65. Prayer helps the prisoners.

  Beginning: Very important worker in prison.

In the morning the cellmate Tanya-the murderer prepared and dressed up for departure in court session. And I was preparing for a meeting with my son, because I knew that he had to come, because I have not been taken to court twice and nine days, as did not communicate.

   My face was still disfigured: a solid swollen bruise with a broken lip. The rib hurt as soon as the painkillers were gone. A few days ago, Tanya the killer wrapped a wet sheet around my chest and made me feel better. I knew that I had to do x-rays, but as soon as I imagined how many people would see me mutilated, panic began.

   At a certain time for meetings with relatives, no one came for me.

   “We told you that these freaks will hide you until your bruises pass.”cher said sympathetically.

   I’ve been thinking a bit and began to clatter in your booking. When the longitudinal opened the pocket, I said:

   “Tell the doctor I’m ready to go get an x-ray. And tell him my broken rib hurts even more today.»

   The pocket is closed, and Dasha said:

   “Now they will start people after the courts, are not you afraid that they will see you in this form?»

   Everything inside is compressed, and as soon as I see the faces of the prisoners with disgust expression on my ugliness. But I was determined, since the jailers had decided to hide my beating from the outside world, it should come out of prison with gossip.

   When the reservation opened and the longitudinal called me for an x-ray, I was all shaking with fear. All the way to the hospital ward, we met prisoners and prisoners, all looked at me with sympathy and compassion. I’ve never met anyone I know.

   As we passed another group of prisoners, a young man called out to me:

   “What house, what name!»

   “One, seven, nine. Moon.”I answered quickly.

   The guard quietly scolded me for talking to the prisoner. But I didn’t care, because now I knew that the news about me would spread throughout the prison, and tomorrow it will be discussed in the prison sedimentation tanks of the courts. And my friends will know my condition.

   “You smile so joyfully, and I was told that you suffer from unbearable pain in the ribs.”I met the prison doctor.

   Without answering him, I went to the x-ray room. The study was done on the old equipment, so I understood that the result will be ready not earlier than a couple of days.

   “Will I be able to see a picture of the ribs when the film dries?”I asked the prison doctor.

   «Certainly. I’m sorry. I’ll show you as soon as the result is ready. the doctor replied.

   When we approached the reservation chamber 179, I noticed that the black wire is disconnected from the outlet.

   “It’s the wire from the camera, so it is disabled?”- I asked the longitudinal.

   “I don’t know anything about electrics. Now call the experts to check it. If the boss finds out that someone turned off Your video camera, we’ll be in the head. You just don’t say anything about it in the house, okay?”the matron said in confusion.

   Entering the cell, I saw who had returned from court Tanya-killer.

   “The measure was extended for another six months.”she said, looking at me askance.

   The other inmates didn’t look at me very friendly either.

   Reservation opened, and the escort has called the Dasha on adeptness with Vasilisa.

   I poured boiling water into my mug and waited for the situation with the negative in my direction to be clarified.

   But the killers were silent, avoided looking in my direction.

   After forty minutes, the conversation returned Dasha, she sat down on the bunk to Tanya and she began to whisper in his ear. It made my heart go cold. Imagine yourself, you are in a confined space with three murderers, for whom to kill a man is like swatting a fly. Yes, and the camera does not work.

   “I wonder how they will kill me? There are no two-tiered boxes to pass for “fell in a dream”. Probably, will expose everything as a suicide: “I hung myself on a sheet, without having endured the ugliness. I thought with horror.

   Once opened the booking and entered the cell psychologist Natalia Leonidovna.

   “How are You? I found out you were already out of the cell. Now it’s time to go out and take a morning walk, you need to breathe fresh air.”she said in a soft voice.

   “Natalia Leonidovna that decided the leadership of my transfer? I asked bluntly.

   “The boss is still on vacation, without it yet.”she replied.

   “If this issue is not resolved within a week, I will officially go on hunger strike. I am not taken to court, not taken out on a date to his son, I can not call the child and find out how his health. I officially refuse to be in this cell. The girls aren’t bad, but there’s no road! Therefore, require me to translate at least in camera Smoking!”I said.

