76. Prison instinct.

   Beginning: So, who is the Bear! 

 One well-known psychoanalyst-sexologist argued that a closed space produces not only fear-claustrophobia, but also opens the hidden abilities of man, both creative and spiritual. So, in prison, many prisoners begin to draw, write prose, but some are given more – they are exacerbated by such feelings, some of which are inherent only to animals.

   “Animal instinct” – many have heard about it, but not everyone understands it. The one who has developed this instinct will never tell about it, being afraid to appear in a psychiatric hospital under supervision and experiments.

   But for now, I will continue my story.

   The judge fidgeted in his chair and read my motions nervously. It was obvious that he was not at ease.

   A few minutes earlier, he caught my eye as I stared at his robe around his legs. After the story of the prisoners that they noticed their judges in shorts under the mantle, I, intrigued, wanted to know what is hidden under the mantle of my judge. A prisoner’s woman’s foolishness, but everyone has fun in court as they can. For example, the Prosecutor in court today was fascinated by her iPhone. And since I had no gadgets with me, I had to look at the judge, who for some reason pushed his feet deep into the table-tribune.

   In this trial, as in the past, the judge under the “yapping” Prosecutor “to Refuse!”, did not satisfy any of my petitions.

   “What the hell are you doing, sitting in that judge’s chair?”my eyes told him silently.

   “Because I’m an important pepper!”- it was read in appearance of the judge.

   “The next meeting will be held in a month.”the judge declared.

   “What, in a month?”in a frightened voice I cried to the whole room.

   The judge blushed uncomfortably under demanding and piercing my eyes.

   “The court goes on vacation. And You will just have time to carefully study the materials of the criminal case.”he said awkwardly.

   Tears were choking me, and I was ready to burst into tears right here in the aquarium – I had to spend a whole month in prison stupidly.

   The judge continued to sit in the Presidium, and all had already left the courtroom. There were only me, the judge, the Secretary and the guards. 

   “The defendant can already be removed?”the guard asked the judge.

   “Yeah, sure.”he said.

   Turning to the guard, I held out my hands for the handcuffs.

   “First wipe your tears, then I’ll handcuff you. Don’t cry , it’ll work out.”the guard whispered to me.

   I ran my hands over my face, tears were really flowing.

   First they took me to the prisoners ‘ bathroom. Here were my countrymen-escort Pasha and Olya.

   “Don’t cry, baby!”Pasha said sadly and hugged me.

   Tears still continued to run themselves stream.

   “Bastards, what brought the poor thing!”- outraged Olya.

   A little later, after crying, I washed my face, and within ten minutes we quickly shared our news. When I was led to the cells, the convoy commander asked the court:

   “Is it true that You are going to the verdict, if he is guilty, to open his veins?»

   Olya and Pasha stared at me in surprise, waiting for my answer.

   «Yeah. I said quietly.

   “On a sentence you will go through a metal frame! Are you crazy? These scum are not worth your life!”- said in one voice the chief of the convoy of the court, Pasha and Olya.

   “Let then live with my blood on the hands of, and my the specter of will every night their torture.”I said angrily and went into the cage.

   “Get that stuff out of your head!”- from neighboring cells is angry with said Adam, which heard our conversation.

   “My head and my nonsense. I said sadly.

   “What happened to you in the meeting, why are you so tear-stained?”the prisoner asked.

   “The court went on vacation for a month. I have an extra month to rot in prison.”I answered sadly.

   “Oh, thank God! I’ll spend another month with the woman I love! Adam exclaimed joyfully.

   I laughed at everyone.

   In a minute our prisoner laughter was heard on all floor of court, prisoners in turn poisoned with jokes. At that moment, when Adam was taken to the hearing, we ran to the assistant President of the court and demanded that we do not laugh. Of course, the prisoners “sent her on a long journey with an erotic bias.”

   For our prisoner’s impudence – by order of the Chairman of the court, we were punished and not taken to lunch in jail, and left in court until the evening.

   But “at the top of the court” it was not known that among the guards there are not only countrymen, but also very kind-hearted people. The guards, unnoticed under a hidden video camera, handed us sandwiches, fruits and sweets. The hidden video camera was known to all the prisoners, so we pretended that the food is taken out of their bags.

