58. A turning point in the court.

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After the morning check when I made the “micap”, I was approached by a recidivist Katka and threatening tone said:

   “If you tell anyone about tonight, I’ll break your nose!»

   I didn’t say anything, just looked down at that disgusting lesbian.

   When the longitudinal led me down the corridor of our floor, I stopped by the office opers and sternly said:

   “I need to talk to the warden or the duty officer. It’s in your best interest, otherwise, today in court, I will make a statement about my work!»

   The warden was confused, took me to the Opera office, calling the checkpoint gave my requirements. Long listened to someone, then hung up and said:

   “The chief from today in holiday. His Deputy, who is acting chief, has not yet arrived at work. But here’s Redkin, the chief of staff, and he’ll be right with you.»

   Senior Lieutenant Redkin came very quickly.

   «Hello. Are you women conspiring to rebel today? As the boss goes on vacation, so we have boycotts! Say, what happened out there?”- friendly appealed to me the young warden.

   In view of Redkino was about thirty years old, cute, blond, tall, athletic build.

   “The other day, the Lieutenant Colonel from management told the chief of prison that me transferred from the camera where contain recidivists. But I’m still there. Some of the inmates I have had aversions, therefore, I ask You to me today transferred in a smoke chamber for parohodik.”I calmly handed him my demands.

   “That’s all? I thought You would demand something supernatural from me: a mobile phone or a computer!”the young warden laughed.

   “I didn’t hear Your answer. I warn you that I carry with me a statement to the head of the FSB that my life in jail is in danger. Here, please, you can read it!”- I held out a sheet with a statement that I wrote a few minutes ago.

   Redkin, reading my statement, frowned. After reading it, he did not give it to me, but put it in a Desk drawer. The expression from the good-natured boy’s face was replaced by a ruthless jailer, with a Jackal grin and the look of a murderer.

   “If I am not brought to the court today, my friend will inform the Council that You are preventing my visits to the court.”I said in a calm voice, cynically looking the jailer in the eye.

   “Yesterday I received an order from the chief to allocate another cell for non-smokers. Today we planned to start the resettlement from cell 182 and make repairs in it. Can you be patient for a couple of days at 184? Today in the chamber 182 will change the plumbing and tomorrow we’ll paint the walls, ceiling and re-make the linoleum, and the next day You have to overeat. Come on, I’ll show you this camera.”the jailer suggested.

   We came out of operas.of the Cabinet and walked over to the armor chamber 182. Longitudinal unlocked the bolts when the door opened, I saw dissatisfied prisoners.

   “But You promised that you would settle in the afternoon. We haven’t Packed our bags yet!”there were angry voices.

   “Yes, you should be in after lunch to settle. We came to look what repair is required to make.”- replied the jailer Redkin.

   “In toilet better drop. From the toilet water does not go away, somewhere in a sewer pipe clogged!”- dissatisfied muttered one of the prisoners.

   “Here you see what repair is necessary here!”- said Redkin, and we got out of the camera.

   “Okay, I’ll wait a couple days. But honestly You claim that a similar statement on the FSB, I will write to the court and given to the lawyer to be safe. And if, during this time something happens to me, he will give this statement to the service.”I confessed to the jailer.

   “I am surprised that You honestly told me about it, and did not do it on the sly. the warden laughed good-naturedly.

   Longitudinal escorted me to the sump court, where I had to wait for the paddy wagon.

   From the sump were heard female voices, when the longitudinal opened the reservation, then I went to meet a Gypsy Barbie. Seeing me, she smiled and turned to the longitudinal:

   “You passed our requirements Redkino?»

   “Yes, I did. He just got out. Now, this prisoner was talking to him. The senior Lieutenant will see you now!”the warden replied.

   In addition to the Gypsy Barbie, there were: Gypsy Masha, Pauline and Anna.

   “The four of us walked out of the chamber 181 and demanded our translation!”- declared Gypsy Barbie.

