67. A solitary cell in a prison.

        Beginning: Last day in the cell with the killers.

For some reason, God is constantly testing us. Before giving us what we need or deserve, he subjects us to great trials and suffering.

        So, having endured painful humiliations and beatings, I was placed in a solitary cell.

        Many believe that in solitary confinement you can go crazy without communicating with other cellmates. But for me, solitary confinement was an escape from torture and non-random cellmates. (Methods of torture in prison. ; Non-random situations, cellmates and friends in prison.).

Now, I believed that the jailers would not be able to fulfill the order from the will to eliminate me, as promised by the investigator.

        Every day when I woke up and found myself in solitary confinement, I could not escape the fear that this heavenly life could end today. The chief did not set deadlines for the content of me alone, and every day I feared that with the coming new day, I again begin to “work out” – either physically or psychologically tortured.

        On the second day of my solitary confinement, the prison clerk came. She read out the ruling on the date of the court hearing.

        “Sign that You were notified?”she asked.

        «Yeah. I replied, surprising her.

        While I was in the same cell as the killers, I refused to sign for court documents. Such a boycott, hoping that my friends become aware that I am in danger.

        “As soon as punished, having placed alone, at once became more obedient?”- sarcastically said to me kancelare.

        I signed for the decree and squatted down in front of the pocket of the armor, so that through the “feeder” to carefully consider and remember this clerical worker.

        Not know, that expressed my glance, but stationery has become frightened.

        On the third day, I decided to go for a morning walk in the prison yard. In advance I wrote “malyavy” for the prisoner Adam and the fellow jailer. I was accompanied by an unknown convoy, as soon as I noticed on one of the passages of his countryman, the accompanying me, menacingly barked at a colleague:

        “Go and look over the fence! And until we pass, don’t come out!»

       The fellow jailer carried out the order and when I passed by the barred compartment, he turned away from me.

   The escort led me into the exercise yard, which I had never been to before. Looking around, I was in joyful amazement. There were four sports machines. For the first time in prison, I enjoyed my morning walk. Ignoring the pain in my ribs and kidneys, I did exercises on the machines, remembering how a year ago I visited a famous sports complex. Then a year ago, I suffered from my 65 kilograms, exhausted myself on simulators and a complex of diets. Now, in almost eight months in prison, at my height of 167 cm, I weighed less than 50 kg. In the first month of jail, I dropped ten pounds in the nervous system due to experiences. After a fight with pink lesbians and hell in a non-Smoking cell, I lost another 10 kg. Now my weight barely reached 45 kg. The other day my son gave me a new tracksuit from “Adidas” size was XS, the suit was loose on me. Therefore, I set myself the task to recover and pump up muscles.

   On this day I was not able to pass malyavy.

   Son every day passed me through the gear and the prison store all sorts of yummy. I was also heavily fed and prison diet Balanda. During the time spent in prison, soup was considered a holiday, gave her twice: on New year’s and Easter. Now, this food was given to me every day. For Breakfast – milk porridge, butter, condensed milk, egg, cottage cheese and jelly; for lunch – soup or soup with meat, the second – a side dish with meat, salad and tea; for dinner – vegetable stew and fish; before lights out – hot bread and a pack of milk.

   Decided to plump me up, especially cared for me one of the longitudinal – Alia. She wanted balander that he imposed on me a double portion.

   So passed the first week of my solitary confinement: a morning walk in the courtyard with exercise equipment and heavy meals. There was no communication with anyone. Even balander, who was always happy to talk to me when I was in other cells, was now strained, and when I asked him about the news, he immediately ran away from his pocket. Longitudinal also with me were silent, only once an hour asking me about my health and any requests. After lights out every night, I heard from the next building downstairs under the hospital, the road guy shouting my camera number:

   “One, nine, five? One, nine, five, make way!»

   But I ignored this call, and covered myself with a blanket with my head, forced myself to sleep.

   On the eighth day, an excited son came to see me. He was glad when he found out I’d been transferred alone. I told him that the warden had taken the radio and the fan from the cell, and also forbade me to put the road and communicate through the window with the prisoners, so I couldn’t talk to him on my cell phone for the past week. My son promised that through the parcel he would send me a radio, a fan and a kettle, as well as magazines and books. I assumed that I would not be taken to court again, so I asked my son to call the prisoner Adam and tell him that I was placed in solitary confinement. I dictated the numbers, and my son wrote Adam’s phone number on his leg. We parted this time not with heavy hearts because we hoped that a black strip of my life in prison ended.

When the convoy escorted me back from my date, I was intercepted by a longitudinal Alley on the ground floor.

