86. Birthday party in prison.

   Beginning: The sky in a cage, the prisoner with a stripe. 

 “…with this warden we were friendly, if in a similar situation it is possible to apply this word. Such people appear unexpectedly, help you at the most critical moment, and then disappear from your life forever. And you will never know who they are and why they helped you, but without them life would be unbearable: it’s like on a black night small bright lights, messengers of the coming salvation.”- from the memoirs of a prisoner, anarchist A. M. Graceway on Novinsky prison and “the lover” at the Lubyanka.

   When I was returning from a morning walk, I saw the prisoner Polina on the length, with whom I was in a cell together in 181 huts.

 (The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181. –  Return looking Diesel.)

 “I was allowed to wait for you. How are you doing in court? I heard you were hysterical. Do you do yoga, relax? Darling, don’t give up!”said Pauline via the LAN.

   I sighed heavily.

   “The debate begins. The lawyer’s playing a double game.”I said sadly.

   “You are not forgotten, that his speech in the debate we need to get out of prison?”- quickly chattered prisoner friend.

   «Remember everything. The debate is still in drafts. I replied, sighing.

   “If you want, I will check and correct your debate. Pauline suggested.

   “No, Polina, thank you. I’ll finish it myself. Only I need some kind of boost for speed.”- I refused to help the prisoner lawyer-psychic.

   “Eat more sweets for your brain! And of course sports, yoga and auto-suggestion. There’s not much left! I, too, will soon begin the debate, I hope together will be released.”- advised the prisoner.

   According to such recommendations, I lived the last few days before the bright and joyful event of all people – the day of my birth.

   This unforgettable day has come. And of course with surprises.

   Immediately after a morning walk, opened the pocket on the reservation and the attendant said that in two hours the day will come for me to bring to the bath. After his departure, again opened pocket, and joyous longitudinal Viktorovich told me:

   “Do You know that You are allowed to have a kitten in the cell?»

   «What happiness.”I replied indifferently.

   “In the next cell, women bsnyc a month ago the cat gave birth to kittens. They had already opened their eyes. Do you want me to bring You all the kittens, and You choose your favorite?”the gaoler still spoke happily.

   “Well, bring them, I’ll look at them.”I replied calmly and unenthusiastically.

   I used to love animals, including cats. But after the smoke-free chamber 184, to the prison cats began to be suspicious.

   A few minutes later, trailing opened your booking and brought to the Luggage cardboard boxes, in which lay three fluffy peach lump. Taking one of the kittens in my arms, I sadly thought:

   “Animals born in a human menagerie.»

   V. with a happy smile and stroked the kitten behind the ear.

   “Me, too, this kitten more all grassroots. In a week they’ll start eating and you can have it back.”he announced.

   “But he’s so tiny! He still would have a month with a cat to be. I replied.

   “Nothing, you’ll be his mother-cat.”the jailer snapped.

   I looked at Viktorovich’s satisfied face and did not know how to refuse such a “gift”.

   An hour later after I called for the cat guests, opened the pocket and “balancer” conspiratorial announced:

   “Take a gift for the day! Benizi passed, I learned that you really liked this kitten.»

   Balancer gives me peach lump that loud meow.

   “Take him back! He is still so small! I have nothing to feed him! I was afraid.

   “I’ll bring you some milk for lunch.”- happily said balancer and closed the pocket.

   Peach ball yelled at the whole camera. On my lulling, hooting, scratching behind the ear – reacted without joy and continued to meow loudly. Not knowing what else to do with it, I put the kitten in a basin, pre-laid a towel and covered the basin on top of a t-shirt. The basin was placed closer to the heat heater. Once in the chamber there was silence. Lifting the corner of the t-shirt, she saw that the kitten curled up and dozed off.

   Taking the phone out of the mattress, I called my son. After his greetings, told about a new neighbor in the chamber. Admitted to his son that not very pleased with the gift that your cat’s EO weakens my nerves. My son supported me and advised me to return the kitten to the cat.

   After talking with my son, I looked back to the kitten. For some reason it seemed to me that he was sleeping with a satisfied expression.

   “Well, all right, a present, you will stay until lights out, and there will be seen!”I said softly.

   The reservation was opened and a convoy from the administrative building appeared on the threshold.

   “Get ready for investigations!”he announced.

   “Where?”I said, frightened.

   “To the administration building!”the guardsman replied.

   “So, today the country made a day off. I said incredulously.

   “Someone and not sit at home. I came to talk to You. Some guy.”the jailer grumbled.

   I went to the administrative building confused. And when I saw the visitor, the mood finally deteriorated.

   “Good afternoon! I have brought you the text of my debate.”- joyfully declared the lawyer.

   Finally knowing the position of this person, I ran my eyes briefly in two sheets.