   I looked at these prisoners with whom I lived for a month in cell 181, all of them were pleasant to me.

   “Diesel beat aunt Masha, a lawyer, yesterday afternoon. She learned that you’re pregnant, became enraged and his anger tore at her. Aunt Masha was transferred to another cell, it night asked us said that your cellmate was opposed to her to get settled.”- said the Gypsy Masha.

   “Girls, you have no idea what scum I am. Now I met with Redkin and demanded my transfer. He took me to cell 182, said he’d transfer me there in two days. Today there will be a sewer repair. Maybe You a couple of days, be patient, and then all of us together there to move?”I told the prisoners.

   “Masha-Diesel with Rudkinym Affairs. He passed her on the marketing of mobile phones that jailers “usmanali” on the female body. Diesel then these mobile phones “drove” on the male case. Don’t they want to transfer you to the mommies ‘ cell?”said Pauline.

   “Girls, I honestly declare to you, I am not pregnant. Look at my flat stomach! These guards are specially one who started the rumor to push me foreheads with Diesel. I wouldn’t be surprised they’re betting on a fight again! I want to live in a cell with you.”I said.

   “Well now we know that slim is with us, too. The five of us will get transferred to the same cell.”- said the Gypsy Masha.

   “Girls, what are you – well done!”I announced, and we all hugged together.

   Let’s go to court!”I heard it behind my back.

   When I was brought to court, I appealed to the convoy of the court with a request to give me a blank sheet of paper. I quickly wrote an application to the head of the FSB with a request to take me and my son under protection. Having written this, I put this application in my package of documents.

“Darling, what’s going on?”I asked Adam, who was standing in the cage next to me.

   “I had to write a statement to the FSB, because I foresee the next development of me. Now I will give this statement to the lawyer in court.”I announced.

   Adam and five other prisoners stared at me in surprise.

   “Why don’t you leave that cell? Adam asked, displeased.

   “This morning, the warden promised that in two days I would be transferred to 182 cells. It should change the sewer. By the way, did you know diesel beat up an old woman, an ex-lawyer, yesterday? And today, four of her cellmates refused to be in the same cell with her?”I asked indignantly.

   «No. No one reported it to me. Adam said, confused.

   “Women are seen as the jailer passed Diesel for implementation in a male body cellphones that garbage otsenivali in the female body.”I wrote in a note and gave it to Adam.

   “Here, Diesel – scum!”loudly protested Adam, when read my message.

   Adam lit my note on fire and held the burning paper in his hand until the baby was burned.

   “Adam, let me put the road in the cell” for the days until I’m transferred.”I asked the prisoner.

   «Certainly. You can have my phone with you until morning. So that if anything happens, you can warn me that you’re in danger. I can see by your face that you’re scared and exhausted.”- said the prisoner Adam and I was relieved.

   Adam even had time to tell me a funny joke. And when the convoys came to escort me to the conference room, I laughed at the joke.

   “Only when You and Adam come to our court, we have fun!”- announced the head of the judicial convoy when he put his hand on my cool bracelet from the cuff. So, in a good mood, I walked into the courtroom.

   I said Hello to everyone, the lawyer asked my petitions.

   “How can I apply for something if I have not yet seen the materials of the criminal case!”I replied indignantly to the lawyer.

   Looking at one of the women in the convoy, my countryman, I saw a nod of approval.

   Again, neither the expert nor the victims appeared at this meeting.

   The judge came into the courtroom and did not greet anyone.

   “The defendant, do you have a motion?”the judge addressed me.

   “Hello, Your honor!”I greeted him respectfully.

   The judge looked at me and waited for my speech to continue.

   However, I sat on the dock and began to closely examine the new sandals Prosecutor.

   There was silence in the hall, everyone was looking at me except the lawyer, who was sitting with his back to me.

   “Late petitions of the defendant which she sent from a pre-trial detention center came to court.”- the judge said and read aloud my statement on familiarization with the materials of the entire criminal case.

