80. Last meeting with prisoner.

   Beginning: Mass cold torture. 

 Another Friday’s court hearing. Somehow my judge most of my court sessions, appoints on Friday. Each person has a different attitude to the day of Friday, for someone this day – “Friday-slut” for someone – the last working day, for someone – “drinking day” for someone “Friday” – a friend of Robinson. But few people know that in the “old days” for the Christian people “Friday” was considered a “black day”, perhaps this is due to “good Friday” when Christ was crucified. In those days, people “tightly” closed in their homes and did not go out, on this day they did nothing, but only read prayers and confessed. There is another strange fact: the Inquisition chose the day of “Friday” to execute “objectionable women” who “lied in witchcraft.”

What was in the mind of my judge to the attitude of “Friday’s meeting”, I was not aware.

   These facts from the story of Friday, I told today in the sump of the court to other prisoners. Everyone was interested in listening to my reasoning, for many male prisoners I became a type of “Legend”, which is constantly “work out garbage.”

   “I hope my sentence will not fall on Friday, according to my faith, this day is also considered “unlucky and sinful day”!”sadly said Adam, who today in court will be “debate”.

   A few minutes later, Adam was taken to the courtroom. My trial was supposed to be after his, Adam and I had one judge.

   Twenty minutes later, Adam returned with a pale expression.

   “The Prosecutor asked for five years.”- in the voice of Adam was read “shock”.

   “But how? Your victim declared in court that has no claims to you because you returned it this expensive chain. I was surprised.

   Adam previously told me that during the scandal and parting with his “last passion”, he angrily tore off her neck gold chain, which he himself gave her. “Offended mistress” wrote a statement to the police that he stole her jewelry in the amount of about fifty thousand rubles. As evidence, provided SMS correspondence where on her demand that Adam returned her chain, he answered her that this chain is bought for his money. And since he had no checks left to buy the chain, the police opened a criminal case against him for robbery. After his arrest, this woman gave other indications to the investigator that the chain to her is returned and has no claims to Adam.

   I’ve never seen Adam so depressed before. I tried to comfort him and convince him that it was up to the judge.

   “The Prosecutor believes that the victim was rendered to the “pressure” and she out of fear refused their testimony. You know, it’s not my first year. The judge will either agree with the Prosecutor or give half of what the Prosecutor requested. But no less. You see, for them – I’m a dangerous recidivist and that’s all it says. All the more, they know about my authoritative influence on other prisoners, and all “authoritarian” – the system destroys! You also threat to their system you support and respect these hardened prisoners, as I and others. Therefore, you and “ride”, “work out”, “explore” – trying to break your will or find a weak spot in you.”said Adam.

   His words sent shivers down my spine. “Investigate” – the words of Adam stood for a long time in my head. My trial was going on for a long time, and I was thinking about the words of the prisoner Adam, remembering: Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.; Hell in a non-Smoking cell.; Tenacious as a cat.Drugs in bread and post-launch meeting..

 “The defendant, You support petitions of the defender? Are You feeling all right, defendant?”I heard from far away the dissatisfied voice of the judge.

   “Yes, a fever for a couple of days ago asleep.”I replied and noticed that everyone in the hall looked at me in surprise.

   “Defendant, did You hear what Your counsel just said? the judge asked softly, changing his tone.

   “No, sorry, I was thinking.”- I honestly answered the judge.

   He looked at me warmly and turned away, hiding his eyes. For some reason I felt sorry for him, perhaps he was also ignorant that he was an accomplice to my “research”.

   He must have sensed that I was staring at his face. Looking at me, he waited for something from me. After a moment, his eyes changed, and we looked at each other, as look family and friends after a long separation. Our “oblivion” brought back to reality someone’s persistent cough, calling for attention. The judge smiled at me and asked:

   “The defendant, once again You are in my thought and listened to his counsel? The defense attorney is requesting a re-appearance of the victims and the witness, do You support these motions?»

   The last question the judge helped me to understand that today want from me in court. I smiled at him gratefully, which made him Shine even more.

   “Yes, I support the motions of my lawyer.”I answered, looking into the judge’s face.

   “Have you resolved your differences with the quarterback?”- carefully asked the judge.

   «Yeah. The defender came to my jail twice, and we discussed his plan for my protection. This plan suits me.”- for the first time I answered the judge in a friendly tone.

   “Well, good. So today we’re not going to consider Your application for a waiver of counsel.”the judge said enough.

   “Not today. I answered him.

