and he was emaciated.

   I was still a few minutes to shout and be indignant, studiw the recidivist, as the booking opened and entered the cell the guard Vasilisa. Referring to the lesbians Dasha and Veronica, she said:

   “Girls, pack your bags, you’re moving to a old camera.»

   “Can’t we stay in this cell? There’s no shower, and there’s still room.”- asked lesbian Veronica.

   «Must not. Here now the pregnant will transfer also the women going on a stage.”the matron replied sternly.

   “And when, You, Polina translate? You promised.”I turned to the matron.

   “Polina told me today that she changed her mind to quit Smoking and does not want to move here. the matron said arrogantly.

   “And how many here transit will get?”asked Lisa.

   «Two. As soon as I get everyone settled, I’ll call you, Lisa, for a chat.”the matron said, and together with the two lesbians, she left the cell.

   A few minutes later, a young woman was brought into the cell.

   “Hello, women. I’m Luda. Can I lie on the bottom rack, or I’m pregnant.”the new prisoner announced, standing at the entrance.

 I noticed how unhappy I looked at each other, hardened criminal-cobbles Rima and Lisa.

   “Rimma, drag your mattress to us on the upper rack, and you, Julia, climb to the upper rack in place of Rimka. Now two transitos will lead. I don’t know where to put them.”Liza said with displeasure.

   The cobbles Rima was happy to drag his mattress next to my top bunk-palm tree. This neighborhood did not suit me very much, and I looked indignantly at Lisa. She, noticing my discontent, came up to me and said softly:

   “It is unknown what will get transit. But if anything, the Rimco us with you in insult will not give. Don’t worry, she won’t bother you.»

   I looked at the happy face of the Mare and regretted that two weeks ago refused to sleep next to Lisa on the bottom rack.

   After a while in the camera brought two transits, one of them was very aggressive and irritably looked at each of us.

   “My name is Vadik.”- announced aggressive tranzitka that turned out to be cobbles.

   “My name is viola.”- I got a second tranzitka.

   Suddenly, an elderly prisoner approached Bronya and began to Bang on the door.

   “Hush, You, quickly in white! On the Central administration goes, now our body comes!”johnny said longitudinal when she opened the pocket on the armor.

   “I don’t care who goes there! Get me out of this cell now! I’m not going to be in a lesbian cell! Just brought some Koblov, now the same started. I agreed to come here because I asked for a non-Smoking cell, and here more than half of smokes!”the old prisoner began to shout.

   “Hush, You. I’ll get Vasilisa.”- promised the longitudinal and slammed the pocket.

   “I’ll Bang on the door until you translate the cobbles!”- said the elderly prisoner and began to knock on the door again.

   I looked at my elderly cellmate with respect.

   Just a few minutes the reservation was opened, and went disgruntled guard Vasilisa. Turning to the cobbles, she ordered:

   “Come out with your things. This is a non-Smoking room, and your card says you smoke. Now the inspectors will come here and will check on the cards who is here.»

   The cobbles are dissatisfied took their belongings and left behind a jailer.

   “You have on Central all such cameras, with shower and fresh repair? In our prison, where we left yesterday for the stage, there are no such cameras. We even have rats running around at night. One day, one sacke bitten finger while sleeping.”- said transit viola.

   “At us too rats run at night, but they gnaw someone else’s sausage in the refrigerator!”- I declared, looking at the recidivist Yulia.

   “And we have such rats, shaved and doused with green paint, so that everyone in Central knew them in person!”said with conviction tranzitka.

   “Now we your experience pereyma! You come’t get used to staying, girl!”the old cellmate said.

   Tranzitka only have time to throw your mattress on the spare top bunk, opened the booking and entered the cell, a delegation from the Council headed by the warden, who, seeing me, for some reason scared. A total of five people from the Council, the warden, the warden Vasilisa, and the convoy stood out from the armor. All five employees of the Council were nice men up to fifty years, among them was the Lieutenant Colonel, with whom I have already met (Chaos on the investigation.).

