78. Autumn processing of prisoners.

   Beginning: Drugs in bread and post-launch meeting. 

 In a few days “I flew a kite with Kichi”. Vasek thanked me for congratulations on his birthday and admitted that when he read my soulful malyava, he shed tears. Yes, even brave and desperate prisoners can cry, because they do not have such a stale soul as judges and prosecutors or investigators.

   I, feeling a presentiment of trouble, desperately scribbled petitions in court, with hope that the judge at least once will get a grasp of sense of my statements. But what was I hoping for? If the position of the judge was on the surface – and it was funny to look at my “floundering requests”. In the depths of my subconscious, I knew that the conviction against me had long been on the shelf in the judge’s safe. Therefore, no one was going to admit the obvious in court – my innocence.

   But I wasn’t going to give up and go with the corrupt court. As long as I fight – I live. I survive in prison, actually.

   “Oh, I should have listened to my friends and make a challenge to the entire composition of the court.”every day I was thinking.

   A few days later, on the eve of the next court hearing, my lawyer “showed up” in jail. A tall man, looking fifty-five years old, with a very unpleasant face. His face clearly read that he is from the former prosecutors.

   “You know, I fully support Your position in court. I have never filed a petition because Yours are correct and zealously point to the falsification of the criminal case. Let’s join our efforts and win? During these days I have sketched out a plan for my defense, You will study it tomorrow before the meeting, give me the answer: are You ready to trust me in your defense. By the way, I wanted to ask You what law school You graduated from?”- said the lawyer-Prosecutor.

   “You have fully studied the materials of the criminal case?”I ignored the lawyer’s question.

   “To be honest, earlier, I ran superficially. But after the last meeting, I took a picture of the materials they studied. Do You have any specific comments on the case that I should pay close attention to?”- yulil lawyer.

   “I voice all my petitions in court, and if You do not sleep in meetings, you must listen to them!”I was getting angry.

   “You see, I don’t understand Your defense tactics. She’s more of an attack than a defense. You in the petitions specify studying of documents and protocols which to all of us in court and so are obvious that are inconsistent and forged.”the lawyer said quickly, realizing that I was going to leave.

   “And Your tactics, means such – to sit and be silent, not to specify on fabrication of business because and so it is clear to all? I mean I understand You correctly, that the judge and the rest of the composition of the court an obvious fraud case, but no one can do nothing about it because in this court there is not acquittals? Especially when colleagues are involved in business? You, by the way, has received the status of a lawyer? How many cases have You already won? I asked, trying to contain my anger.

   “I recently became a lawyer. Before that, I worked in the investigative bodies. You’re my first client, so I’m sorry I took so long to rock your defense. Originally wanted to see all the weaknesses in the case, but it turns out the falsification of the case brazenly decorated.”the lawyer replied.

   “Well, we’ve been sitting up. I promise to read Your notes and give you an answer tomorrow.”I announced.

   A little later, after studying the strategy of the lawyer, I was surprised, because it turned out that he had built a great plan for my protection. Of course, I was haunted by the fact that the lawyer had done nothing out of this plan in the past five months, that he was my protector.

   I shared my experiences with Adam and my son. Both of them, without agreeing, advised to give one more chance to this lawyer.

   So, it was decided to give the lawyer an opportunity to prove himself.

   The day of the next court session has come. When I “downloaded” into a paddy wagon, I was surprised to see that instead of the usual “rusty jeep” the vehicle was new – “bull”. Inside the “booth” was clean and smelled of novelty, worked interior ventilation. Adam wasn’t taken to court with me that day, which surprised me, because I knew for sure that my hearing was right after his.

   When I and the other prisoners were brought to the court and taken to the cells-septic tanks, I was again surprised: for the first time in seven months that I came to this court, inside the cells the floors were washed and garbage was removed, and cardboard sheets were laid on the benches.

   “I was really today, and in the hearing waiting for miracles? I thought hopefully.

   But there were no miracles. The trial did not take place due to the absence of my lawyer in court. I was not even taken to the hall, the Secretary of the judge brought me to the sump-cage decision to postpone the meeting.

