85. Prisoners with a stripe.

Beginning: When the prisoner is faced with a difficult choice. 

  Some “wise men” 12-13 centuries, in his own interpretation of the biblical record: “double clothing – the decoration of the dark forces.” In the documentary sources of the time said that the stripes I put Satan and his followers. At the same time, from such prejudices suffered and animals with striped coloring: cats, zebras, tigers, snakes. Up to 18V. striped outfit to wear was a sin, they dressed fallen women, jesters, thieves and even murderers. Striped uniforms for prisoners appeared in the United States of the 19th century. to distinguish prisoners from Auburn prison system from other prisoners. This fashion for prisoners adopted and other countries.

   In Russia, the prison dress code was valid until 1996, while in all countries striped suits were canceled. Now in striped prison uniform clothed prisoners in prisons for especially dangerous criminals, for example, “Black Dolphin”.

   And the prisoners also had no luck with the “prison couturier”: women’s robes, which are issued in the area, from a distance look “striped”, whereas, close to the “cage”.

 Colored stripes – characteristic of the prisoner. Unfortunately, I was not able to find information about the time in Russian prisons began to use colored stripes. But what stripes and for what, I still know. With some bands had to get even very close, but more on that later.

   And so, despite the abolition of many methods in the penitentiary system, “elected prisoners” continue to “mark stripes»:

   Red band – prone to escape or assault on staff.

   Green stripe – prone to self-harm.

   Pink stripe – non-traditional orientation, i.e. lesbians (blue in men – homosexual).

   The black strip is a terrorist, the organizer of mass riots.

   Say, that in some zones there is still and white, orange and etc. But it all depends on the “mood color of prison operas”!

   But if the prisoner is not pretty “operation prison”, he definitely will go to the area with the “green stripe”.

   But I will continue my story….

   A delegation came to my solitary cell for a morning check-up. From the crowd of jailers I learned only the night longitudinal Svetlana and “Viktorovich”. I lay on the rack and had neither the strength nor the desire to get up from it.

   “How are you feeling?”- said longitudinal Light.

   “Like a corpse. The pills aren’t released yet.”I replied indifferently.

   “V.” reproachfully shook his head, in his eyes, could read disappointment.

   “This afternoon You will be given a heater to Keep you warm.”happily announced to the longitudinal.

   “Why this generosity?”I asked contemptuously, wishing only that these people would get out of the cell as soon as possible, and I would fall asleep.

   “Head of night, ordered, after your conversation with him.”- confused answered Light.

   “So I didn’t dream about the boss? I’ve been dreaming about one of the jailers lately.”I said indifferently, and turning my back to the jailers, I immediately fell asleep.

   Woke up from someone’s long knock on the armored door. The body was weak, my head is empty and indifference to everything. As soon as I got to the door, opened pocket on the armor and “V.” asked me:

   “Awake? Go. I’ll take You to a psychologist.»

   “Woke up.”- dissatisfied I grumbled lengthwise and went to wash.

   “V.” escorted me downstairs to the office of the operas in which the camera was set up. I met with a psychologist here last night, and then I met with the warden. I remembered the meeting with the chief very vaguely. Now here I was waiting again prison psychologist Natalia.

   She didn’t greet me as cordially as she always did. Was strict and a bit annoyed. I thought it had something to do with the video camera in the office. The psychologist offered to answer the questions of the tests.

   “Today’s test is very important for you! So, read the question carefully before you answer it!”she said softly. This tone suggests the right answer in schools.

   After running my eyes over several tests, I realized that I was being tested for suicidal tendencies. I knew the right answers ten years before I went to prison.

   “And if you answer, as I really want to?”I thought, and remembered that I hadn’t called my sick son that night.

   Immediately, the words “Whisperer” about the danger to his son surfaced in his memory. Yesterday’s court hearing also surfaced. Tears filled my eyes.

   “What happened? Do you want to talk about it before you answer the tests? the psychologist asked anxiously.

   “The son got sick and couldn’t come to a meeting yesterday. He was left all alone. There’s no one to take care of him but me. Very worried and worried about him. I replied, crying.

   “Is that why you came from the court yesterday in such a state? Natalya Leonidovna asked softly.

   «Not only. Yesterday in court there was an investigator who a year ago, at himself in an office at colleagues, threatened me with punishment and rape. He then demanded that I signed the testimony that he needed. Later, when I was already on house arrest, one acquaintance from police warned that these people can throw drugs to me or the son. And yesterday, the judge, looking at me with contempt, wanted to schedule the next meeting on my birthday. But this day, the country made a holiday, he arrogantly appointed a meeting the next day, after my birthday. Why and for what, I had to face such moral freaks? Why should me and my son suffer because the scum in uniform slandered me?”I cried.

   Natalia did not interrupt me, gave me time to talk and cry. Then, I poured from a dispenser into a disposable Cup of water and said:

   “Yesterday, a garbage man found empty Valerian records in your trash can. How many pills did you take yesterday?»

   “I drank three tablets of Valerian, and then the paramedic gave me two sedatives. That makes five pills. I replied.

   “I now understand correctly? Yesterday you did not drink fifty pills Valerian?”- said the psychologist.

   “Of course I didn’t take fifty pills! That much would still make me puke in the toilet! I took the last three pills yesterday and threw the whole plate that used to be fifty in the bucket. I replied.

   “And if this plate was full. How many Valerian pills would you have taken yesterday to calm down after the trial?”- tensely asked the psychologist.

