74. Prison ban.

   Beginning: Purchase a ban. 

 Once in prison, we understand how on the loose stupidly spent their earned money on fashionable and unnecessary trinkets, chasing new products from gadgets. Here, in prison, a mobile phone is valuable-a flashlight, having which you already become significant in your eyes.

   On behalf of the prisoners and their relatives bow low to those people who provide the opportunity to have a mobile phone in the cell! Thanks to the staff of the GUFSIN system, who understand that prisoners need to communicate with their families. I hope that someday the employees of the penitentiary service will become truly independent from prosecutors, investigators and courts!

   The day has come when my son will buy me a mobile phone for prison.

   Yesterday I found a hidden video camera in my cell, which was installed during the day when I was in court. Yesterday had to set his camera and the prisoners to “keep an eye on me,” said Adam. But due to the verification from the Council is they do not work.

   Adam was worried that I might be dealt with in solitary confinement without witnesses. But I didn’t feel threatened, whereas before that feeling haunted me all the time. Now, more than ever, I felt completely safe.

   I did not yet know on whose behalf Adam was watching over me. There were only guesses and assumptions. There were only two people in my past life who could have done it, but I wasn’t sure about them now. Each of them, if he wanted, he could easily get me out of prison.

   Remained a mystery to me and a “Bear” who was known some prison guards. But my fellow-warden assured me yesterday that there was no such person in the Council. Suggested that the “Bear” of the free authorities. I hope Dima-countryman will find out about it soon, because I hate mysterious intrigues.

   And so, in anticipation of the evening when the prison “put the road” and get the coveted “flashlight”, I was nervous trying to kill time. Therefore, I decided to arrange a General cleaning of the cell. I added ” Whiteness “to the bucket of water and washed all the walls, furniture and floors. After that, having bathed in the shower, I decided to do cosmetic procedures. Putting on a face mask of blue clay, began to manicure.

   At some point, I heard movement on the length. Only I managed to hide a manicure set, which in prison was considered a ban, as the reservation rumbled and opened. A delegation from the Council headed by the head of the prison came to the cell.

   And at this point, outside the Windows there was a cry of prisoners: “With the roads full flow!»

   Four men looked at me in surprise. I wanted to fall through the earth, knowing how I look like an idiot: on the face – a blue mask of clay, and on the head – purple curlers-bundles.

   “Already even the aliens are planted!”the Colonel, who I liked very much, said smiling.

   “I know how stupid I look. Sorry, I didn’t know there was a tour today. In prison there is no beauty salon, here it is necessary to be engaged in beauty. By the way, blue clay is sold in the prison shop. Thank you for including in the range and cosmetics.”I said nervously.

   Squinting at the warden, she saw his pleased face with a raised eyebrow. He was looking at my chiffon dress. Now, I felt even more uncomfortable under a dress I teased combination and if you closely consider, as did the head, it is possible to consider my underwear. I was reassured that I was wearing beautiful Incanto underwear.

   I saw that the Colonel noticed the chief examining my dress and followed his example. So,of course, let them look at the beautiful panties and bra than on the blue face, but when you are so considered on the beach – this is one, and when in a prison cell – brrr. I coughed, drawing attention to myself.

   “Maybe tea or coffee?”I asked, and was immediately frightened.

   Later remembered how the chief had warned that during the tests I kept an electric kettle.

   “Well, crazy! I look like a fool, and even the kettle itself “burned”!”- I thought.

   One of the inspectors approached the kettle.

   “Only last week GUFSIN allowed prisoners to have electric kettles, as the prisoners have already quickly acquired them.”the Colonel said, smiling, and winked at me.

   How nice and handsome he is, but why am I at a disadvantage every time we meet? (Chaos on the investigation.)

 “I’m so embarrassed to be like this. Can I wash the clay mask off?”- I asked the chief.

   “We’re leaving. Mind your own business.”- said the head of the Colonel, and followed to the exit.

   Head pretty, artfully smiled to me and followed me for a reviewer. When the armored door closed, the smell of Paco Raban Cologne remained in the cell. The same Cologne was used by my man from the will, whom my heart still could not forget and forgive.

