20. Chapiteau in court.

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 “Stand up! Court is coming!»

   The door opened near the Presidium of the court and a young man in a court robe came in.

   “Hello, sit down. The court received a criminal case…….”the judge began in a monotonous voice.

   Without listening to him, I wondered how much time it took him to develop such a voice for the reading of sentences and other criminal cases. His reading reminded me of an actor’s speech in a play. Looking at the people sitting in the hall, I saw them attentively and hypnotized listening to the judge. Interestingly, they understood the crux of the his words? But me was not listening and one guard who is trying to hide a yawn, and yawn with my mouth closed, his nostrils expanded so funny. I couldn’t help but laugh softly. And everyone looked at me disapprovingly, and the judge, interrupting, said in a teacher’s tone:

   “The defendant, you will have plenty of time to Express their emotions on the matter during the debate! Now, let’s move on. Defendant, do You understand the charges against You?»

   “No, I don’t understand! The case against me is rigged! With the materials of the criminal case I was not given any opportunity to read! I also challenge the lawyer here because my constitutional rights have been violated in his presence! I want those ljepotica called to account for the false accusation and slander!»

   There was a long,minute silence. The bailiffs of the court looked at me like mad dogs, the convoy inquiring, and the one who had earlier yawned, cheered up and looked at me with astonished admiration.

   Three of the victims looked at each other with a solicitor and they made signs to calm down. The judge didn’t react to these “nods” in any way.

   “The defendant, for this purpose we also gathered to find out circumstances of business and to solve you are guilty or not! And now we will listen to the victims!”the judge said slowly.

   The Prosecutor began questioning one of the “victims”. The other two “victims” were not removed from the courtroom and were present in the courtroom.

   Probably my speech knocked the judge out of the rut because he didn’t remove neproshenyh “victims” as immediately and not considered my application for disqualification of counsel. And maybe even then everything was decided in relation to me, so that the “composition of the court” did not consider it necessary to follow the “letter of the CPC of law.”

   I listened attentively to the first victim, about myself having noted important only whom he called the first to whom I put “heavy injuries”.

   On the negative answer of the lawyer and me about cross-examination of the victim, the Prosecutor began interrogation of the second. In her long and pitiful speech, the victim told the court what a dangerous criminal I was. But from her speech I heard the main thing that she called another person to whom I first caused injuries.

   “Yes, I have questions!”-I answered a question of the judge, after the negative answer of the lawyer. And sleepy members of the court all at once cheered.

   The victim answered most of my questions:

   “I don’t have to say it!»

   However, intrigued by my questions the judge, demanded that the victim answered, despite the Prosecutor’s objection.

   Twenty minutes later after my questions, the victim hardly restrained not to cry. And I asked the judge to ask questions to the first victim. Having satisfied my request, I began with questions to the man-the victim, figuring out the discrepancies in his testimony for the investigation, and now in court, which were not in conformity with the testimony of the victim.

   When I finished questioning the first victim, the expressions and behavior of all at the hearing were very different from the beginning of the meeting.

   The two witnesses, who were questioned, sat red and looked at the floor with their heads bowed.

   The Prosecutor was also red and fidgeted nervously in her chair.

   The judge is confused and has tousled hair.

   My son and all the guards looked at me with approval and respect.

   I felt like a winner.

   The bailiffs alone were even more vicious than before. 

   The third victim is interrogated already more thoughtful and answered the questions of the Prosecutor, constantly moving away from the answer to the questions that had discrepancies between the first two victims. From the faces of the judge, the son and the guards, I could see how they were waiting impatiently for me to begin my cross-examination.

   And of course I did not disappoint them.

   After a few of my questions, the victim has spun as “a snake in the pan”.

   And my last question-clarification made laugh not only my “fans”, but also the judge:

   “The victim if to sum up your answers, it turns out that You, it seems, as the man, stand and observe how I SERIALLY put injuries to three from your company? Why didn’t You try to stop me? Why You stood quietly and waited their turn?»

   (His answer you can read after the article in the excerpt “scan” minutes of the hearing.)

   When I had finished my cross-examination, the confused judge announced his departure to the conference room on the issue of my two-month arrest ending.

 During a long break, the guards allowed my son to come closer to the aquarium. One of the guards even said:

   “Yes, a few minutes later hug it out!»

   We stood silently and smiled happily at each other, believing in the justice of the court.

   “….. the court decided to extend the defendant’s arrest for another two months.”- the judge said the end of the decision.

   The room began to rumble. I demanded that the judge explain this decision, still not believing in what is happening.

   The guards were also very loudly indignant.

   But the judge did not demand order from anyone, and blushing, shyly lowered his eyes.

   “I did not make a decision on Your arrest and You had the opportunity to appeal it. You can appeal against my decision to extend the arrest on appeal. We now have to understand the essence of the criminal case, and today not even all participants in the process questioned.”he said, and almost ran out of the courtroom.

   Of course I could understand his decision, and he lucidly explained everything. But, as it was hard for me to look at his bewildered son. I smiled at him and said,:

   “That’s right!»

   And he, calming down, nodded, believing in my words.

   Everyone left the courtroom, I will not describe the gloating expressions of the bailiffs, prosecutors and victims, in the hall there were only me and the guards.

   They opened the aquarium and, apologizing, snapped the handcuff bracelet on my right hand, the second bracelet was on the left hand of the convoy. The second handcuffs nobody got.

   One of the guards said quietly:

   “If the son is in the hallway, you can hug!»

   This phrase was the most pleasant for me for the last two months, and I with trembling heart left in a trace of a convoy in a corridor of court. But I was immediately upset, there was not a single person in the corridor, except for the evil bailiffs of the court.

   Just as before the trial, I walked with my head held high and the Queen’s gait down the corridor of the court to the room with the cells for the prisoners.

   Continuation: Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask!  

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