57. Save a pregnant prisoner.

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 On the eve of the next court session, me and the pregnant prisoner were taken to the prison hospital. I went to the next fluorogram: in prison it is done every six months, while at liberty once a year. Many prisoners are indignant, consider that it is dangerous for an organism, but I in this case was on the party of prison doctors. It is better to detect pulmonary tuberculosis in time and start treating it at an early stage. Tuberculosis is a common disease of all prisoners.

   So, I was taken to the fluorogram, and the pregnant cellmate to the gynecologist. When we passed cell 181, the reservation was open and another guard was waiting for the prisoner to escort her to the car. I stopped by this cell, and I shouted softly to the residents.:

   “Girls, good morning! How are you without me?»

   At this point, with their racks of a prisoner jumped up and headed for the door: Pauline, Gypsy Barbie, Gypsy Masha, Masha’s aunt is a lawyer and Anna-zolotonoshka. Behind them ran an angry Diesel.

   All right, women, let’s get back to our seats!”the guardsman shouted menacingly at them.

   The prisoners stopped in the middle of the cell and waved happily at me. Diesel pushing them aside, came to the convoy.

   “Do you take these prisoners to the doctor? Me, too, grab, I need urgently to a doctor!”she said.

   “You’re not on the list the doctor gave me.”the guardsman replied hesitantly.

   “I have a sharp pain in my tooth. I need some painkillers right now! You don’t want me screaming in pain right now, do you? diesel said.

   “The paramedic went to do the rounds of the punishment cells, and in the hospital pregnant prisoners are taken only by a midwife. Here is the list I’m taking to her.”the guardsman replied.

   Everyone stared at me in surprise, most of all I and Diesel were surprised by this statement. She stared at my flat stomach.

   The guard from the “prison station” closed cell 181 and led us to the prisoner to the car. And we went to the prison hospital, which was located in the neighboring men’s building.

   “Why do you lied that lead me to the midwife as pregnant?”I asked the guard in surprise.

   “Yes, blurted out the first thing that came to mind! the jailer laughed.

   “You have no idea what a stupid joke you’re going to spread about me! Someone’s been spreading rumors that I’m pregnant, and now you’ve added fuel to the fire. If someone beats me up so I have a nonexistent miscarriage – it’s Your fault.”I said indignantly.

   “Do not worry, I will confirm that the convoy came up with this joke in front of me! And you to confirm, take help from a gynecologist about their pregnancy.”- said the pregnant cellmate Luda.

   When we came to the hospital, there were already many prisoners. About ten people came to be tested for pregnancy, and five people were waiting for the passage of the fluorogram. From one of the offices came an elderly woman in a medical gown and announced:

   “Women, I have only five applications for a pregnancy check. And I only took tests on these people. I’ll give them their names, they’ll stay, and the rest will be taken to the cells. Write applications and then I will come to receive you.»

   My cellmate was not listed in these names, and she and the others were taken to the cells.

   When I went to the fluorogram, I was very happy, it was done on a modern computer device, and the doctor could immediately identify on the monitor any lung disease. The first time I was brought to the detention center, I was given a fluorogram on the dead and old equipment that was installed “at the station” in prison. Anyone who first arrives in prison, they make pleurogramma “at the station”. But on the old equipment, the result is known only after a few days, so many “tuberculoses” can be placed with healthy people in one cell.

   I persuaded the doctor to look carefully at my fluorogram, because I was very afraid of Contracting tuberculosis. She carefully looked at the pictures on the monitor and assured me that my lungs are clean. I was happy.

  Back in the cell, I heard a conversation between pregnant Lyudmila and recidivist Katya.

  “Fu, Yes, each of us, when we stop “sitting on the salt”, delays begin. You’d think you didn’t know. Tell me honestly, you want to be transferred to the cell “for moms”, where life is like in a sanatorium!”- sarcastically said the hardened criminal.

   “No, I know she’s pregnant. I’ve got a test on the outside that says I’m pregnant.”- said the cellmate Luda.

   “Written only with your words. If you filed a certificate, once you have “moms” settled.”said cellmate Lisa.

   “I was on IVS a doctor checked and she did write about my pregnancy.”- angrily said Luda.

   “Well, then, I don’t know why you haven’t been moved into the mommies’ cell.”- said Lisa and looked at each other with cobbles Rimma.

   And I watched the reaction of the recidivist Katya, she also noticed the glances of her cellmates and looked at them with thoughtful envy. Now, I wasn’t hard to guess why pregnant cellmate brought in our camera. (Prison jackals — midwives.)

 I spent half the day figuring out how to help this pregnant girl that I liked. Luda told me her story, why she decided to try drugs. She herself is from an intelligent and wealthy family. In a car accident, she lost her parents. She began to drink from grief, but alcohol did not dull her suffering. One of the drinking buddies suggested one day to try the drug, so she sat down. I met a guy-a drug addict, began to live together and decided to quit drugs. The two were arrested on a tip from the same friend that Luda offered to try a drug. During a search of the apartment, they found forbidden grass, which someone threw them. Luda and her boyfriend were charged with possession of a large shipment of drugs. The guy testified that it was his grass, and Luda had nothing to do with it. But in the blood test Lyudmila was present drugs, so his testimony was not taken into account. Now she helped peredachka only grandmother.

