21. The prisoners ‘ motto.

  Beginning: Shapito-show of the court session. 

 “The paddy wagon will be here in two hours!”the head of the convoy announced when we entered the premises of the prison court.

   I was locked in a cage again. I tried to hold back tears from the bitterness of defeat. In front of me, an Armenian prisoner stood in a cage, his eyes read sympathy and support, he did not utter a word. We looked at each other, and I thought we were talking in silence.

   His eyes expressed different emotions for a few minutes, but they were connected with supporting me.

   We talked in the silent animal language of the prisoners, and maybe even wolf. Then he smiled, in his caring and encouraging look I read: “Everything will be fine!”And I couldn’t help but burst into tears, turning away from him to the wall.

   “Boiling hot!”said the guard, who previously yawned at the hearing.

   He poured boiling water for us and the Armenian into glasses and distributed tea bags. The guard, looking at me with sympathy, proceeded to recount to the prisoner the whole process of my trial.

   I looked at the convoy man telling the story, and I noticed two amazing things about myself.

   First, he exactly told the moments where the victims were inconsistencies in the testimony. Then he pointed to violations of the Prosecutor and the judge: when the unsolicited victims weren’t removed, and the Prosecutor asked leading questions and those it was necessary to tell only “Yes”. He also noticed the collusion between the victims and the Prosecutor.

   And secondly, he appealed to the Armenian with respect to his older brother.

   “The judge or in the subject, or turning a blind eye to the mess. It will be easier to it one “to plant”, than four victims, the investigator, the Prosecutor and honey.the expert, who carelessly might have been framed. Now she is also in danger, as immediately pointed to the inconsistencies in the case. Now begin to work out or even worse….”the guardsman summed up his story with a sigh.

   Both looked at me as if I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and behind me an avalanche was coming. From their views I was scared, I have not fully realized what happened in court. My thoughts were confused.

   “The other day in prison the investigator already promised me that I will die in prison.”- I answered them and retold investigative actions. (Chaos on the investigation.)

 When I finished the story, the convoy and the Armenian exchanged meaningful glances. And the guard, nodding to the prisoner, said::

   “I now!»

   The Armenian thoughtfully looked at me and unobtrusively began to ask who supports me in the wild, who is a lawyer, the name of the investigator. When he got the answers to all his questions from me, he said,:

   “Many prisoners are experiencing betrayal of family, friends and lawyers! Absolutely all of us are faced with this. You’re lucky to have a son who supports you. But you can not imagine how many prisoners were left alone in prison, which even a box of matches no one to pass from the will. You needed a friend and protector in prison – decent Prisoner!» 

   “How can a decent prisoner help me and how can he protect me? I asked, confused.

   “God grant that there is no need to protect you from anything! And anything can help: from products, some things to a mobile phone! Do you have a cell phone in your cell?”the tone of the Armenian’s voice was suspicious.

   I shuddered, the last words of the Armenian alerted me and somewhere inside again woke up a worm of doubt and distrust to him.

   I looked at the non-blinking fire sensor on the ceiling, which was different from the others, where the video camera was clearly installed, but the prisoner waved it away. I raised an eyebrow questioningly and answered.:

   “We don’t have a phone in our cell! How can you have a cell phone in prison? To me none of the cell mates about this said nothing!»

   His eyes and facial expressions were expressionless.:

   “How many of you are in the cell? Can you describe her situation, because I’ve never been in women’s huts, and so interesting?» 

   At this moment the escort came and told that for us there arrived the paddy wagon. The Armenian looked at me and said in the voice of the teacher-mentor:

   “This article, like you, men at Central are respected among the prisoners, but the jailers of their “work”! But if the prisoner lives according to the rules of the prisoner, the prison will never give him offense! Stop crying and grieving for your troubles! There are people who do not have arms or legs, but they do not despair, but accept life as it has presented them. Cheer up and start living a new life, prisoner! As I understand it, you are legally correct and can many people in prison innocent prisoners to help in court cases! Most importantly, remember the law of prisoners:


   Immediately after these words we were loaded into the paddy wagon and twenty minutes later we were in prison.