   I quickly washed off the clay, unwound curlers, changed into breeches and a t-shirt, deciding for myself that now I will be engaged in cosmetic procedures only at night. I also realized that the prisoners do not always have time to warn about the inspectors, so I have to be ready for such guests every day in the morning. Having painted eyes and lips, walked a little on the camera and went to the window. On the tails was tied invisible, which could see the inspectors, but none of them said anything. I climbed up the battery and looked at the Windows in the other cells. No one was invisible – all managed to remove while the inspectors were in my cell. Having noticed in a window of the camera No. 53 of the prisoner, I pulled a thread on what the guy shouted to me:

   “Let him stay!»

   At this point, again grated the bars and entered the cell only longitudinal Olga, I was jumped from the battery.

   “BL,are you crazy? Why on tails climbed and if the chief now saw or checking? In the solitary cell you want? You’re crazy.”the jailer said.

   “I was dusting. I lied stupidly.

   So you washed your face off? Now to you again will come, want to make sure, that under mask have you there is no beatings on personified by. I’ll tell them you’re ready.”my favorite matron grumbled.

   After a while, the delegation returned to my cell. Now I smiled warmly at the Colonel and greeted him joyfully. The chief looked sourly at my outfit.

   “We came back to make sure You didn’t deliberately cover your face by hiding bruises or beatings.”the Colonel said, smiling pleasantly at me.

   “No, I have no beatings on my face. I did make a face mask.”I said to the Colonel.

   We looked at each other silently for a few minutes.

   “Do You have any complaints or comments on the prison staff?”the Colonel asked me.

   “No, no. I replied.

   “And requests of a personal nature?”the Colonel insisted.

   “No, though. Can I go to the bathhouse?”- I asked.

   «Certainly. What about the shower in the cell?”the Colonel asked the chief.

   “Sometimes the hot water pressure is weak.”- I answered for the chief.

   “Well, You will be taken to the bath. Let the plumbers take a look at the shower.”the Colonel said, looking at me intently.

   For a moment I thought the Colonel’s eyes were looking at me as if he were saying goodbye to me. Suddenly, I blurted out loud:

   “Come check on me more often, it’s always nice to see You.»

   The Colonel raised his eyebrows, and I felt myself blushing.

   “It always seemed to me that the prisoners are annoyed by our visits. I don’t think the warden is happy with our visits either. But we will try to visit you every time we check.”the Colonel replied, his eyes shining with joy.

   Then the whole delegation walked out of my camera. Lunch-Balanda we were given such as for the holidays: borsch, potatoes with cutlet and vegetable salad. Longitudinal Olga, during the distribution of lunch, shouted at balander:

   “Give her a double! She was exhausting!»

   “No, I’ve had enough.”- I answered longitudinal.

   “Talk to me! Give me another plate, let him put the other one in!”he called me a stern matron.

   I brought another plate, and while balander was putting it on, the longitudinal whispered to me,:

   “The inspectors came from you satisfied, praised that you have a clean cell and no cigarette smell. But until you relax, they’re still walking around the prison. They say they’ll be here late.»

   «Clearly. Olichka V., but as the name of the Colonel. I’ve seen him here several times, but I don’t know his name.”- I asked the longitudinal.

   “Go eat! You will know a lot – you will grow old! Ask the boss!”- blew me off the jailer and closed the pocket of the armor.

   “Nasty old woman!”I thought kindly of my beloved matron, my Savior. (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.)

 After lunch, I laid out the court documents on the table and began to write petitions to the court. Until the evening wrote several petitions in two copies and she passed them through longitudinal in prison office.

   At the evening examination with the jailers came in and the plumber and the goat’s Rue. The plumber turned on the shower hose, then told me:

   “I will change You the shower hose itself, but now the water is good, both cold and hot.»

   I remember that I was on candid camera, I said to him:

   “Sometimes, the hot water pressure is weak. And account for under cold water swim.»

   “Now I’ll look at the valves on the length, near Your door. Maybe someone’s blocking them.”the plumber said.