   From the outside, our conversation with the judge could be taken for a pleasant and friendly conversation. Looking quite at each other with the judge, we studied each other. For the first time I wanted to stay longer in the “aquarium of the court” and not to return to the real “cell life of the prisoner.” The judge’s appearance would suggest that he has the same desire as I do. He went through the papers and did not finish the trial. I saw that he holds in his hands my application, which was not announced at the meeting after his release. Reading them, he sighed heavily and his face began to appear sad and concerned. It was clear to me that he was delaying my constant dissatisfaction with him because of the refusal of my petitions.

   “The defendant, You have today any more petitions or statements?”the judge asked intensely.

   “In addition to not considered my applications, which I sent by mail through the prison office, there are no others.”- hard I said, leaving them “gloomy state.”

   “Well, I hope that the post office will send all Your petitions to the next meeting! In the meantime, prepare to re-interview the victims and the witness.”the judge declared.

   I looked at the judge in surprise, and he smiled slyly at me. Both he and I knew that all my petitions had been in the court records for at least two weeks.

   “Next time we will have to take all copies of their sent petitions from the jail and voice them here in court!”I told the judge menacingly, but my eyes were also smiling slyly.

   “We look forward to hearing Your applications!”- the judge mocked my statement.

   For a few seconds we smiled slyly at each other with the judge: he was pleased that he did not have to read more than ten of my petitions today, and then listen to my next discontent about refusals in petitions. And I was pleased that I wrote my applications in duplicate.

   Today for the first time court session ended with smiles on faces: at me and at the judge. The face of the Prosecutor was darker than the clouds – it read: anger and hatred for me.

   A little later, in the toilet room for prisoners and guards, my compatriot Olya praised me.

   “Well done that you do not show how hard it is for you to be in court after an illness! Thank God the judge has stopped being hard on you and is sympathetic. Can, all??? not chickens out and recognizes you not guilty? Have you noticed how the solicitor to poison her choked?”Olya said, lighting a cigarette for me and herself.

   I coughed from the smoke, but sometimes it’s so nice after the meeting to “smoke a cigarette”, relieving stress.

   “I try to rarely look in her direction, because she is constantly written on the face of one desire – to shoot me.”I cleared my throat.

   Olga told me the latest news from home and reported that the Pasha-countryman was transferred to the “unclear” reason, in another place far from his home.

   “Me too the chief called on a carpet recently. He said that they want to send me to Dagestan for six months.”- Olya said sadly.

   “Are they out of their minds? Them, that, from young women some in Dagestan send? They know that you twice threw in Chechnya? You for health reasons would have to leave around the house! And how am I without you?”of course, I could.

   Olya cried, and I hugged her comforting. I knew that Olya had only an elderly aunt and no other relatives. She did not have a family and children because of her work.

   “Promise me you’ll call me at least once in a while?”- said Olya.

   «Promise. I always remember your phone number by heart.”- I answered and dictated the numbers.

   “Today I heard what the Armenians told you. You analyze his words. Maybe you should take a different tactic in prison. So, he’s right about the “learning you”, as if the interest of unnecessary structures has not appeared! Throw in jail extremist literature and will continue to “explore” until she declared herself an agent or a spy!”- whispered “countryman.”

   “I was “cut” by his words, all meeting about it only and reflected!”I also whispered to OLE.

   And we silently several minutes staring at each other, each at this moment thought of the words of Adam. Suddenly she smiled and her eyes became tricky. I, too, smiled at her smile and felt that my face is filled with paint. Without saying anything, the two of us laughed out loud.

   “I hope that his attitude towards you will only improve with each meeting!”- only and cast my countryman.

   Then she escorted me to the cell-sump. Adam asked me.:

   “When is your next meeting?»

   “Thursday, next week. The judge suddenly changed the day of the trial. Must have overheard my story about “Friday.” I said.

   Adam sighed sadly and said,:

   “And my sentence is set for Tuesday. Today is our last joint trip to court. Now we don’t even know when we’ll see each other.»

   My heart was very sad, we looked at each other for the last time. I remembered our first meeting in court and every subsequent one when he constantly supported and encouraged me. Defended and amused. How long before the other prisoners and the staff of the court we played a theatrical performance of our feelings with him.

   “I’m sorry, Boo, that wasn’t going to save you in prison! I hope that you will have an “Acquittal”very soon!»

   Tears themselves flowed from my eyes, I did not even imagine that in reality so accustomed to this prisoner, who constantly accompanied me from jail to court.

   Our first meeting with Adam in court, which took place almost nine months ago, was the most vivid memory for me. After that, my life in prison has changed dramatically: Chapeau before the trial. 

Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask! 

   That because of Adam I have had a conflict with a Diesel, now I don’t want to remember (Chapter 2 The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181. – Where the road from the prison of purgatory?).


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