   “I constantly after court drink three, at most four tablets of Valerian. One day, after the trial, I took five pills and then I had an intestinal disorder. Suffered from diarrhea for almost a day!”- I lied, thereby, having passed “the test of the psychologist”.

   “I think I won’t torture you with tests today. Rest and sleep tonight. We’ll continue tomorrow. Shall I tell the paramedic to bring you some sedatives?”the psychologist said in a pleased tone.

   «No. I’ve had enough of yesterday. Still from those pills in the fog! Thank you for listening. I replied.

   “Tomorrow I’ll bring you some very interesting anti-stress magazines.”- the psychologist answered kindly.

   When we returned to the cell, “Viktorovich” reported that in prison again “there is a justice”, so I had to do everything in the cell “in white”.

   Did not have time for my back to close the booking as again opened and entered the cell Vasilisa. She was radiant with happiness.

   “What were You thinking yesterday when you declared your unwillingness to live? Do you understand that now we have no right to keep You alone in a cell? Someone must be with You at all times to inform us of Your suicide attempt!”- indignantly “ran” on me Vasilisa.

   “I wasn’t going to commit suicide yesterday!”I said angrily.

   “You have to understand that we have to inform Your judge about it anyway!”the jailer retorted.

   “Do you think he’s worried about my remarks? Or does he have to condemn me now as a danger to society because You, he, the investigators and the Prosecutor are constantly causing me moral and physical suffering, thereby leading me to suicide? By the way, in the criminal code there is an article about it!”I replied, looking with contempt at the jailer.

   She snorted and said:

   “In any case, a Commission will be convened on your solitary confinement. And do not think that Your girlfriend-psychologist will now help you!»

   Behind the jailer closed the door, and I again was overwhelmed by yesterday’s wave of anxiety, my heart was pounding out of his chest.

   I took a flashlight out of my mattress to call my son. When the phone turned on, the text message flashed from it: “I have already reached. I am well.”With a sigh of relief, he wrote: “get well! We’re checking. I’ll call you if I can. Love.»

   At that moment, the bolts on the door rattled. The phone I just managed to put under the tablecloth. All trembled with fear.

   A handsome man in civilian clothes entered the cell. The guards remained standing on the length. The man walked around the cell, smelling familiar Cologne. I tried to close the table with my back. The man is nice, I smiled and looked at me mysteriously.

   “Where did I see him?”I thought mentally, looking at his tall and athletic figure, which was expensive clothes.

   “Are there any applications or requests? Aren’t you bored alone in the cell? he asked, smiling.

   “No, not boring. What kind of applications and requests do You consider? I asked, looking at his familiar face.

   “From You – any.”the man said mysteriously, piercing me with his gaze.

   “I would like to be in solitary confinement, without cellmates. Could you consider my application?”I said.

   “Aren’t You in solitary confinement now?”he smiled.

   “Today promised that because of my statement, the Commission can recognize me as the suicide. And then I can’t be in solitary.”- I shared with him as a close friend.

   “Only a prison psychologist can convene a Commission with such a question. And I heard today that the psychologist said that You don’t have a penchant for self-harm. You can now write a statement to the warden about solitary confinement. And I will make sure that the head positively reviewed the application. the man said.

   He spoke to me warmly and naturally. With him was comfortable and happy. Suddenly he looked at the table behind me with interest.

   “These are such fortune-telling cards?”- he asked and came close to me.

   It was like an electric shock, and I jumped away from him. He picked up the anti-stress mantra and continued to smile at me, said:

   “What are these drawings, they make a love plot?»

   He slowly approached me, his eyes and lips smiling slyly. I stepped back until my lower back was against the sink. I was confused, this man was clearly teasing me.

   “These are anti-stress mantras. The psychologist brings them to me to decorate and relieve stress. It is very good.”I said in a hoarse voice.

    “I should try it, too. Can I have this drawing of the Moon?”he said, coming very close to me.

 “Of course.”I said, looking at my feet.

   Someone coughed in the doorway, calling for attention.

   “I’ll tell the duty officer to take your statement about solitary confinement. the man said softly and turned toward the exit.

   I looked at him, trying to visually try on his “Colonel’s suit with a cap.”

   In the doorway the man turned and smiled at me with the Colonel’s smile.

   The reservation was locked and bolted. I picked up the remaining sheets of mantras and, holding them to my nose, inhaled the scent of Paco Raban Cologne.

   After a time he opened a pocket on the armor and the longitudinal “Shmakov” he asked:

   “Have you already written a statement?»

   “I’ll give it back in a minute.”- an afterthought, I quickly wrote a statement.

   Giving a statement to the longitudinal, asked:

   “Viktorovich, my camera came Colonel Kosolapov?”

   “I stood about a local area, not accompanied to the office and didn’t see who passed through here. Ask your boss.”- offended answered longitudinal.

   I have no recognition to know that today I visited the “Bear”.

   The next day, when I answered test questions, the psychologist’s office-operatic went Vasilisa. She looked at me with contempt and turned to the psychologist, said:

   “In any case, we will put a strip on her card. We have enough witnesses to confirm that she said she didn’t want to live.»

   “Vasilisa, You are now knocking me down, so I’m confused in the tests? Shouldn’t the psychologist and the patient meet in private? I asked in a calm voice.

   The psychologist was silent and looked at the jailer with a pejorative look. Vasilisa giggled and left the room. Natalia Leonidovna rolled her eyes, and I realized that I have serious allies in prison, which I am very,very nice.

   “Don’t let us down, please.”- as if read my thoughts, said the prison psychologist.


  Continuation: Birthday in solitary confinement.


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