   “I’ll bring her to the camera!”- smiling, she promised the convoy.

   At the questioning look of the convoy, I nodded in the affirmative. Up one flight, the longitudinal whispered to me:

   “Why don’t you put the road? The boss says you can.»

   “Vasilisa said that the chief changed his mind and banned.”I also whispered back.

   “She lies. And someone else is spreading rumors that the male body of your camera is going to “red” mark. If this happens, you may be denied privileges and solitary confinement.”- quietly added longitudinal.

   “Alia, do you know who asked for me that I was alone? I asked quietly.

The longitudinal stopped abruptly and looked at me in surprise.

   “Did you not know that the male corps staged a riot because of you, and their male zones supported?”she asked.

   “I thought it was a rumor. Who’s “Bear”?”I still whispered back.

   Allochka moved away from me. She looked at me with widened eyes as if I had said that I was a poisonous snake.

   “Come quickly! Someone’s coming up from below. One of these days we’ll talk. I have a night shift tomorrow. Oh, shit, you can’t be approached. Then, the day after tomorrow, after the night, on the morning check.”- hurried me longitudinal.

   “Why can’t you come to me? I asked blankly, following the steps behind the convoy.

   “Yes not to you, and communicate with you cannot be through pocket. The Board hung their video camera in the hallway, just in front of your camera. Did you see them hanging yesterday?”explained Alia.

   We had just entered the corridor of my floor, and I had just seen a hidden video camera on the wall among the artificial ikebana.

   When we approached the camera, the longitudinal asked me loudly:

   “How are you feeling? Any complaints or requests?»

   “Please call the warden Vasilisa.”- I asked Allochka.

   A few minutes later came and the jailer Vasilisa. But she did not go into the cell, and opened his pocket and asked:

   “You called me, what happened?»

    “Invite the librarian to me. You took my radio, don’t bring Newspapers. I don’t have a TV in my cell. Then at least let the librarian bring me the books I ordered from him.”I said.

   “I talked to the librarian, he said that he did not have such books that You ordered. And if You do not have enough communication, you can rewrite the application and ask the prison Governor to transfer to a common cell where there is a TV and radio.”the matron replied very kindly.

   “And You still tell the librarian to come, we will pick up my books. And it’s strange that he hasn’t come to see me once in a week, and my boss assured me that the librarian goes around the cells once a week.”I answered the jailer in the same benevolent tone.

   “That all?”she asked.

   «No. You promised me that as soon as You had the items to clean the cell, you’d give them to me. The Council hasn’t received any mops or anything?”I asked the jailer in an even more lilac voice.

   “Oh, I forgot about You. I’ll get everything!”the jailer thought.

   A few minutes later, in my cell were books by T. Dreiser and J. London, which I ordered from the librarian. And also, a new bucket, a tank, a basin, a MOP with a rag and a broom appeared in the chamber.

   This evening, no one from the men’s corps shouted my camera number for the road, and I was afraid that my camera was actually enrolled in the “red”.

   I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the right side of my face still blue-green. I applied a few layers of Foundation, but the bruise was still visible.

   A few minutes before lights out, I knocked on my armor pocket and asked the matron for a pair of scissors.

   Spreading hairs, trimming hair cascade so that the side pieces were as nail-Kare, covering the face. Also managed to make a voluminous bangs, which never happened on the loose. Hair turned out, as from a professional hairdresser, that’s the truth: how to press, so anyone will learn.

   Returning the scissors, I cried longitudinal probation worker:

   “Tell the person on duty in prison to supervise my tomorrow morning departure to court. I have an important witness in court tomorrow to testify! And my presence at the interrogation is absolutely necessary! The staff of a pre-trial detention center won’t interfere with my departure to court?»

   “How do You know that an important witness will testify tomorrow?”- asked longitudinal Galina.

   “This afternoon to me the son came to appointment, he also reported. Him about this the court said that a judge permission to date signed.”I lied convincingly.

   “Why does the judge give Your son a date so often? If I’m not mistaken, I picked You up from a date a week ago.”- suddenly asked longitudinal Galina.

   “Perhaps, the judge feels remorse that didn’t change me a measure of restraint.”I said, confused.

   Now that I knew about Sinofsky the camcorder, I understand that all conversations with me are controlled. And before I say anything longitudinal, I have to weigh and think.

   Until the morning I could not sleep, I prayed to God that I was taken to court. Because I had a presentiment that this trip would be very important for me, in terms of my imprisonment.

   Continuation: Warned — means armed or when you break the prison intrigue.

  And this is a scan of the check from the prison store.(incidentally that little boy survived)

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