18. The prisoners have no family.

  Beginning: Jackals among the prisoners. 

 Most of the prisoners hope for the justice of the court, and faced with reality, deeply disappointed in the activities of the judicial system. On many sites you can read that in Russia there are ONLY convictions! I still naively believed and waited for justification and release.

   The day before the first court session I brought a court notice of the beginning of the criminal case under Art. 318 of the criminal code. The judge was appointed, he had previously satisfied my application under article 125 of the code of criminal procedure, thus aroused my trust and sympathy for him.

   I was glad of this fact and Packed my bags with full confidence that I would be free immediately after the court hearing.

   Seeing in the eyes of cellmates pity and sympathy to me, I zealously tried to their philosophical, that not all judges – &&&&&&&& (forbidden word). But women remained under his opinion.

   So, on the eve of the meeting, the cellmates gave me the best time for swimming, so that no one disturbed the jailers, and I splashed from the heart (see photos of the soul The prison showdown in women part 1. Or my first week in prison.).

   Then Natasha-Armenian clocked my hair in curlers, and Masha-Ukrainian on my face gave beauty treatments (lifehack eyebrow threading, Facials – please read: Prison beauty salon. 7 tips from the prisoner.).

 Then, under the General approval of the prisoners, I began to try on clothes that my son gave me. We stopped at the pants and blouse from “Zara” and jumper “Elis”. 

   After a night conversation with my son, absolutely upset I could not sleep that night. He told that the other day went to my relatives, didn’t tell details of a trip, told only: “Mother, remember, you have no relatives, all of them on you to spit. Only grandpa and I need you!”Thus confirmed the terrible words of the investigator (more Chaos on the investigation.).  

 I stood at the barred window and cried. I was surrounded by cellmates, most of them were drug addicts, but even they were not abandoned by relatives and friends.

   Having lit a cigarette, I began to reflect for what reason became unnecessary to anybody. I’ve experienced such a betrayal of relatives and friends when I lost my very prestigious job. Over time, when was able to stand up back on its feet and start its business, relatives gradually appeared on my horizon, and I, reluctantly the heart, forgave their past betrayal. Like let back in the circle part friends. Now, when I fail, and poor, and in jail – again, it’s useless. Truly: “he who betrays once will betray twice!”Of the relatives were only father and son who were worried about me. Through the bars, looking at the fading stars, I mentally asked for help and support to their dead relatives who during their lifetime was the road. I prayed that they would protect me, my son and grandfather, and punish my enemies! 

   On a gloomy February day, I was taken out of the cell and taken to the “sump” (a cell without Windows with one bench) to wait for the paddy wagon. The septic tank was dirty and stank of urine. Twenty minutes later, one of the guards came in and ordered them to strip naked for the search. There was no video camera in the “sump”, so I did not interfere with her order, folded all the clothes on the bench in front of her completely naked, only was shod in boots. She opened the camera and went out for a minute, came back with a rubber Mat. Putting it in front of me on the floor, ordered to take off his shoes and stand on it, allowing only wear socks. 

   When I did all this, she demanded that I spread my legs wide and do three low squats. “That to you fell, if something hidden away!”she explained calmly, seeing my puzzled expression.

   “Can’t you search with a metal detector? I have already traveled to other courts, but I have such a search no one humiliated!”I replied irritably.

   “Believe me, the last thing I want to see you all naked! This is a new order from the warden!”again the matron replied in a calm voice.

   While feeling disgust and anger from the humiliation, I sat down three times. Then the matron probed all my clothes, paying attention to the seams and then allowed to get dressed.

  From behind the door, I heard: “Well, where is this dangerous prisoner, for whom they ordered a separate paddy wagon?”

   “Here we are! Now we’re out the door.”- responded to the voice of the Warder.

   When we came out of the septic tank, we were met by four men in camouflage and with batons. I felt uneasy, because the “dangerous prisoner” referred to me. The men looked at me from head to toe in surprise and disbelief. One of them roughly said:

   “Put your hands up for the handcuffs!”

   After the humiliation a few minutes ago, this boorish tone finally finished me and my nerves could not stand it, tears involuntarily flowed down my cheeks.

   “Comrade captain, let him go to the car without handcuffs, and in court we will fasten, as it should be.”- another “camouflage”took pity on me.

   And they did.

   Before the truck for transportation of prisoners, I was met by other guards, having checked my data on the card file, loaded into the paddy wagon. Inside the “booth” with me, three men were driving-convoy. For half an hour we were “stuck” in traffic, and the attendants began to ask me about my case and arrest. When I briefly told them about myself, one of them said that he had already heard about me from the other guards, and honestly admitted that he sympathized with me.

   When we arrived at the court, my hands were handcuffed and taken out of the car. Here I was met by the guards of the court, there were six people.

   In the courthouse there is a special room with several cells, where prisoners are kept. It is equipped with video surveillance and sound recording, there is always a convoy, which ensures that the prisoners did not pass anything to each other. He also serves as a nanny: takes to wash your hands or to the toilet, pouring boiling water into glasses of tea from the “beach packages”, can communicate on any topic.

   I was given a box of “scourge package” and locked in a cage. I was shaking with fear and nervous excitement.

   Opposite me, in another cage, stood a tall Armenian. He was wearing an Adidas cap, a sports jacket from Sportmaster, dark pants and white Nike sneakers. Its predatory and sharp eyes alarmed me and had a feeling that this meeting is not accidental.

   “Why weren’t you taken to jail with other prisoners?”- asked the Armenian escort, who was riding with me in the car.

   “Working! The judge once again called to the courtroom!”the prisoner said with a smile.

   His voice was pleasant, his accent almost inaudible.

 Turning to me, he told me his name, age, article and briefly told about “his deluge”. But at that moment I was listening to him, because I was worried about my meeting. On his questions, I told how my name, the article and also in brief factual circumstances of the case. He noticed my excitement and trembling, offered to buy me coffee. I laughed and refused. My tension melted away.

   At this moment I was told that we go to court. And I said goodbye to the Armenian prisoner, because I was sure that I would not return to this room with the cells.

   I was taken to the vestibule, where there were several guards. First, I was handcuffed and fastened with both hands, then one ring of the second handcuffs was snapped on my right hand, and the second ring was snapped on the left hand of the woman-escort. I was completely perplexed, because a week earlier, when I was taken from prison to other courts to consider my complaints against investigators – such a show was not. I’ve never been handcuffed! And here and now, created indicative humiliation of prisoners.

   “And you are sure on your feet I have to wear irons for greater effect!”I said to them ironically.

   The fat guard looked at me with contempt and said over the radio:

   “We go!”

   This phrase made me laugh so much that I laughed heartily, remembering my favorite movie “How to become a Princess.” In the film, the Queen’s guards spoke in the same tone and the same phrase on the radio when she left her chambers.

   So we went along the familiar corridor of the court: I – laughing, fastened to the convoy, and in front and behind two convoys. To spite all my enemies, I walked with my head held high and the Queen’s gait.

   At that time, I did not expect that a real tent show was waiting for me in the conference room!

   Continuation: Shapito-show of the court session. 

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