60. Hell in a torture chamber.

   Beginning: The prisoner’s kitten and intrigue. 

In the morning I woke up from purring kitten who curled up next to me on my pillow. I patted him behind the ear and looked at the adjacent upper bunk Palma where you sleep new cellmate Nina is a fraud.

   As much as I strained my memory, I couldn’t remember how I knew her face. Nina stirred and opened her eyes, which were an icy gray. I’m all shrunk inside, looking at me a copy of the face of the scoundrel investigator, who many times threatened me with physical violence. (Chaos on the investigation.)

“Good morning!”she said amiably.

   A shiver ran down my spine, and the tone of her voice was also a bit like that of an investigator. “Maybe they’re twins? I suggested to myself.

   «Good. How did you sleep in the new place?”- I asked.

   “Great sleep, the bed is comfortable. Last week I slept on the seats of the station and the airport. I was arrested at the airport, I’ve been running from the investigation for a month. I myself am from the Urals, I thought you will not find. she replied with a chuckle.

   I looked at her attentively and did not believe any of her words, except that she was from the Urals, the dialect was similar to the Ural.

   “How old are you?”- I asked.

   The cellmate looked at me suspiciously and did not immediately answer:


   “You look much younger.”I said to her and went down from the rack, went to wash.

   Later, as I was having Breakfast, I thought about the night’s warning of the prisoner Aram. I was sure that it was connected with a new cellmate Nina is a fraud.

   The second new prisoner was an elderly “homeless”, who was arrested for stealing food in the store. The old woman was all shy, sitting on her upper rack. Aunt Ira gave her her shampoo and demanded that she go swimming. After bathing, the elderly prisoner gave the newcomer his robe. And this homeless woman blossomed.

   Lisa all morning cried on the rack, with the “girlfriends” didn’t want to talk.

   At lunchtime the warden came for me and accompanied me on a date to my son. When we passed the camera 182, the door to it was open and in it, two “kozlyatnik” repaired the sewer.

   “Have you not finished repairing this camera yet? I promised Redkin that I already go into this camera!”I turned indignantly to the goats.

   “We are already the third day tinkering with the Sewerage, we can not understand where the pipe and riser clogged. In the morning are plumbing blockages. Today should be over. And tomorrow we will paint the walls and ceiling.”one of the goats answered me.

   I sighed sadly, will have today and tomorrow to have any of the inmates of the 184 cameras.

   On this date, my son and I were allowed to talk. Time quickly flew by, I did not want to leave my son. I returned to my cell with a heavy heart.

   When I returned to the camera, I was surprised to see the picture. On the bunk Lizky and Eugene was sitting with Katya and Julia new cellmate Nina. She persuaded them softly. The three listened to her very carefully, but the recidivist Katka all kvelled.

   Nina,a fraud, noticed me, smiled at me and moved to her rack. Julia and Lisa looked at me with wonder and interest, Eugene looked a threat, but Kate gleefully.

   “When will you be transferred from us?”- maliciously asked recidivist Katya.

   “As soon as they finish the repair in 182. I replied dryly.

   To evening in the chamber, each going about their business. After the evening Balanda Lisa began to cook: sculpt dumplings stuffed with dry mashed potatoes. Then she boiled them with a little boiler. Lisa invited the entire chamber to go get some dumplings. I, aunt Ira and Gypsy Larisa refused.

   Lisa looked at the three of us resentfully and said,:

   “We’ll have a kitten to send to his master on the male body.»

   Aunt Ira took her plate and joined everyone who ate dumplings.

   “Why don’t you eat your own dumplings? Maybe you put something in it.”I asked Lizka.

   She looked at me with undisguised hatred.

   “I’ve told you more than once that I have problems with the intestines. That’s why I can’t eat flour!”- in an injured voice replied Lisa.

   Suddenly from-for the table jumped a recidivist Katka and ran to my shkonke.

   “What an ungrateful creature you are! Lisa tried to cook us all dumplings, and you’re accusing her of something!”- shouted Katya and hit me on the shoulder.

   I hit her on the head with a comb and jumped to the next rack.

   “Bitch, get down, I’ll kick you in the ribs!”Katya threatened me.

   “Katyusha, don’t touch her. I’m gonna get in trouble for this.”- asked Lisa.

   “Well, Liza, I won’t touch her just for you!”Katya promised.

   Later again, the five of them all sat together on the bunk at Lizky with Eugene and about something were whispered.

   When the night “put the road”, I flew the phone from Adam, and I told him:

   “Our house is restless. There’s a suspicious new girl.»

   “On the morning you check out of the camera and refuse to go in there. Keep the phone till morning.”ordered Adam.

   After lights out, passing by me, pregnant Luda quietly handed me a note. It said:

   “From the outside they were offered money to you to work out.»

   I was scared. Katka went on the camera and complained loudly about my ingratitude. Someone knocked on the armor pocket, Lisa ran up and squatted in front of the opened pocket. She reached into her “armor pocket” and took something from the man’s hand. When she returned to her rack, then Katka and Yulia ran up to her and began to whisper to Lizka about something.

   “It’s for tomorrow when we’re done.”I heard Lizka’s answer.

   From the next bunk looked at me withering and malevolent glance Nina is a fraud.

   “Let me call my son?”kindly asked her for my phone Adam.

   «Unable. I’m waiting for a call from a male friend. He’s talking to his family now. I told her.

   She came down from the rack and gave our conversation to Lisa.

   “Women, let’s go to bed. In the morning we will think how we will live. Lisa said loudly to her friends.

   The dog Rimma looked at me sympathetically and shook her head. Without it, I guessed that I was going to push the sleeping the top bunk, so I could tell the guards that I’m in a dream fell.

   I called my son and talked to him for almost an hour.