 One of the staff of the Council on the cards called our names, and we had to get out of the line. I was the only one left in the line, my card was gone.

   “This prisoner was recently transferred to this cell, her card remained in the file Cabinet behind another camera. Sorry, it’s my fault, I’ll double-check the file today.”a frightened voice said Vasilisa.

   “Have You already been convicted?”- I asked the Lieutenant Colonel.

   «No. I still have trials going on. I replied.

   “Then why are You in the same cell with the convicts?”- asked me another officer from the Council.

   “I was transferred here because this camera is non-Smoking and non-Smoking chamber for parohodik – no seats. I replied.

   “It will be necessary to allocate one more camera for non-smokers-not condemned prisoners. You know that recidivists and convicts cannot be kept in the same cell with the uninvited.”- strictly the Lieutenant Colonel told, addressing to the chief of prison.

   “It’s my fault. We’ll fix it tonight. Get on with it, captain.”- disappointed asked the warden to Vasilisa.

   “Isn’t the chief of the corps supposed to do that?”- dissatisfied said the matron Vasilisa.

   The warden angrily looked at Vasilisa.

   “Is the head of the women’s corps already appointed? Why didn’t we hear about it?”- the Lieutenant Colonel was indignant.

   “Lieutenant Redkin temporarily assigned, until the head of the Federal penitentiary service confirms a permanent specialist on this place. But let’s not discuss our internal rearrangements in front of the prisoners. Come into my office.”a confused stated by the prison warden, dissatisfied with Zirka at Vasilisa.

   When the delegation left and the reservation was closed, we all laughed. We were so pleased to see the warden chastising the warden.

   There is a hardened criminal, Katya entered the chamber late in the evening.

   “Because of this fucking Council, we were kept in a prison septic tank for several hours. But, how many news I learned. You, incidentally, the blonde, hi from Diesel. She promised to beat you and cut your head off for spreading rumors about you and Adam. In fact, it’s Adam and Diesel who should be signing off soon, they’ve already applied to the chief. Also, there’s talk that you’re pregnant by one of the wardens, and you want to hang the baby on Adam. Say you with him once walking alone in the yard walked. And diesel has promised that he will require the chief of the prison to you for re-education in the cell 179 transferred, where they sit frostbitten killers.”- with a satisfied mug shared the news about me, hardened criminal Katka.

   “About my pregnancy, this, too, Diesel had? All appropriate women in the Central believe “zapadlo” to believe the gossip Diesel. And you, I’m watching that sucker eat it all up.”- I told the recidivist with displeasure.

   “Watch for the sucker, I tell you greetings from our mutual acquaintance has not passed. Guess who? In the courtroom today, I was approached by sladecek and offered twenty that I side namyali. He says because of your complaints, he’s having serious problems at work.”- threatening, said the recidivist Katka.

   “How did he know you and I were in the same cell?”I asked menacingly.

   The recidivist hesitated and did not come up with anything suitable, blurted out:

   “I don’t know, give me a break!»

   “No, I’m not going away. You who allowed this night without asking to eat my food? When did I let you eat my food? Maybe I should tell the cauldron your information that you’re a rat in the house. And a disruptor? Tonight, I’m gonna send a baby to Adam, and I’m gonna tell him that you announced this rumor on behalf of Diesel. Let him ask her for it.”I said threateningly.

   The recidivist looked at me fearfully and lay down on her rack, pretending to fall asleep. And I, without thinking twice, wrote to little Adam and retold the story of a recidivist.

   In this night, “a path” set very late. And I, having sent the kite and went to bed. However, the dream went, there was a sense of foreboding. At the bottom of the rack, Lisa was talking quietly to someone on the phone. I heard a snippet of her indignant phrase:

   “I’m not going to try it out, we are with her, like sisters. They don’t have a relationship, I see. He imposes himself, sends her food.»