   Even before the evening Balanda, I came up with a plan of action to save a pregnant cellmate, what I wrote on the sheet.

   “What are you writing?”- I heard from a neighboring bunk, the voice of cobbles rimmy.

   “I outline the questions that I will ask the expert in court tomorrow. If she shows. She has been ill for six months and has never testified in court.”I replied to the curious coblich.

   “Girls, who wants to play backgammon?”I heard the voice of a pregnant cellmate.

   I wanna play! I said happily.

   When we were playing backgammon, I quietly handed her a folded sheet.

   “Read it in the bathroom and give it back to me. I said in a whisper.

   After returning from the toilet, Lyudmila was scared and embarrassed. She slipped me back my paper. After a short time I went to the bathroom, where I tore the note into small pieces and flushed it down the toilet.

   “I don’t want to play anymore. My stomach started hurting a lot!”the cellmate said in a loud and pained voice.

   “And you have what is presumably the pregnancy? Pregnant after twelve weeks, all the pain you can drink. I asked loudly.

   “About sixteen weeks.”the pregnant cellmate said.

   «Oho. We should call the paramedic. God forbid you miscarry. The period is already big, it is dangerous to endure, suddenly this fight?”- the elderly cellmate aunt Ira who didn’t guess about our scenario joined our conversation.

   I went to the reservation, under the disgruntled looks of the cobbles rimmy and all law breakers, love Katie, knocking on the door, asked a longitudinal urgently to invite the prison medical assistant.

   The paramedic came very quickly.

   “Sixteen weeks? Then you’ll have to go to the hospital. There you gynecologist will examine and ultrasound would make. I’ll tell the duty chief to order a car with a convoy. But you keep in mind, that you can there on maintaining to leave, so that take all necessary things with for gaining.”- said the young paramedic, which I really liked his professionalism.

   My plan was successful, we with Luda restrained the emotions that nobody guessed it. Forty minutes later, we were escorting a pregnant cellmate, assuming that now she would not return to our cell. Only two of the inmates were discontented persons, as if they lost in the casinos is the cobbles Rima and recidivist Kate.

   “Take me to Vasilisa’s reception. She invited me yesterday.”- turned to longitudinal cellmate Lisa.

   “Lisa, she’s not up to you now. They say she got into a fight with her boss yesterday, and he fired her. Until she with today’s days in holiday, and then not know.”replied the longitudinal.

   This conversation was heard by all of us in the cell. After that, Lisa cried for a long time, she was even hysterical.

   “Lisa, are you crazy? Why are you killing yourself? Maybe get a paramedic to give you a sedative.”I asked Lisa in surprise.

   “You have no idea what’s going to happen in the women’s corps. This jerk Redkin only kicks when there are fights and disassembly in women’s cameras. When I worked, then the body was also Redkin. Vasilisa saved me from humiliation and suicide. Now I will definitely not live in this prison and I will be sent to a zone where many people want to kill me. And I have my own sedative.”replied a sobbing Lisa.

   I brought her water. Under the envious glance of Katya, and under my surprised, Lisa, a few seconds, looked at his palm, where lay two capsules of red-and-white.

   “Are you crazy?”I cried, just at the moment when she threw psychotropics in his mouth.

   “You have more? I’ll buy.”Katya pleaded with Lisa.

   Lisa looked at the recidivist arrogantly and said,:

   “Are you serious? You chmorish me in the house and want me to you fun tablets sold? It is necessary to deserve!»

   “I’ll do whatever you want. I can give you such pleasure, that you not did never Vasyatka.”- Lily voice said recidivist Katya.

   Unexpectedly for him on the bunk sat a recidivist Julia.

   “Lizok, I want to deserve your favor and ready to do whatever you want!”she said pleadingly.

   I still stood in the doorway between the rack and looked at the picture in horror. The expression in Lisa’s eyes began to change, her eyes clouded. She looked at the two recidivists with disdain and said,:

   “I will see how faithfully you serve me. You, Julia, in the morning wash all my things that I soaked overnight in the tank. And you, Katya, tomorrow will be the duty and progenitalis the entire house, and then you’ve been here for months and never cleaned. Now, let me get my shit together.»

   That night, we were never put on the road, and we all camera earlier than usual fell asleep. I went to bed in curlers, intending to impress the judge with my beauty in tomorrow’s session.

   In the middle of the night I woke up from the wobble of the rack. Opening my eyes, I saw that with the adjacent upper bunk Palma looks at me the cobbles Rima. Jailers always leave the cameras on the night included light night light.

   “When you sleep, you smile in your sleep! Rimma said sadly.

   “Why aren’t you sleeping?”I asked, displeased.

   “Yes, the girls downstairs woke me up. The three of them had an Orgy. I hate these “pink Panthers”!”- loudly answered indignant male Rimma.

   I was shocked. With lower racks were actually heard hysterical women screaming three cell mates. Lisa, Katya and Julia arranged a depraved Orgy.

   “Imagine, they didn’t even curtain up with sheets. I went down to the toilet and saw the three of them at each other….”- the last word male not finished speaking.

   From the bottom bunk hysterically cried Lisa, demanding from the participants to continue. Until dawn we the whole ward was listening to this debauchery, while two of all law breakers, love is not brought LISCO to ecstasy.

  Continuation: Turning point in court. 

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