   When after a dinner in court brought the next party of prisoners, the Chairman of court, probably, regretted the decision to punish us. It is one thing when there is laughter from ten people and another thing when more than twenty people neigh.

   Arriving prisoners, learning that we have studied for our cheerful mood came in retaliation: amused and told new jokes, and why our laughter drowned out the trial.

   When the assistants of different judges resorted, they were sent by prisoners to the same distant lands as the assistant to the President of the court.

   About five in the evening the head of the convoy came to us in the sump, said that we decided to punish and leave all in court until the next day.

   “Never mind! At least we’ll have some fun. Personally, I have already stayed in prison – I want to diversify my life. You tell, please to the Chairman that tomorrow from all of us statements in judicial Board and regional Prosecutor’s office for humiliation of the personality of prisoners will arrive. Yes, and remind him that prisoners like to be “massively exposed”! Let him think about his decision, because we have nothing to lose!”I said it very loudly so that the audio would clearly record my speech.

   The chief of the convoy left, and all the prisoners looked at me with admiration. I must say that on this day, I was one of the female prisoners among twenty men. I don’t know, maybe they’re setting up meetings to intimidate me with male criminals. If that was the case, it was foolish on the part of the administration of the court, because surrounded by male prisoners I felt more secure than among women. Most of the male prisoners I already saw as my team.

   After a time, returned the head of the convoy and led Adam to the bathroom to talk. After returning, Adam smiled slyly at me.:

   “It turns out that the Chairman is sick, and it replaces the former predsedatelsha. Even its person can not be called, not that woman. So many prisoners were killed when I was the Chairman. So, she decided that through me, you will be able to convince us that we quietly spent the night here and without scandals.»

   I said loudly with hatred in his voice:

   “That bastard put me in jail at the request of the investigator. She got back at me for writing her complaints to the judicial Board. I will never negotiate with this one.»

   Adam laughed out loud.

   “I told her exactly what I said. But my speech wasn’t as cultured as yours is now!”said Adam.

   In the septic tank of the court there was a rumble and curses were heard in the direction of this judge. The chief of the convoy and my compatriot Olya came to us. They opened my cage to take me to the bathroom.

   “If something happens to her or she doesn’t come back soon, we will race&fuck your court. Adam said menacingly, looking at the convoy commander.

   The other prisoners also shouted their threats.

   “Nobody touches her!”- dissatisfied muttered convoy, by the form of which it was clear that he was not happy with the situation.

   When we went into the bathroom, the convoy chief said indignantly:

   “Stop striking in court. Talk to the prisoners, let them calm down. Behave in cages quietly. What are we, the guards, to blame for?»

   Carefully looking into the eyes of the head of the convoy, I complained loudly and said:

   “We didn’t arrange this lawlessness in court! Pass this, what if all of us today, not back in jail, tomorrow it will be all over the city! Other prisoners will report this abuse to all courts, through lawyers and relatives. She won’t be able to shut all the mouths of the prisoners. Among other things, we will write complaints to the Prosecutor General’s office, the FSB and the constitutional court. Is it not enough that she was removed from the post of Chairman, now she wants to remain unemployed?»

   Countrywoman Olga smiled approvingly and showed me the hand “Class.” The chief of the convoy nodded his head, shrugged his shoulders and went out into the corridor, leaving us with Olya alone.

   “I called my boss and told him how you are humiliated here. Very soon you will come for paddy wagon.”- Olga told me in a whisper.

   Someone scratched at the door.

   “Come in!”shouted Olga.

   Went Pasha, he he was smiling said me:

   “And FAQ I’m in love with you? The chief of the court called to the chair, waiting for the result. Can I get you anything at the store before you leave?»

   “Thank you, Pasha, I have everything in prison. By the way, how are your newborn twins?»

   “Yelling in turn, not sleeping at all. It’s good that my mother-in-law came to help with the housework. It would have ran away from home.”said Pasha.

   After talking about our families for a few more minutes, I was taken to the cage. On the glances of the prisoners, I said:

   “They’re not going anywhere, they’re going to jail today! Gutsiness soon, too, know what I lost because of my solitary confinement no one. Will be to find. So, this judge has no way to hide his punitive desires. You represent, who decides our fate?»

   We took turns sending curses at this judge, who was once the President of the court. Literally, twenty minutes after my conversation with the guards, we were loaded into the paddy wagon.

Drugs in bread and post-launch meeting. 


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