   No one other than a lawyer my statement is not supported, I was furious. Because I assumed the judge was getting back at me for boycotting me. Without expecting from myself, after words of the judge “to refuse the petition of the defendant”, I indignantly declared:

   “Yes, You have never satisfied me in five months of trial!»

   The judge, restraining his laughter, looked at me with a satisfied look. The Prosecutor and the court clerk looked at each other and giggled. I’m not realizing that slip of the tongue, noticed that everyone in the room laugh. Mentally repeating the phrase I had said to myself, I was confused and felt my face burning.

   “I wanted to say that You are not me, but my petitions.”I apologized awkwardly.

   The guards laughed loudly, the Prosecutor and the Secretary turned to the window and laughed too. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Under the satisfied gaze of the judge who brazenly looked me over from head to toe, felt like a stupid fool.

   “Yeah, I conducted an experiment in the art of seduction. Itself in him, and fell. I thought with displeasure.

   “The prosecution, and it’s your fault that the defendant was not acquainted with the case materials. Are you ready to copy and provide all the materials of the case to the defendant? the judge suddenly asked sternly.

   The Prosecutor stopped laughing and stared at the judge.

   “Yes, we can provide copies of the materials for the defendant.”the assistant Prosecutor said angrily, looking at the judge questioningly.

   «Nicely. The court ruled: to give the defendant a copy of the criminal case!”the judge declared.


   “Thank you for finally, You at least one of my important petition, uh… positively considered.”honey, sit under the satisfied eye of the judge I was finished my line.

   When the judge left the courtroom, I saw him off with an interested and surprised look. He also looked at me, but his eyes were happy and benevolent.

   “So short and fall in love with him. I thought sadly.

   The assistant Prosecutor looked at me with undisguised contempt and hatred.

   “Well, not only is she a performer is rigged against me criminal case, and a rival. I thought, also looking at the Prosecutor with contempt.

   “Lawyer, I want to give you my application for the FSB. I am in danger in jail, and this statement is unlikely to be released from prison. I ask That if anything happens to me, you forward this statement to the addressee.”I asked the lawyer quietly.

   “Well, I will keep this statement at myself. Why didn’t You tell the judge you Were in trouble inside the cell? the lawyer asked.

   “I told him once before, he laughed in my face. And I almost died then. I replied quietly.

   From the convoy it was my countrywoman, and took from my hand a statement read him. She looked at me with displeasure and said::

   “This statement You had to give to the lawyer only by permission of the judge. I now agree with the judge, if he will allow to transfer this statement, we will transfer. Henceforth, everything You want to give to a lawyer must be agreed with the judge!»

   Commissioned officer’s-countrywoman went to the judge’s chamber. Been there a long time. When she returned, she gave my application to a lawyer.

   The guard snapped on my handcuff bracelet and led me through the corridors of the court to the sump room with cells for prisoners.

   “I want to pee.”I said convoy, when we came into the vestibule compartment of judicial escorts. The countryman came with me to a toilet.

   “Are you threatened again?”Olya asked me.

   “I am now in a cell where most of the frostbitten recidivists. The other day, one of them, having arrived from court, declared that the investigator offered it twenty thousand that she beat me. The cell is now very restless, one of the cellmates “got drunk psychotropics” and arranged this night a depraved Orgy Threesome. I can’t imagine what’s waiting for me there. Me a week never leaves a sense of foreboding. Two days ago there was a check from the Board, checked all the cards and demanded that I was transferred to another non-Smoking cell. But no one has yet done so. This morning, I threatened the chief behind our case that I will address for protection in FSB, he took away my statement and promised that in two days will transfer. But I have no faith in him.”- I told the compatriot.

   “Why you didn’t want to send this statement through the judge?”- asked Olya.

   “Do you think he cares that I’m being beaten and bullied there?”- I chuckled.

   “Let me talk to him and tell him everything you’ve been through in prison.”- suggested the compatriot.

   “That they together with the Prosecutor laughed at your story as from a joke. You noticed how the Prosecutor looked at the judge today with displeasure and demands. I’m a hundred percent sure they’re lovers! I was indignant.

