81. Mutual assistance of prisoners.

   Beginning: The last meeting with the prisoner Adam. 

 On Tuesday, Adam was sentenced to three years in prison. All night from Tuesday to Wednesday, we talked on cell phones with Adam. I felt that he needed friendly support, so I comforted him, encouraged him, and told him that everything would be all right.

   Adam told me that his lawyer had asked a huge amount of money to file an appeal, which pissed me off.

   “And your lawyer does not want to work out the amount that he has already been paid, and he lost the process?”of course, I could.

   “What to do, lawyers use the prisoner’s illiteracy, and we have nowhere to go! Adam sighed sadly.

   “Demand from your defender the return of the money and give it up! I’ll write you an appeal myself. I suggested to Adam.

   “Yes, you and so half of the prison flooded his dalugama, my want to take. Your not gonna have time! I better, really, refuse this lawyer and I will go to camp, and already from there to me will write the appeal. I’m very tired in prison, I want to get some air. Adam refused.

   “You want to leave me here alone? You don’t want to protect me inside the prison anymore? You go to the zone, I’ll get killed right here!”I cried.

   Adam comforted me, his voice pleased that I recognized his influence in prison. And I thought it was very rare to thank this prisoner for his support for me in prison, and he did a lot of things because of his abilities (Warned — means armed or when you break the prison intrigue.).

 In the morning, Adam agreed to have me file an appeal and send me my sentence on the road. After reading his sentence, I breathed a sigh of relief, Adam not lying to me about his deluge. Very quickly I wrote a brief sentence on appeal and a petition to the judges of familiarization with the case materials in order to make a full appeal, and this, together with the sentence “stratum on the roads” was sent to Adam. A few minutes later, Adam called me on my cell phone, his voice very surprised.

   “Darling, how did you make it so fast? I have many brothers praised you and said you were clearly on the case are applications, but I had no idea that you’re legally correct!”- of course I was flattered to hear from Adam, but the words of my countryman Oli now vividly came to my memory – “do not attract attention to yourself.”

   Looking at my textbook on “Criminal procedure”, which my son sent me a parcel, sighed heavily and replied to Adam:

   “Yes, my aunt Masha-the lawyer of the house 181 “podnataskalsya ugolovke” when I was in their hut.»

   “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! Adam replied incredulously.

   Then there was an awkward pause.

   “Adam, you’re the appellate and the petition, write it down with your hand and send it to court this afternoon. Only see, not mix up, my drafts not send! I think that our judge already knows my handwriting, I fill up his pile of the petitions.”I warned the prisoner.

   “Yeah, I’m gonna get my cellmate to rewrite the lyrics. Thank you, darling! How can I thank you for your help? Adam said respectfully.

   “Don’t invent! You don’t have to thank me! You’re hurting me right now. I replied.

   No sooner had Adam and I said goodbye than coffee, raphaello, smoked ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, horse meat, sheep cheese, herbs and lavash, as well as Armenian cigarettes “Ararat”flew from him on the way.

   Turning on the kettle, enjoyed Breakfast Armenian treats.

   Today for the first time didn’t come in on the morning of the test, the longitudinal opened his pocket and asked:

   “Are You all right? After Breakfast, will you go for a walk?»

   «Yeah. Everything’s in order. I’m going for a walk”I answered the jailer in surprise.

   Day reviewing your application, the instances that have already been sent to court – put in the folder twelve motions that were not announced by the judge. Tomorrow, in court session I was going to sound them.

   After lunch, I suddenly began to shiver. Despite the cold in the cell, I knew it was chills from rising body temperature. Knocking at the reservation, asked a longitudinal to cause the prison medical assistant.

   “Forty-two degrees!”the paramedic announced.

   No, it’s not about alcohol or vodka, the thermometer showed that my body temperature – forty-two degrees Celsius.

   “Please give me some antibiotics and antihistamine. I’m getting a complication from the flu.”- I asked the paramedic whom I sympathized after a fight with lesbians (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.).

 A young paramedic gave me a box of amoxicillin, suprastin and A Linex plate.

