How to send money to prison?

To send money to inmates is really easy!

   Knowing in what pre-trial detention center or women’s prison the recipient is, you send any amount of money to the NAME, SURNAME, PATRONYMIC of your prisoners and the address of this institution. For example: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich jail number, city…, street…

   There are several types of sending money:

Postal – postal money order. 
Through cash – relatives come to the administration of the prison, prison or colony and make a sum of money to the personal account of the prisoner or prisoner.
Internet translation.
    There are different sites about transferring money to a prisoner. Of course it is better to call the detention center and clarified the accounting – this is the case if there is no communication with the prisoner, so they would have enlightened relatives.

   Of course, there are inmates like creature, that such information may not enlighten. There are a lot of them in the women’s prison!

   At the end of the article photo site “FSIN Money”, through which you can send money to the prisoners, filling in the data and location, as well as from whom the transfer.


   To open a checking account at the prisoner in the very prison is where prisoners come in jail or a female jail with the money already or if relatives received the first remittances through the mail.

   In other cases, the prisoners must write to the head of the pre-trial detention center or women’s prison – “a STATEMENT with a request to open a personal account in their name, due to the fact that relatives will transfer Internet transfers to his name.” 

   Examples of applications I will write in next articles.

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