   “Enough on the phone to dump garbage information from our house! Katya shouted at me.

   «Shut. I’m talking to my son! I barked back.

   Katya continued to be indignant and to throw threats at me.

   “Mom, what’s going on in there? Why don’t you leave that cell?”my son asked me in fright.

   “Yes, this is a special provocation! Don’t worry, I have to be transferred tomorrow.”I answered my son.

   He did not want to turn off the phone for a long time and asked me to talk. I knew that he was worried about me, especially since he had already seen me mutilated after a fight with lesbians. (Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.)

“If I do not get in touch tomorrow, then you will complain to the Prosecutor’s office. I forgot to tell you, they got a new girl yesterday, she looks like a scumbag investigator with two drops of her face, like they’re brother and sister.”- cheerfully replied the son, his proposal to call the Prosecutor’s office.

   Having assured that with me nothing will happen, I, having said goodbye and having wished to the son good night, I made a call retreat. Nina,the fraud, looked at me with a look of annihilation, as if she was shooting me with her eyes. At this point, again, vibrate the phone, called Aram from the boiler.

   “I found out that you have a scandal in your cell. Do you want me to send the trash out and get you out of the cell? You’ll stay in rakolovka until morning, and then you’ll be transferred to another cell.”he suggested.

   The prospect of standing until morning in rakolovka did not appeal to me.

   “No, Aram, I don’t want to stand in rakolovka. I’d rather have the guard come and look in the peephole more often. And tell my friends I never fall out of bed in my sleep. To fall I can if I someone wants to push.”I specifically answered loudly so that all my cellmates could hear.

   At that moment Nina went down to the lower rack to Liza and Zhenya. Long postosuchus, she returned to her bunk and turned his back to me.

   At this point, the question of Aram, I replied:

   “Yes, I’ll have the phone until morning. Adam asked me to call him before we went up.»

   That night I didn’t sleep a wink, waiting for the attack, but all the “friends” Lizky with her sleeping. At last I sent the phone and waiting for a morning test, I fell asleep.

   Woke up from a loud scream balander:


   I quickly descended from the rack and ran to the open “armor pocket”.

   “Call Redkin immediately! He promised to transfer me to cell 182. I won’t be in this cell anymore!”I shouted longitudinal standing beside balander.

   Longitudinal assured me that Redkina will call, and I began to collect all the things and to bring to an entrance. The five cellmates looked at me with hatred, the others with sadness and sympathy.

   Only a few hours later came the guard and going into the camera told me:

   “Redkin asked You to stay in this cell until tomorrow, 182 have not yet completed the repair.»

   «No. I won’t be in this cell for a day where I’m in danger!”I said.

   “I’ll give it to Redkin now, and he’ll come to your cell to find out.”replied the longitudinal.

   The clock was already six in the evening, and I was worried that Redkin could already go home. No one came to the cell for an hour. Then he opened the pocket and taken over the night shift, drunken longitudinal announced:

   “Women, translations will be tomorrow. And for today, you all sit quietly in the house and not set me up!»

   I was shocked.

   “Call the prison guard! Urgent!”- I ordered longitudinal.

   In half an hour instead of duty came quick worker – Bald, with whom we became enemies even after the shakedown for the New year (Shakedown in the house.), he didn’t want to call me an Ambulance crew when there was a fight with lesbians. (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.

Bald went into the chamber, and through the open pocket discontentedly asked me:

   “What is it?»

   “Open the door! I want to get out of this cell! I’m even ready to spend the morning in rakolovka!”I almost cried when I asked.

   He grinned at me and said sarcastically:

   “It is not good if such a beauty will stand in rakolovka. I’ll go see what cells have room and move You there.»

   The pocket closed and the guards left.

   “Why don’t you complain to your lover , the warden? Or did you lie to us about him being your lover?”the recidivist Zhenya asked venomously.

   “Actually, about the lover, it was invented by Katya! I replied.

   At ten o’clock in the evening my pocket opened and the drunken matron told me:

   “The place is free only in the chamber 179, where sit frostbitten women-killers. I’m not taking you there because I’m nice to you. So that, spend the night here, and on the morning already Redkin you will transfer! And women, go to bed, have long been lights out in prison!»

   Before I could answer, she closed her pocket. At this moment the prisoner shouted outside the window:

   “One, zero, three – winter! One, eight, four – no way!»

   This meant that the jailers cut the road between our cell and the men’s building. Lizka called their sixes to his bed-the bunk, quickly said something. After that, the recidivist Katya ran up to me and punched me in the left side, I heard the crunch of a rib. Then the recidivist began to beat me in the face and head with her fists. I blacked out, passed out.

   Opening my eyes, I saw lying on the floor, and, Lisa, Katka, Julia, Eugene and beat my body with their feet. I fell into the darkness again.

   The next time I regained consciousness, I saw that all the cellmates are in their beds, some were even sleeping. And I was lying on the dirty floor near the rack of an elderly prisoner aunt Ira, around me were my bloody traces.

   I wanted to get up from the floor and took up the rack on which aunt Ira was lying and stroking the kitten, but she kicked me on the hand and squeamishly hissed:

   “Don’t get your blood on my bed!”

   “Rimka, go and cut her veins!”- demanded the recidivist Zhenya.

   «Do not. Let’s say she fell off the rack in her sleep. She’ll be dead by morning!”somewhere from afar I heard the voice Listen and again fell into the darkness.

“Earthly life passed before the half,

I found myself in a gloomy forest,

Having lost the right way in the darkness of the valley.

He was, Oh, say,

That wild forest, dense and threatening,

Whose ancient horror in the memory of a bear!

So bitter is it that death is hardly worse.»

(Excerpt from Hell’s “divine Comedy” by Dante Aguleri.)

    Continuation: Tenacious as a cat. 

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