   “Here you have a video camera, so you are not allowed to put the road.”the psychologist said in confusion.

   “The camera hangs, but it doesn’t work because it is disconnected on a longitudinal.”I announced.

   “No way!”the psychologist said.

   “Let’s go into the corridor, I’ll show You!”- I asked the psychologist.

   When the psychologist and I came out of the cell, I pointed to the disconnected wire.

   “So it may turn out all and Sundry!”- outraged psychologist, looking at the longitudinal.

   “I called the electricians, they said they turned it off on the orders of the chief of the prison! the matron said softly.

   I was shocked by her confession.

   “It turns out that the chief placed me in this cell intentionally that these murderers finished me off?”I asked Natalia Leonidovna.

   “Don’t get yourself worked up! I’m going to call the chief of security and get it all fixed!”the psychologist said.

   I went back to the cell, and there was already a scandal between “Shar” and Dasha.

   “And I told that the video camera doesn’t work and it is possible to put the road!”- was indignant “Sher”.

   “We don’t need a road! Dasha replied fiercely.

   “It’s just that you don’t need it, because your husband is in a cell with red-fins. And I need my friend sitting with decent prisoners, and I want to communicate with him!”Shar said fiercely.

   “Your husband is sitting in the cell of BS nicknames?”- I asked Dasha with displeasure.

   “No, he’s being held in the basement. They have a window in their cell without a window pane, so they can not put the road so that no one knows how they are tortured there. He’s not BS-he once worked as a policeman, but that was a long time ago.”- Dasha answered.

   “You don’t mess with Dasha, and she will clarify about yourself! Today at the pond with me were cobbles from the chamber 184, where you got beat up. She said you got beat up because you were pregnant by your boss. And yet, there was one elderly Gypsy woman from the chamber 181, it is said that you do magic and bring the prisoners damage. And the cobbles confirmed that they have all lost the courts. And those who have you beaten them on another day had brought to the area. All four of them.”- with hit-and-run declared me Tanya-murderer.

   I like zoogocho, but the laughter had a hysterical, crying.

   “These four were taken to the zone because they were wool and illegally were in prison. I wasn’t pregnant by anyone, and the boss doesn’t like me. If you believe the inmates from the former, then I “practiced” not without diligence the chief. It’s not true about the witch either. One cellmate Pauline, who has a psychic, jokingly teased me “Witch” because of my eye color. But I do not know any plots, I believe in God and every day I read “our father”!”I replied to my fellow murderers.

   “You know prayers? Write on a leaf “our father”, and I will check it on a prayer book. If you write it right, we’ll believe you’re not a witch!”- Dasha demanded.

   I said the Lord’s prayer aloud. The three murderers looked at me in admiration at this moment. 

   “Write me this prayer on a piece of paper, I will teach it too.”- asked me the killer is “Sher”.

   So, thanks to the knowledge of prayer, the killers believed that I was not a witch.

   Opened pocket of the armor and cancelara said, turning to me:

   “From the court brought the decision on the postponement of the date of the hearing. There was also a telephone message of the same content demanding that we send a notification with Your signature. There are still requests for Your illness, but it’s in the chief’s name. You for the resolution and for the telephone message will sign?»

   “Sorry, but I won’t.”I answered calmly.

   The pocket is closed. A few minutes later, an unpleasant tall jailer entered the cell.

   “Who You shut off the video camera?”he asked menacingly.

   “We would not know if the wires are hanging in the hallway!”- Dasha was indignant.

   “Now not only your camera will have a working video camera, but also on the longitudinal! So, warn your friends that the one who once again will cut off the camera, to be filmed in the longitudinal!”the jailer threatened.

   “Do not forget to warn your colleagues about this! I said sarcastically.

   He looked at me as if to say, “Little in the face?»

   I looked at him with contempt.

   We went to the psychologist and said:

   “They say today or tomorrow from the Council coming to inspect all the camera tulostomaceae where they keep killers!»