    I was locked up again in the same cold, dirty and smelly “septic tank” where I spent almost two hours suffering from an overflowing bladder. The moment I thought I had been forgotten and was about to Bang on the door to be taken to the bathroom, the reservation was thrown open and the matron came in. Without searching, she immediately took me to the cell.

   When I entered the cell, the first thing right in the coat ran to the toilet.

   Later, sitting at the table drinking tea with the inmates, I told them about the hearing. During all my story women were indignant and expressed to participants of court worthy their words which, unfortunately, aren’t subject to censorship.

   I did not tell anyone about my acquaintance with the Armenian prisoner, whose name I did not remember.

   The cellmates vied to share the news of the day while I was away. It turns out that a few minutes ago over the bypass prison cells “check” from the Central Board, who “even looked in the toilet”, said Mila. That’s why they kept me in the septic tank for so long. Been a long time coming the release, so I’m taking a shower, exhausted I fell on the bunk and fell instantly asleep.

   Somewhere before dawn, I was awakened by Mila-Doronina and putting a finger to his mouth, called out for him. We went with her to the toilet together, and she gave me a “Mulk” (“malyava”, a note of prisoners), wrapped in transparent tape. On top of it were written the number of our camera and my name, from which camera it was transferred was not specified.

   It was the first for me, “kite-Mulk”. Mila gently “sink” made the cut on the side and got inside another Mulk and gave it to me.

   My hands trembled with excitement as I opened the paper. There was written only unknown to me phone number and nothing else. I showed it to Mila, and she whispered,:

   “Remember these numbers or write down the code so that only you know! Tear the note up and flush it down the toilet. And look, about this “Mulk”, do not tell anyone! Without the return address of the hut, only someone very important can write on the prison!»

   When we went out with Milka from the toilet, Masha-khokhlushka and Natasha-thief read their “malyavy”. Seeing this, the milk began to argue with Mary because she took the “Mulk” without her permission. They figured out a long time relationship and swore until the morning of the test.

   Natasha-thief sat down to me on the rack and a long time did not dare to start a conversation, and then said in a whisper:

   “When You Milkay whispering in the toilet, from my favorite prisoner I flew the kite. Sergei told me that “Polozhenets” asks me to look after you and help all that you need. Why didn’t you tell us before that you knew the Layman?»

   I was confused and didn’t know what to say. Because for me even the word “Agent” was not familiar, not to mention meeting him! I decided to say nothing to my cellmate, and in the evening, when Milka wakes up, consult her and find out everything from her.

   Before dinner booking at the camera opened and the warden came Vasilisa, her two “goat’s Rue” dragged two huge boxes. I thought she glanced at my face, studying me.

   She sat down at the table, spread out the papers in front of her and told each of us to take turns to read and sign them. In the first sheet we signed for being familiar with the rules of the prison regime. In the second, for receiving the hygienic package consisting of: soap, toothpaste and a brush, toilet paper and packing of female laying. From one box to us distributed these packages, and from the second gave out on all camera: new bucket, two basins, a MOP, a broom and a scoop.

   When the door closed leaving, Mary said in a whisper:

   “In the eleven months that I was in prison, is issued the first time. The basin, a broom, a MOP and a scoop to us was bought in a camera from a prison stall by mother “Squirrels”.»

   In a few minutes “booking” again opened, and the overseer called for the release of Masha-khokhlushka.

   “For conversation!”- as she said “longitudinal”.

   Masha was not long, almost thirty minutes. After her return, each of the prisoners was summoned, except Milka. I was called last.

   During the two months that I spent in prison, someone from my cellmates was constantly called “for talks”. For me it was the first invitation and I went to it worrying, especially after yesterday’s “warnings in court”.

   The convoy escorted me to the lower floor of the office, where we had been “shmonali”. (Shakedown in the house.)