   When he came back, he said:

   “On the pipes, which come to You in the camera are cranes, which any can adjust and turn off the water. You, next time the pressure is weak, call us through the longitudinal. Tell them the warden ordered the plumbers to find the cause with the water.”- told me the plumber and the goat’s Rue.

   “Please, when will you have the time, I replace the faucet in the sink drips constantly. On the brain acts.”- I asked the goat and quietly gave him a pack of cigarettes “DT”.

   “Today after dinner I will bring a new hose and a new crane.”- said loudly to goat’s Rue is a plumber.

   Dinner-Balanda today was also like a holiday: boiled potatoes, boiled mackerel and cabbage salad. An hour after dinner, the plumber installed a new faucet, cleaned the siphon on the sink and changed the shower hose. I told him in a transparent bag pour instant coffee and another pack put candy. The goat-boy glowed with happiness.

   It was already eight o’clock in the evening, and the prison was still – “Consumption”. Suddenly, the street heard the cry of the prisoner:

   “One, nine, five – take the road!»

   I ran to the window and began to carefully wind the invisible on an empty pack of cigarettes. When the thread tightened the line-escort, I have become more intense to wind on the cardboard, pulling the road with a horse. Tying the rope to the tails, she took the horse. It was my favorite chocolate “Alpen gold hazelnut-raisin”. I was surprised because the chocolate was Packed. Came to the table to drop, I began to think of treats to send to boys, but this time they took the “horse”. I went to the window, expecting to have to take the road back, but the roadman from the cell №53 shouted to me:

   “One, nine, five – remove the road!»

   Without understanding anything, I quickly untied the rope from the tails and began to unwind the escort from the cardboard to give the rope to the road. When the prisoner pulled up the escort, he shouted to me:

   “Tie it up, let it stay on the escort!»

   I tied the line to the bars of the window and still stood by the window, waiting for the prisoner to explain. But the road, hands signaled me to moved away from the window. From below came a voice like the warden.:

   «Yeah. It’s her way.»

   I felt a wave of anxiety and fear. “I guess I’ve decided to stick with “dear”, when the chief went with the inspectors. Now he will be angry and forbid me to have a way. But what about the phone my son already gave money for a flashlight.”- disturbing thoughts crept into my head.

   “The roads are in good! Roads in good! Roads in good!”the prisoners shouted at the prison.

   I was still shaking from the experience.

   “One, nine, five – don’t sleep, take the road!”- the prisoner-the road Builder from the camera No. 53 shouted.

   I pulled up the road rope with shaking hands and tied it to the tails. “Dorozhnik 53” signaled that I carefully took the Strom. When I was untying the horse, I saw a strapped-down stirrup – in the box was my own, brand new phone – flashlight. Hiding in a corner under the sink, where I could not see the hidden video camera and a peephole from the armor, I turned on my cell phone and called Adam.

   “Hi, love. This is your personal phone. Call your son, thank him. And you’ll call me later, closer to midnight. Adam’s hoarse voice said.

   “With all my heart, thank you! I replied.

   “This son thank. He gave you such a gift!”the prisoner said sadly.

   After a few seconds I thanked my son, his voice was heard as he was happy. For several hours, without interrupting, we chatted with my son about various trifles, which previously did not have enough time. A few minutes later, I moved to the table and continued to chat quietly with my son, but mostly listened to him, not shining openly in front of the eye. He said he needed to run to the store, and I asked him not to disconnect and describe his way to the store and all that he meets on the way. I closed my eyes and listened to my son, imagining that we went out with him to walk to the store. Then we together with him have prepared him dinner and together had dinner, only through phone. I gently pressed the phone to my left ear and poured myself a mug of hot coffee. When the phone rang parallel, looking at the screen, I saw that Adam was calling, telling my son, switched to the incoming.

   “It’s 1: 00 in the morning, and you don’t call me.”I heard Adam’s hurt voice.

   “Yeah? Did the time fly by so fast? I’m still talking to my son. We missed each other so much. I answered Adam in surprise.

   “Ah, well. When you’re done talking, call me. You’ll send the phone to me. Does your phone hold charging well? But I’ll still charge it for you tomorrow. You’re gonna send me your phone every day to bury it. Because Shmona can be held on any day.”he called me Adam.