   “Yes, I noticed how jealous she looked when he couldn’t take his eyes off you. I’ve been watching him for a while now, as he moves his chair to the side to see you better. He can’t always see you behind that fat lawyer.”- smiling said Olya.

   I laughed out loud.

   “And I specifically sit down so as to hide behind the lawyer.»

   “And how happy he was today after your reservation! If you weren’t so red and embarrassed, I would have thought you were flirting with him on purpose. Such a handsome man can build eyes! He should have been a lawyer.”- Olya finished our conversation.

   When I was brought to prison, I was taken to the women’s building through the neighboring building, in the cellars. But I heard from afar the voice of the prisoners in cell 181, who were still locked up in the septic tank. I stopped abruptly and turned indignantly to the guard.

   “There, in the sump, in the morning there are four prisoners who refused to be in the same cell with Diesel. Why haven’t they been brought out yet? Were they hungry all day and without water? They were supposed to meet Redkin, when I promised them one of the guards.»

   “I didn’t know anything about it. We were told that these women at night got drunk moonshine and them for it punished, having closed in a sump!”the guardsman replied in surprise.

   “It’s a lie! I was with them in the septic tank this morning, and I know how it really was! Take me to the prison guard immediately! I shouted.

   “Okay, just don’t shout! We’re just passing his office.”the guardsman replied.

   Approaching the armored door of the office, the guard knocked. From behind the door came the duty major, who had helped me more than once. He smiled pleasantly when he saw me. (The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181.,  Where the road from the prison of purgatory?)

“And I thought You were already released, and You sunbathe on the Canaries. he said cheerfully.

   “Oh, the judge had no luck. It is more pleasant to realize that I was sunbathing on the bunk.”I answered sadly.

   The guard retold our conversation, each time I inserted a word and confirmed what was said.

   “Here, Redkin-parasite! He left the women in the sump to suffer, and he had already gone home. Now, he I have very much alive here show up! Go to the cell and don’t worry about your friends!”the major replied.

   I was relieved to go into the camera and only came to the reservation realized that I should have to ask the major to check my translation in the camera 182.

   The guard had already opened the reservation when I asked him:

   “And You could convey to the major that I again ask him about the meeting?»

   “Do you want to meet him again today?”- said the convoy.

   “If he has time today, he can do it again today. Tell him it’s about our penultimate meeting. I replied.

   The warden promised to pass on my request to the major. Our conversation was heard by all my cellmates. Lisa and the recidivist Katya looked at each other.

   “Do you have that love with the Deputy prison?”asked the hardened criminal, Katya.

   “What nonsense! Stay out of my personal business!”- I answered the recidivist with displeasure.

   “No, your actions affect all in our house! Do you know that after your conversation with Redkin, he came and arranged for us in the house shmon? We came off the stove!”- ominously said the recidivist Katya.

   “I have nothing to do with this search!”I replied irritably.

   “But, Redkin said to you for that we say thank you!”- fiercely said lesbian recidivist Julia.

   I began to chatter in the reservation pocket opened the longitudinal, which reeked of fumes.

   “What?”she asked.

   “Now, the warden has called Redkin back to work. Give this Redkino that it came into our camera. Otherwise, he’ll be in trouble tomorrow from his boss.”I threatened indignantly.

   “Give me a pack of cigarettes, huh?”- asked I have longitudinal.

   I got into the bag with my things and took out a pack of cigarettes. Giving their longitudinal told:

   “You bring Redkin, I’ll give you a pack of cigarettes!»

   “I promise I’ll bring him to you!”the drunken matron promised.

   “So, she has no Shura-Mura with the Deputy, and with itself. The warden’s a major, too?”- recidivist Katya turned to her mistress Liza.

   She answered fearfully, she nodded. And I said nothing, knowing that I don’t want to convince them otherwise.

Continuation: The prisoner’s kitten and intrigue. 



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