 Was Vasilisa, the hand she invited me to sit down on the chair opposite her. She began to RUB her eye furiously with her hand and asked, somehow in her own way:

   “I don’t know good drops for the eyes from irritation after lenses?»

   I looked at her in surprise and remembering the most popular drops and solutions from advertising on TV, listed it. She nodded in the affirmative and complained about the eye products she had already tried. Separately for each tool, she described the history of its purchase to use.

   I didn’t know why I was wasting so much time talking. There was growing anxiety inside that she was deliberately trying to win me over so that I would relax and not expect the danger that was about to happen to me.

   The matron, having finished the story of the fifth eye and lens treatment, asked:

   “Do You have any requests to the warden? Can be statements or complaints? I’ll tell him!»

   I stared at her blankly and shook my head, expecting a trick.

  “Well then, You can go back to your cell!”the matron said in a feigned tone, reminiscent of sadness at parting with a loved one.

   Our “conversation” lasted a little more than half an hour.

   Returning to the cell, I asked my cellmates in a disappointed voice:

   “At all the “conversations” these guards talk about their problems with eye lenses or eye drops?»

   The women laughed, but I noticed how sad Masha-khokhlushka and Natasha-Armenian laughed.

   Immediately after the evening check, we were in for a surprise shakedown in the house. The camera left only Mary-the Ukrainian, the rest of us with things sent to cont. (photos of the shakedown (taken from the Internet), you can see at the end of the article Shakedown in the house.)

 At the end of the search in the cell, the guards demanded that we all went and stood each at his rack. One of the guards began to cut Milkin mattress, digging inside it, took out a mobile phone.

   “This Your phone?”the jailer asked.

   “No! I don’t know whose phone this is! Milka said angrily.

   “You all say that! Get ready for the punishment cell, take with you a mug, a spoon, a towel and go to the length!”the jailer ordered.

   When the door closed behind Milka and the guards, Natasha said sadly:

   “Now we are all left without communication with family.»

   A happy Mary-hohlushka said:

   “Moronica hut now will I!»

   No one objected to that.

   For me until it was all “dark forest”, because within two months I was not interested “dvizhuha prison,” according to the rule: “the Less you know the better and faster will come out.»

   And why the other cellmates didn’t want to be called “doronicum” I was not known.

   But at the moment, most of all I was interested in why Masha-khokhlushka and Natasha-Armenian were not sent to the punishment cell recently because of its “repair until the summer”, but Milka was taken at once, and in fact until the summer was three months.

   Also it was not clear to me why Masha didn’t admit that it is her phone, and after all earlier she “swore” that “will be responsible for it, up to a punishment cell!»

   As I pondered these questions, I looked at them both intently and searchingly. Natasha-Armenian, noticing my look, began to fuss shyly and avoiding me, before all went to bed.

   And I before going to sleep, falling asleep, reflected on the motto of prisoners: “do NOT BELIEVE! DO NOT BE AFRAID! DON’T ASK!»

   Continuation: My first steps into a prison family. 

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13 thoughts on “21. The prisoners ‘ motto.

  1. Женька

    Не верь! Не бойся! Не проси!
    Это одно из лучших правил тюрьмы. То есть это то, что действительно поможет не только в тюрьме, но и в жизни. Приятно читать, что все равно по ходу заключения найдется тот, кто поможет и поддержит. Опять же армянин-положенец. Вот это и есть людское. Ведь самый страшный грех – безразличие. И к сожалению вынужден согласиться, отворачиваються все, даже родственники. И если срок длительный, то в один прекрасный день можешь проснутся и понять, что теперь потерял все… Рядом никого. Ни родственников, ни друзей, ни поддержки. Никому нельзя верить. Нельзя бояться ничего и никого, всегда отстаивать свою позицию. Не просить, чтобы не быть должным. Участнице событий – доброй ночи!

