Sex in prison.

Sex in prison.
Sex in jail, sex in prison, sex in the women’s prison, sex in the zone, sex in the colony – is the place to be!
That sex in prison is not only to ban, and even encouraged, I learned this: I offered several times to have sex in prison.
And one day, after a kite, I was warned by a friend that I became a member of the “red Katran sex”.
1. Sex with a jailer.
The first time I was offered prison sex by the warden from IVS, on the first day of my arrest – detention.
He approached this proposal with prison professionalism. The warden approached several times to my camera, casual suggested that to make a phone call to relatives, then handed a roll of toilet paper, it was given a beach pack with hygiene products, disposable kitchenware. He treated me to mineral water, tangerines and chocolate.
He openly sympathized and sympathized with me. Himself he was superficially not a freak and young by age.
After the evening soup, the warden intimated that the next day I was sent from the IVS to the detention center. Also told that the prison cells of the remand prison no shower and the bath very rarely.
The jailer offered to take me for a swim in the bath IVS, while there is still hot water.
I agreed.
I was given a clean new sheet because I didn’t have a towel or anything else I needed in prison. I was only in the IVS for a few hours after the trial, and I haven’t had a transfer yet.
So we’re going with this warden through the corridors of the detention center, video cameras everywhere. I have no premonition of danger.
We go into some room, the walls in the old tiles, lying on the floor hoses, hanging from the ceiling instead of lamps water pipes. It was the room for the prisoners, which was more like a room in the morgue where the dead wash.
Finally I finished “bath picture” when the floor ran skipping black rat. She stopped in the middle of the bath and looked at me, I thought.
I screamed in horror.
The warden shushed the rat, and it ran into the hole in the wall.
“If you want, you can take a shower in our service room. We have a shower stall there. But I have to be in the next room. I’m not gonna peek. I’m not a Horny moron.”- good-naturedly suggested the warden.
I agreed.
We went into the service room, there really was a shower. The warden gave me the soap “Palmolive” and the male shampoo “Shauma”.
“I’ll go out into the corridor, when you undress and go into the booth, then shout to me. I’ll just go into the room later. There’s no other way, they’ll take my head off.”the jailer convinced me.
A few minutes later I was swimming, the shadow of the jailer was very close to the shower.
When I turned off the water, the shower door opened and the jailer handed me a sheet.
“Don’t be afraid of me, I won’t rape you. I’m not a Horny moron.”said the red-faced guard, with a perspiration on his forehead.
He was staring at my naked body.
I took the sheet from his hands and wrapped it around me as I left the shower stall. The jailer stood nearby, breathing heavily and wasn’t going to leave the room.
“If you want, I can make you a baby right now. And after your sentence, you’re going to serve time in the mommies zone. Or you’ll even get a stay of execution. I’ll help you and our baby in the prison and the zone.”the warden said in an excited voice.
The jailer grabbed me and kissed me. I tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t let go, rubbing his bulge against me and moaning softly.
«Release me. A few minutes ago, you assured me you weren’t a Horny moron. I shouted.
He let me out of his arms and while I was dressing, he masturbated around the shower stall.
I went out into the corridor and headed towards the prison cell, “worried moron” forgot to close the locker room.
The jailer, breathing heavily, caught up with me, at the same time, frightened staring at the blinking red light of the video camera in the corridor of the IVS.

2. Sex with a prisoner.

Among the male prisoners, most young men under thirty years of age, in which hormones and feramones play. Therefore, in all ways trying to seduce the guards or prisoners.
Of course, those who have money can afford to pay a prostitute for a call to prison. About it more than once and not one prisoner is written on the Internet.
I will tell you how and where sex Dating prisoners in the transit prison (stories heard from the participants themselves).
Of course, the sexual encounter occurs without the involvement of the jailers. Hour services jailer pays a man-prisoner.
Sex Dating takes place depending on the prices and conditions for sex: it can be both individual cameras and walking yards.
Arrested women from prostitutes and drug addicts voluntarily provide sex services, but for money or other prohibited items.
One day, and I received an offer from the prisoner. Adam and I were having a prison romance. One day, he called me on my mobile phone and offered to do “it” in the paddywagon. Then, with fright, I blabbed to him that I was sometimes in a paddy wagon escorted by a relative.
I do not know whether the prisoner had such intentions or not, but there were proposals from him.
Recently on a page at one prisoner read that he had sex in court, in rooms where contain prisoners. I was surprised, of course, because there are all in the “wiretaps and hidden Peeps.”
But it could have been.
Once, several cameras in the prison heard having sex in a room where video conferences with the courts are held. And there’s a lot of security cameras.
A few days later, the whole prison knew the names of the couple from the households.detachment at the jail.

3. Red Katran for sex.

This story you can read in the new section “Kicha”, after the editorial. Excerpt from “red Katran” in the article “Prison in prison”. 

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