21.09.2019 year blog and site Arestantka.ru is 1 year old!

   The site was visited and read by more than 15 000 people (photo report Yandex.metrics-below), including readers of neighboring countries, countries (so the blog is translated into English).

   Thank you for your kind feedback and advice, as well as criticism.

   Initially, the site was planned as a draft of my book. But it just so happened that my story was read before editing by the publisher and published in paperback. Now I hope to see my story on TV.

   I sincerely wish everyone never to experience the cruel school of prison.

   Next year will be devoted to the history Of “in the zone” and”on the kitsch”.

   Enjoy the reading!

   P. S. a Report on visitors (bragging about? Yes!):

Правила в тюрьме и СИЗО.

without translation… 0…

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47. The seventh circle of purgatory or who in the house the provocateur?

Start reading in: The sixth circle of purgatory or a mobile phone — shakedown.   Transit introduced: Lera – article 228, Vika – article 105, Marianne – article 228 of the criminal code.    “Yes, once the Diesel went out of the house, so we immediately 228 the most populated. And a murderer.”- outraged Dora Doronina…