  2. RoslynTigma

    То и дело Приходит к своему пределу власть
    Тогда, когда не ведает предела!
    Недавние события бунта в ИК 15 – этому подтверждение.

  3. Женя

    Находясь на самоизоляции, большинство людей начинают понимать, как трудно быть изолированным от привычных прогулок по парку, без тренировок в любимом спортзале, выездов к озеру в шумной компании с удочками, шашлыком, игрой в мяч и многое другое.
    Большинство людей стало задумываться и о том, если бы их ошибочно поместили в тюрьму, смогли бы они там выжить в холодных стенах и окружённых настоящими убийцами, садистами.
    Все этого боятся – быть ошибочно осужденными.
    Судьи это тоже сейчас понимают и возможно, примерив сейчас на себя шкуру невиновно изолированных, пересмотрят свои внутренние убеждения. И перестанут “палочно” всех подряд приговаривать..

  4. Грей

    Известный лозунг из “трио-кириллицы” – признан запрещенным в стране. Имел ли он реальное отношение к арестованным или это как “анти-пиар неполосатого” сообщества?

  5. Бывалый

    От души. Не верь, не бойся, не проси!

  6. HeИи

    Привет. 💪 Не верь всему бездумно, не бойся страшных вызовов и не проси постоянной помощи. Верь в себя, преодолевай страх и бери ответственность за свою судьбу. Только так можно настоять на своих мечтах и достичь грандиозных результатов. И помни, что ты силен и способен на все! ✨”

  7. TT

    🌟 Не верь, не бойся, не проси. Три простых фразы, за которыми скрывается большая мудрость.

  8. Александр

    Верьте в себя и не останавливайтесь на достигнутом. Вы заслуживаете счастья и успеха во всех сферах жизни. Работайте на себя, на свои мечты и цели с полной отдачей. И помните, что даже самая темная ночь заканчивается, и наступает рассвет.

    Мы все вместе в этом пути. Поддерживайте друг друга, дарите надежду и вдохновение. Вместе мы сможем преодолеть все трудности и достичь своих целей.

    Скоро плохое закончится, и наступит светлая полоса. Поверьте в это и продолжайте двигаться вперед с оптимизмом и уверенностью. Вместе мы создаем светлое будущее.

  9. К.К.

    Времена, когда сталкиваемся с трудностями и испытаниями, могут казаться бесконечными и безвыходными. Однако, важно помнить, что всегда наступает конец плохим временам и наступает светлая полоса. С наступающим Новым годом!

  10. Участник.

    🌟✨ Поздравляем вас с Новым годом, дорогие арестанты! ✨🌟

    В этот особый момент, когда год подходит к концу и новая глава начинается, мы хотим передать вам наши теплые пожелания. Мы понимаем, что это время может быть нелегким и важно поддерживать вас духовно и эмоционально.

    Хотим пожелать вам веры в светлое будущее, где мечты сбываются и надежда оживает. Пусть Новый год принесет вам возможность переосмыслить свои цели и стремиться к новым достижениям.

    Хотим, чтобы вы находили силы в своей внутренней мощи, чтобы преодолевать трудности, стоящие перед вами. Пусть эта новая глава вашей жизни станет началом полезных изменений и сделает вас еще сильнее и мудрее.

    Мы желаем вам найти свою внутреннюю свободу и выражать свои таланты и потенциал, даже в таких условиях. Пусть каждый день приносит надежду на лучшее будущее и возможность для личного роста.

    Вы не одни. Мы ценим вас и желаем вам самого доброго Нового года. Пусть он принесет вам вдохновение, любовь и понимание. Мы верим в вашу способность преодолеть трудности и вернуться к свободной жизни.

    С Новым годом! Даже находясь в таких обстоятельствах, вы остаетесь сильными и непоколебимыми. Пусть этот год будет началом новых возможностей и улучшений. Держитесь, будьте смелыми и не теряйте веру!

    С самыми теплыми пожеланиями

  11. 7788

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously feel this web site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info!

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    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!

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    It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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