   I was delighted and thought: “And tomorrow in all courts it will be known that in prison there is a mutilated prisoner with a bruise on all face.»

   Did not have time to close your booking as in a few minutes again opened and entered the cell Vasilisa. She looked at the video camera, which lit up a red button and asked us:

   “Girls, you have complaints or requests?»

   “No, Vasilisa, we’re fine!”answer the questions in English.

   The matron nodded in satisfaction and was about to leave the cell, but my voice stopped her.

   “There are requests! Dasha, you forgot, we recently discussed that we need a shower hose in the toilet for hygienic procedures. The same as in the chamber 184! Please, let the plumbers of the household.the unit will install. They installed 181 in a cell once when I asked them to.”I said, looking at the matron’s face.

«Nicely. There’s a shower hose in your cell tonight. Is that all?”the jailer replied.

   «No. During the time that I’m in this chamber to us never came to the librarian. Tell him to bring the books I ordered. That’s all. I said.

   Vasilisa sympathetically considered my face, why I was not myself.

   “Do you need any medicine?”- she asked me.

   “Yeah, I need gels “Troxevasin and Nurofen”. They ran out, and they lent me a cellmate Natalia. I said.

   “Today I will go to the pharmacy and buy You.”said Vasilisa and walked out of the chamber.

   When your booking is closed, Dasha exclaimed:

   “Good job you asked us to take a shower. And so it is not convenient to bathe from a bucket. And to the bath we don’t, because you need a lot of convoy escorts. They are afraid of us!»

   An hour later, the locksmiths were busy with water pipes. The guards ordered us all to stand on the length.

   “The goats are afraid to enter the cell with you. Maybe you’ll eat them!”longitudinal announced, when we were all standing in the hallway.

   We were approaching the attendant, she handed me three tubes “Troxevazina and Nurofen”.

   “Vasilisa ordered you to give!”the paramedic said.

   “What Vasilisa brilliant! That promise you’ll make! Not like the others, like Redkin and his kind!”Dasha said.

   Plumbers-kozlyatnik this time quickly took the shower hose, and we in turn with pleasure nakupalis over the toilet.

   After the “bath” the four of us sincerely drank tea. I no longer had any fear of these killers. Tanya wet the sheet to wrap my ribs and told me:

   “You ready?»

   And I’m ashamed of the video camera offered to do it in the toilet:

   “Not in front of a video camera! I don’t want my suffering to be mocked by a prison operator!»

   The door to the toilet remained open. Tanya, under my moans of pain, wrapped the first layer of wet sheets around my chest. Suddenly the booking was thrown open, and ran into a few guards with batons.

   “Get your hands off her!”I heard the familiar voice of my fellow jailer and sighed with relief.

   “In the previous cell they broke my rib. It helps me to wrap a wet sheet to dull the pain and fix the rib at night. I still have the kidneys, but they’re easier. Head and face now in what condition, therefore, the court does not take out and out not output!”- I quickly reported to the fellow countryman, trying to tell everything, without having caused suspicion at all.

   He looked at my face and body with horror. The whole body was also covered in bruises.

   “The video camera was switched to the Board! So, keep in mind that you are being followed not only by us, but also by the GUFSIN. To go to the toilet for one!”one of the senior wardens announced.

   Tanya and I, holding the wet sheets out of the dressing room. I was in my underwear, my chest covered with a sheet.

   “Mother honest, that’s you painted! You’re like eggplant! This bluish pictures, tomorrow we from the boards of all cost. What’s your last name and the article, and I do not recognize you in makeup?”asked the same guard.

   I called their data and article.

   “No way! Why are You in a cell with dangerous killers? the warden asked.

   “I don’t know. I replied.

   All the jailers looked at me, my bruises on my face and body.

   “We must inform the chief. The whole Council will know in a few minutes who we keep in the same cell with the killers, and beaten.”- said the warden and along with others left the cell.

   And now it became clear to me why the video camera was disconnected: that as little as possible employees saw me in such state.

   Continuation: Last day in the cell with the killers.



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