   I began to listen, but for the next few minutes Lisa listened silently to someone on the phone.

   “Everything, I told – I won’t be especially for such kopeks. Lisa’s voice was heard.

   I closed my eyes when I felt Lisa rising from the bottom rack. For a few seconds I felt her eyes on me. She went to the toilet and when returned to it on the bunk sat Doronina-cobbles Rima.

   “Have you already received an order for a pregnant woman?”I heard the joyous whisper of Rimma’s Coble.

   “Another one. Lisa replied in a whisper.

   “Why her?”- through time quietly asked male.

   There was no answer, and Lisa answered the buzzing phone.

   “Where did you get my numbers? She’s asleep. Okay, I’ll Wake you up.”- dissatisfied Lisa was indignant.

   Someone patted me on the shoulder. Opening my eyes and pretending to be very sleepy, I saw Lisa, she said:

   “You are asked to call some Aram, says he wants to talk to you on their deluge. I told him it was very late and you were asleep. But he still wants you, says you’re his favorite girl.»

   She handed me the phone, but I didn’t take it, and said almost in a speaker tube:

   “What nerve! Tell him to go to hell! Let him write to me about his deluge.»

   I was outraged by Aram’s action, something he had never done before. He sent me Swiss chocolate a couple of times when I was still in cell 190, after we went to court with him once. (The Savior is in solitary, and I am in court.).

But I hadn’t heard from him for months, only that he was “sitting on a pot.” Why he had arranged the intrigue that I was his beloved woman, I was not clear.

   “Yes, he went there, freak!”I heard Lisa’s indignant voice from the bottom rack.

   When Lisa indignantly told me how this Armenian insulted her on the phone, there was a cry outside the window:

   “One, eight, four – there is no road! One, eight, four – no way!»

   We ran to the cobbles-Doronina and reported:

   “We the man’s case the road to cut!»

   We looked at each other in surprise, so does the male body, when he wants to punish the female camera or even enroll in “wool, BS-nicknames, etc.” Lisa was frightened to call her friend, who had previously sent dumplings. After a while he called her back, she interrupted him and said:

   “Yes, this Armenian is lying, I have witnesses in the cell, they heard my words and can confirm the Situation. I told him to go where he sent me. In fact, I’m going to call the Doug zone and tell them about today’s incident!»

   Lisa called her friend Doug in the zone. She recounted what had happened, ending the conversation as follows:

   “They want to declare our house “wool”! Dugacka, deal please.»

   I was upset because I was one of the perpetrators of this scandal. Asking Lisa for the phone, I called Adam and told him verbatim the situation in which I was involved.

   “I have already been informed about it. I told you to get out of that cell and you wouldn’t listen. The boiler will supply the road, if that cheremuha’m sorry, that I insulted and called names Mat esteemed Aram.”said Adam.

   I was outraged and angry.:

   “She did not call him a Mat, I was there when they talked. Why should she apologize for something she didn’t say?»

   “My love, I guess that this wool is now next to you and makes you stand up for her. You have to get out of that cell tomorrow! Adam asked in a distressed voice.

   “No one is forcing me to say this. I can honestly tell you that I witnessed their conversation.”I replied indignantly.

   “Aram swore his mother and the word of the prisoner, and this is more important than the rest of the evidence. Get out of that cell tomorrow!”Adam said, dissatisfied, and passed out.

   I removed his numbers from my phone and gave it to Lisa.

   “They claim to believe the Aram oath. And they want you to apologize to him. I said sadly.

   “Fuck them! I’m not apologizing to that freak. There’s no road. Phone and charging from the boiler we have left. And something else. Soon they will be begging us to put the road. The rimco, sew up the rope to your mattress to make it at the shakedown did not usmonali! Lisa ordered.

   Continuation: Rescue of a pregnant prisoner. 

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