Transfer to jail.

Transfer to jail or transfer to prison.
Transfer to the remand prison to relatives is easier to do according to the permitted rules by the administration of the insulator (prison).

What products, things and accessories are allowed to have prisoners in jail (in prison)?

As follows from Appendix No. 2 of The rules of internal regulations of pre-trial detention centers of penal system approved by the order of the Ministry of justice of Russia of 14.10.2005 N 189 – the list is not big:

Clothes without belts, belts.
Shirts, jacket, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts, sweaters, demi-season jacket, winter jacket (coat, sheepskin coat, fur coat), tracksuit, home robe for women, hats, caps, baseball caps, scarves, gloves or pens.

Underwear (but not more than 4 sets):
Panties, bra for women, t-shirts, socks, stockings, tights.

Accessories for sleep:
White or beige bed linen in one set (two sheets and a pillowcase), eye mask made of textile for sleeping, earplugs.

Towels no more than 2 pieces.
Shoes without arch supports, and metal cleats without laces:
Sneakers, sneakers, shoes, winter and demi boots, Slippers, rubber shoes for the bath.

Fragrant and soap, transparent tubes of shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste or powder, dental floss, tooth brush, plastic soap cases and tooth brush, comb, nail clipper with no sharp items, nail file, cotton buds, cotton pads, toilet paper.

Electric shaver, razors safe single use.
Duffel bag (basically allowed checkered bags chesnochnitsy, or any plastic such that hang on the tills in hypermarkets) or travel bag.
Glasses and plastic cases for them.
Cosmetic and hygiene products for women:
Cream (for hands, face, body), gauze, hairpins, vaseline, cotton, tampons, pads, shadows, mascara, lipstick or chapstick, curlers.

By appointment or permission of the prison doctor:
Crutches, wooden canes, dentures, tonometer, glucometer, hearing aid.

Electric boiler household factory-made or electric kettle with a capacity of not more than 0.6 kW.;
Tools and foam sponge for washing dishes, washing powder, plastic basin and bucket (which can be purchased at the prison store).
Writing accessories:
Ballpoint or gel pen, rods to it (black, purple, blue), a simple pencil and eraser. Paper for writing, notebooks, plastic files or folders, envelopes, postcards, postage stamps.

Religious objects for wearable or pocket carrying.
Board games (checkers, chess, dominoes, backgammon).
Plastic or aluminum mug, plate, spoon (designed for hot dishes and reusable);
Child care items:
Children’s clothing, rattles, diapers, diapers and other, in accordance with the administration of the remand prison (this applies to women with children under the age of three years).

In addition to the above, prisoners are allowed to carry and store phone cards, as well as the following industrial products, except for alcohol and aerosol cans, which are purchased in the prison store (jail stall):

shaving cream (gel), cosmetic products intended for use after shaving, deodorant, liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, washing powder, dishwashing liquid.

Food basket for prisoners:
bread and bakery products (bread, pita, bread);
bacon, smoked sausage;
hard cheese and sausage;
tea, coffee, cocoa;
sugar, candy, chocolate;
confectionery long shelf life: crackers, drying, cookies;
fresh fruit, dried fruit (except raisins) pitted,
vegetables don’t require cooking;
fast food concentrated: noodles, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, muesli;
vegetable oil;
soft drink;
canned food, canned meat.
Prisoners are allowed to carry, store and other food purchased in the prison shop (jail stall), for example:

Dairy products, yoghurts, cottage cheese, smoked products, ice cream, canned fish and meat, juices and carbonated drinks, mineral water and much more that is on the list of the store, allowed by the prison administration.

In addition,
prisoners, with the exception of juvenile suspects and accused persons, are allowed to have tobacco products and matches, including those purchased in the prison shop (remand prison stall), as well as to receive these items in parcels and transmissions.

List of prohibited items and products

for transfer to jail (in prison).

According to Appendix No. 1 Of the internal regulations of correctional institutions approved by the order of the Ministry of justice of Russia of 16.12.2016 No. 295, prohibited:

Objects, articles and substances withdrawn from civil circulation.
All kinds of weapons, ammunition.
Transport and flying vehicles.
Explosive, toxic, fire-hazardous and radioactive substances, lighters.
Money, valuables.
Securities, foreign currency.
Optical equipment.
Food requiring heat treatment (except tea and coffee, milk powder, fast food concentrates that do not require boiling or cooking), home-canned products, yeast.
All kinds of alcoholic beverages, beer.
Perfume, Cologne and other alcohol-based products.
Narcotic drugs, psychotropic toxic and potent substances, their analogues and without medical indications – drugs, medical supplies, Smoking mixtures.
Electronic computers, typewriters, multipliers, electronic media and other computer and office equipment.
Knives, straight razors, safety razor blades.
Sharp and pointed objects, including objects and containers made of glass, ceramics and metal (with the exception of aluminum spoons, forks, mugs, plates and canned products in metal containers).
Axes, hammers and other tools.
Playing card.
Cameras, photographic materials, chemicals, film cameras, video, audio equipment (except television receivers, radio receivers of General use), television receivers with access to the information and telecommunication network “Internet” and with built-in media players, electronic media and information storage, mobile communication and communication or accessories to them, ensuring their work.
Any documents (except documents of the established sample proving the identity of the condemned, copies of sentences and definitions of courts, answers by results of consideration of offers, statements, petitions and complaints, receipts for the money, things, values handed over for storage).
Topographic maps, compasses, literature and training videos on topography, service dog breeding, martial arts, training fighters of special units, mining and parkour, weapons, manufacture of explosives, toxic, narcotic and potent substances.
Literature, documents or information in any medium that calls for or justifies extremist activities.
Military and other uniforms, accessories to it.
Clothing, hats, shoes and bed linen (except for one set of Slippers, tracksuit and sports shoes of dark colors) of unidentified samples. (for convicts)
Pornographic materials, objects and videos.
Tattoo machines and accessories.
Electrical appliances (except electric shavers, household electric boilers factory-made capacity of not more than 0.5 kW).
Things and objects, food received or purchased in a manner not established by the Criminal correctional code of the Russian Federation and the Rules.
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