   Later in the evening, I swallowed with difficulty – my throat hurt. Began angina. Night on the phone I spoke in a whisper, telling Adam and son that became ill with angina. On the roads from the prisoners I “flew” spray Hexoral and tablets Strepsils for resorption.

   Adam reported that he sent my appeal and petition to the court in the afternoon. My son said that he would not go to the court session, and will go in the morning to the pharmacy, and then to the jail to give me medicine for angina.

   On Thursday morning, I had a hard time getting ready to go to court. I was shivering from the cold, then threw into the heat. It felt like her body temperature was at least 40.

   In court session, the judge, looking periodically at me, read all my “not sounded” petitions, a part from which even satisfied. Reading each petition, he addressed to me, for an explanation of the declared petition. But what I could explain in this state, when even the saliva was painful to swallow, not to clarify something.

   “Everything is described and specified in the petition!”- creepy voice I said each time, wiping from his forehead the perspiration.

   Today was the first time I was taken very early from court. In jail, I was already before lunch, waiting for the transfer of drugs from my son and drank pills, I wrapped myself in blankets and fell asleep.

   Woke up from the fact that “rattled float from the roadway.” The camera was burning the night lamp, outside the window was night. Going to the window, I began to gently pull the “escort”, setting the road. Immediately same passed malyavy and bandyuki with the boiler and from Adam. After reading the kite with Kichi from Vaska, he learned that he added a sentence of solitary confinement for 15 days. Vasya will have to spend a month in the punishment cell “through the mattress”, after which he was going to be placed in a cell on “special.block”, where dangerous terrorists, murderers and leaders of organized crime groups are kept under constant video surveillance. I was very sorry Bob, it felt like a brother.

   “Adam, I want to ask you a favor. I’m asking you and all the authorities in the prison, please stand up for one kid who’s in solitary. Young still, but very decent. He’s like a little brother to me. His name is Vasek, was a road worker in hut 53. Some “misunderstandings” he came out with the Opera. Now it is practiced to special.block’s. I read his “deluge” for a guy I’m not ashamed to ask in front of older brothers. I asked Adam in a hoarse voice.

   “I’ve never heard of it. I’ll find out about him today and let you know later. Adam replied, surprised and excited.

   After some time, Adam called me back and assured me that Vasya “family took under the wing.” I wept happily.

   On “Vaska’s deluge”: he and two more his friends-accomplices as real estate agents sold the land plots which actually were registered for rural administrations. During registration of transactions of purchase and sale “the person in the inventory” quickly issued documents. But then, apparently someone “laid this man” and start checking for “unaccounted for lands”, “scapegoats” were real estate agents – Bob and his two friends. Nobody was going to “attract” the organizers of this “pyramid” – it was clear both to me, and to boys who except the Director of firm on real estate, knew nobody in this pyramid. The Director, of course, was not involved, and “disappeared from the country”. In the case of the victims was not, but the boys vegetated in prison for five months, while the “investigation was looking for” evidence of their crime.

   The next day, or rather night, of the new road with the hut 53 flew a kite:

   “Good night, Moon! I’m Ivan. I’m Vaska’s accomplice. Thank you for the court statements you helped us make recently. From Joes Hello with Kichi, but I think that it and so you will fly the kite. Vaska asked me to look after you and help, so always ask. Still today there was a rumor that Vaska on the special block won’t send, and will Lodge in a boiler hut which behind punishment cells. Catch, you from Vaska chocolate bar.»

   I compared the handwriting with the little one glued to the chocolate with the old one from Vasya. It was the same handwriting. (photo below is applied, these “girls” with great difficulty preserved).

   My heart was warm and good. Despite the fact that angina and temperature broke the body, I scored in a bucket of warm water, added whiteness and washed in the chamber floor and walls that are not washed for two days.

   Every prisoner knows that you can not get sick in prison, but if you get sick, you need to fight the disease as the worst enemy.

   So, the prisoners have to live in a prison, a constant struggle, with activists, with the “Asiatique”, with the disease.

   And those who survived these confrontations in prison should never forget about it. You always have to remember how strong you are that you survived in prison!


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   Continuation: Stash zapretki in the house.

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