Gypsy curse from prison.

Gypsies in prison. Those who do not believe in the Gypsy curse – may not read further!

   Recently I watched the film “losing Weight” (1996), it was recommended to me by a Gypsy in prison. In my opinion, the film is shot so-so. The novel “losing Weight” is written by Stephen king under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, about how a Gypsy cursed a judge, Prosecutor and lawyer for fabricating a case. Perhaps the book is more interesting than the film itself.

   Now, about the Gypsies in prison. In contrast to the men’s jail, in the women’s prison, a Gypsy can be found in every second cell. Those Gypsies with whom I had to cell in several cells were very interesting and mysterious personalities. These women can be attributed to the elite class of Gypsies.

   During the inter-cell communication with the prisoners, I met even more interesting personalities of the Gypsy class. Communicating with them, I understood why Gypsies have been persecuted for centuries: smart, passionate visionaries-manipulators-are dangerous for any stupid leader.

   Among the Roma prisoners, most of the criminals are drug baronesses. There are also scammers and even with psychic abilities. But I was lucky, I met a real Gypsy witch. This was a unique and legendary personality, looking ahead, I will say that “according to rumors”, she died in prison.  

   The Gypsy witch. This woman was not a fortune teller or a hypnotist. She was a witch and could cast a real Gypsy curse! Her services were very, very expensive! A great many prisoners turned to her to punish their enemies. Her services were used outside the prison. But it was claimed that she had refused many requests, and that she had cursed her enemies gratuitously to the chosen ones-perhaps that was why she had died in prison.

   The fact that this Gypsy was a “black witch”, I learned already in the women’s zone from the woman who asked her for help and she helped her. To be honest, from what I heard, I went a few days in a state of shock. The young and beautiful Gypsy never in communication with me did not mention and did not show the abilities. And in appearance, she did not look like a Gypsy, rather a tall, slender and statuesque Italian. It was comfortable to be around her, she was well-read, erudite. With her wanted to talk, she could listen, advise, and sorry for nezlobnaya to criticize. She was a beautiful, chic and mysterious Gypsy woman. A month later, after the disclosure of information about this Gypsy, the same “informant” told me about the death of the “Gypsy witch” – which finally brought me to a depressed state.

   Of course, many of the prisoners are shaken nerves in prison and the zone. And many already in zones “get hooked” on psychotropics or antidepressants – only thanks to doctors it is possible not to go mad in those conditions where judges send” to be corrected ” innocent in the environment of criminal community: embittered murderers and drug addicts.

   But my next nervous breakdown over the death of a Gypsy was in another. A few days before the news of her death, she dreamed to me and it was as if not a dream, but a reality. In a dream she asked me to remember our last meeting – it was the day of my sentence. I suppose she saved my life then by somehow taking away the three washing blades I was going to use to slit my wrists for a conviction in a trumped-up case.

   The other day I suddenly remembered about the film “losing Weight”, which the witch in the first acquaintance advised me to watch on the Internet. It’s a little scary to assume what exactly I should have understood from this film….

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