   “But I want to call my son in the afternoon.”I’m not happy with Adam.

   “Let’s hide at my place for the first time. Then we’ll see.”Adam persuaded me.

   «Nicely.”- I answered him with displeasure and switched to the call with my son.

   I told him my conversation with Adam, to which the son supported the prisoner.

   “Mammy, do as Adam says. He knows best how to hide a phone.”my son told me.

   After that we talked for about an hour. Saying good-bye to my son, I made a short call to Adam and Packed “strem”, sent the phone for storage to the prisoner.

   Just as I was about to write a note to H. 53 road Builder, I have arrived “Palatka” with message: “an Urgent call to make on the cauldron!»

   Typing the numbers of the boiler and introducing myself, I heard the voice of Armenian Aram:

   “Good night, sister! Today we brought to the boiler “lanterns”, I put you one.»

   “Good night, Aram! And my son called Adam this afternoon and bought a cell phone for me. Also a Nokia flashlight. I’ve already spoken to him. Now I sent it to Adam for safekeeping, as he suggested. Thank you, Aram. I’m sorry I didn’t call and warn You on the boiler. I thought Adam told You. I know that such decisions are not made without Your participation. I replied to Aram.

   “I wonder why Adam we said nothing. He’s a boiler today, the new flashlight is not accepted. Did you look at the cell phone, it’s new, no scratches?”- sorry, he asked me Aram.

   “Yes, it seems to be like new. I replied.

   “And for what price the son bought?”Aram insisted.

   “High five.”I answered, as my son told me.

   “Five – with brains and exercise?”- said the Armenian.

   “Yeah, probably. I’ll call you back and check. I replied to Aram.

   I dialed Adam and told him about the conversation with Aram. I could tell from Adam’s voice that he wasn’t expecting it.

   “Adam, my son paid you five thousand for a phone with brains and a charger? I asked sternly.

   «No. Just the phone. I gave you my brains. And charging I have my own, and therefore will charge you your phone. Adam replied with displeasure.

   “But how, Adam? My boiler is offered in five with the brain and supply. And without charging it costs three five hundred! I do not say that such a phone on the outside costs nine hundred rubles. I was angry.

   “I explained to you yesterday that this phone will bring a garbage can. Your phone wasn’t in …., unlike those that are entered! I’m your son in the afternoon explained why the phone is more expensive.”Adam shouted at me.

   “I’ll call you back. Me with the boiler again go.”- I answered and switched to a parallel call.

   “Sister, good night! The gunner came in. What happened to buying the flashlight? Who got your son overpaid?”my friend the gunner and the right hand of the man Asked menacingly.

   “Pasha, did Aram just tell you that? I asked, distressed.

   “Yes, Aram is worried about you. Tell me the truth, did Adam cheat on your son?”- demanded answer gunner.

   “Pasha, I talked to my son today. He was pleased that Adam had helped with the phone. And my son had an arrangement of his own that I don’t know about. I’ll call my son and ask him. I replied.

   I disabled both Gunner and Adam. I knew that for such a misdemeanor with Adam can ask. I haven’t forgotten what Adam did to my son once before.

   I dialed my son’s phone number. He answered very anxiously.

   “Son, tell me the conversation with Adam. He explained to you what exactly you listed five thousand?”- I asked.

   “For the phone, SIM card and monthly fee per month in a thousand rubles. What happened?”the frightened son answered me.

   “Subscription for a month in a thousand rubles? This is what a tariff is? What about charging, what was your arrangement with Adam?”- I asked.

   “Adam said he’d give you his charger so you wouldn’t have to pay the extra thousand. Because I had to pay for the tariff immediately. Mammy, Adam and I worked it out. Everything’s normal. I have no complaints about him.”- the son who knew that this conversation is listened by many answered.

   “Okay, son. Good night. I’ll call tomorrow.”I told my son, feeling that he was not telling something.

   After that, I called the gunner and said that the son has no claims to Adam. Then I called Adam.: So, who is the Bear! 

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