   How I hated that lawyer and the judge at that moment! If they brought me to the meeting, I could already repeat my statement of refusal to the lawyer. But I was deprived of this opportunity, and I was beside myself with anger. Also it became clear that today in court there are no my fellow countrymen: neither Pasha, nor Oli – that never before was. They always came to my meetings. My mood was completely spoiled, and I, ignoring communication with prisoners sat on a bench in a cage in deep silence.

   I was approached more than once by already familiar convoy vessels, offering boiling water for coffee or tea, but I refused and answered their questions strictly:

   “I have no desire to communicate with anyone today.»

   My behavior could easily be described as autumn depression, which is quite possible.

   Today in the sump court was terribly cold, not yet turned on the heating, and the street was pouring cold September rain. I was shivering from the cold, but I stubbornly refused hot tea from the “beach-package”.

   When we were taken back to the detention center, I knew for sure that I had a cold: streams flowed from my nose, my throat was sore, my ears were laying, my bones ached.

   Almost all prisoners in prison have reduced immunity due to the lack of absorption of sun and vitamins. And at the slightest hypothermia, the prisoners become ill with colds, which without proper treatment give complications to other organs.

   In the ten months I’ve been in prison, I’ve only been sick for one month, when the judge was on vacation and I didn’t have to freeze in the septic tanks, even in the summer. And so, I was steadily ill twice a month, despite the fact that zealously began to harden since December – the first month of imprisonment.

   Going into the cell, I shuddered even more: the window still did not put the frame with double-glazed Windows and rain through the window flooded the window sill from which water flowed to the floor of the chamber. In solitary confinement it was cold, damp, and his mouth was steam.

   Yesterday I wrote an official letter to the head of the jail with a request to put double-glazed Windows in the window, through the longitudinal passed the application to the office of the prison. Today I decided to re-write a statement, in the hope that the number of statements the head of the jail will pay attention to my camera.

   When longitudinal Lyudmila received from me the statement, maliciously declared:

   “Last year, the frames were put in this cell only in December, and they were useless, because they had dried up and did not fit. From the huge cracks, even snow was falling at the camera. This spring, when the frames were removed from this window, they finally collapsed. But the new one did not, so you can spend the winter without glass. But on the face wrinkles.»

   “My face looks younger than yours. So, I recommend you check into my cell, maybe get younger?”not having restrained, angrily replied I am nasty longitudinal.

   At the jailer Lyudy eyes bulged and the jaw dropped, early on all her vile and humiliating statements in my address, I steadfastly kept silent.

   Longitudinal angrily slammed the pocket doors.

   Before developing the roads were still at least three hours. After studying the Windows in the room opposite, made sure that the glass was put only in medical offices. In the hospital and men’s cells on the Windows of the glass was not, but after a few days will come in October. Noticing that the window of cell 53 (my road) was covered with blankets, I also decided to come up with a curtain for my window, which was large, almost the entire wall.

   I had no extra blankets and sheets, but I had a lot of packages of new garbage bags, which my son sent me every time in parcels. Then I laughed that he put me and the twist of huge packages that fit the 50-liter tank, but now these packages were very happy. After cutting several packages at the seams, I glued them together with tape (which in prison is considered a ban, I bought it for two packs of cigarettes) and I got a huge black canvas from the packages.

   This “out anti-rubbish with a curtain” I was going to hang the window just after lights out, to avoid discontent from the jailers.

   After drinking a tablet of “paracetamol”, wearing three jackets and two pants, wrapped on his head a Terry towel, climbed under the prison blanket, which would be more correct to call a blanket. And immediately fell asleep.

   Woke up to the insistent cry of the road from the house 53:

   “One, nine, five – make way!»

   The brain woke up, but the body did not listen, the disease came into its own. Somehow getting up from the rack, staggering I went to the wet window, the rain poured non-stop. The cell was even colder. Waving a hand to the roadman, I carefully began to pull up the “horse”, with the rope dripping water.

   Immediately flew malyava from friends of the prisoners, all asking for tablets from the temperature and antibiotics. Leaving yourself two tablets, each message sent paracetamol and amoxicillin. Very well written pleading malyava on the boiler and Adam asked anything from temperature and flu.

   With the boiler immediately came: Coldrex, Thera-flu, Rinza and external use. Also flew lemon and a tiny jar with a spoon of honey. From the soul.

   But there was no news from Adam, why I was worried, because he was not taken to court today, and he had to have a “debate”. Mass cold torture. 


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