   “There is not enough, at least a sheet from the middle.”I said with displeasure.

   “Really? I’ll look.”- quite the lawyer said flatteries began to dig in the diplomat.

   I sat and stared at this unpleasant man who until recently somewhere held a position of the Prosecutor.

   “Perhaps, homes forgot. But You, don’t worry. I’ll read all the pages in court tomorrow!”the lawyer announced, looking at me with irony.

   “I’m not worried. These two sheets I will take with me to the camera to read more carefully.”- I calmly replied, knowing that tomorrow this lawyer will make a withdrawal.

   “Sure, take it. I’ve heard that in jail there is always a problem with toilet paper.”the lawyer said, staring intently at my face.

   I laughed very loudly and loudly.

   «Surprised. I didn’t realize You had a sense of humor.”I said in my voice, “a real blonde.”

   In my eyes, no matter how tried the lawyer, but could not read anything. Because, “turn on the blonde” and all that on the face that in the eyes – a stupid emptiness.

   In the eyes of a lawyer, I read: “I can see you through, bitch!»

   “I’ll keep the kitten, though. Call him Peach. Me milicevici after meeting with these bastards.”thought at this point I. And a fun, relaxed said lawyer:

   “I am one hundred percent sure that only thanks to Your debate, I will be free very soon!»

   The lawyer looked at my happy, joyful and “open” look in confusion. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find anything in my eyes. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked at me as something sad, in his eyes read “a petition for the direction of me in a psychiatric hospital.”

   “Let’s hope for the best.”the lawyer said in disappointment and looked at me with a sympathetic look, like a cripple.

   I said goodbye to the lawyer with a blissful smile on my face. And all the way back to the cell, I was thinking about applying to neuropsychiatry for inmates.

   «Interesting option. This structure was located in the city where I studied. It is even possible that one of my former classmates is working in this penitentiary Psychoneurology. I could rest there for a while, my colleagues would definitely “not heal”me. And so, it would be possible to receive the certificate on disorder of health from-for judicial investigations. To challenge all the courts of this city, and the case would be referred to the location of neuropsychiatry. I thought.

   Funny, huh? To dream and to meditate in his birthday on the trip and the stay in a psychiatric hospital.

   When we got up on the floor of my cell, I met a joyful Vasilisa and the captain Dobrev. Both smiled the smiles of the jackals.

   “And we have been waiting for you!”declared the captain Dobrev.

   “Let’s go and look at Your camera. You don’t want to voluntarily hand over prohibited items?”- tenderly asked the matron Vasilisa.

   I was silent. When the three of us entered the cell, Vasilisa and Dobrev sat down on my rack and looked at me maliciously.

   Behind them, in the mattress, in the area of the pillow, lay a mobile phone. I looked at them indifferently. A cat squeak came from the basin. Both jailers reacted to the sound like predators to prey.

   “Forbidden subject himself discovered! Who brought you this kitten? Did the head of the jail give you a written permission to keep animals in the cell? You remember that signed under PVR – internal regulations, and also about punishments for violations of these rules? I hope you now remember that for such a violation You may face transfer to the punishment cell?”- dissatisfied and furiously chastised me jailer.

   I looked at these two “clowns” indifferently and did not utter a single word.

   “Vasilisa, come on! Let’s just make a comment today. After all, the prisoner has a holiday today, we will not spoil her mood. By the way, who were You meeting with just now and on what issue?”captain Dobrev said kindly.

   “I met with a lawyer. He brought me the papers for tomorrow’s trial.”- quietly replied, as I watched the two jailers came the surprise on their faces.

   “And who is it signed permission for the meeting, if today the head on the output?”- insisted jailer Dobrev.

   “We didn’t talk about it with him. Call and ask the boss when and under what circumstances he met with my lawyer.”I said in an intriguing tone.

   From my replica at Vasilisy bad mood. She hate grabbed the kitten’s paws and walked with him out of my camera. The kitten was meowing so loudly on the whole floor of the prison that even I understood that he was crying from pain, not from fear.

   “Henceforth, coordinate first with the chief questions about finding animals in the chamber! Dobrev said in a simple tone.

   The bolts on the armored door closed. And I burst into tears looking at the empty basin, which until recently was sleeping and defenseless little red lump, similar to a peach.

   Handing out lunch-soup, longitudinal V. and blander looked at me sadly and with sympathy.

   “Vasilisa ordered a cat with kittens to expel for prison. Women-benizi cry, went on hunger strike. By the way, the soup is now normal, eating quietly.”- quietly said balander.

   No appetite. After reading the text of the lawyer, finally curled. If you add the missing sheet, you can safely say that my lawyer and I repent of the crime I committed. A surprise for a lawyer 


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