Cell phone in jail.

   For a start the information about the phones in jail and prison, on the basis of article 92 of the penal enforcement code; section XV of the Rules of the PS (according to information from the FSIN.Russia)

   It follows from this that, upon written application, prisoners are granted the right to telephone conversations. The duration of the conversation is up to 15 minutes. However, the administration may limit the number of telephone conversations due to technical capabilities. Telephone conversations are paid for by prisoners from their own funds, the funds of their relatives or other persons In some correctional institutions, where there are technical capabilities, relatives can provide a conversation with the convict, using a video phone. The procedure for such conversations should be learned from the administration of the correctional institution where your relative is serving a sentence. Telephone conversations are monitored by the staff of the correctional institution!  

   That’s the information formally contained on the website of the Federal penitentiary service, maybe soon she adjusts to the framework of the innovations in the rules of the PEC and etc.

   If this information is read by relatives, they already know how their prisoner can call them.

   If, however, your relative for a long time does not get in touch with you from prison, jail through a lawyer, etc. And the investigator has notified you of the location of a relative!? That run to the chief of a pre-trial detention center on reception and write on his name the statement that to your prisoner provided telephone conversation. This service, i.e. a telephone conversation, You immediately pay at the box office of the pre-trial detention center or buy a phone card (Rostelecom or another who telephoned the connection in prison or pre-trial detention center) in the store at the pre-trial detention center, prison and pass it to the prisoner through prison inspectors!

   Personally, in my opinion, all prisoners should have mobile phones and computers-laptops – of course received from relatives through transmissions!

   If acquittals are prohibited in our country and prosecutors-investigators receive a salary for this, why should prisoners degrade because of this?

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