22. Prison registration.

   Beginning: Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask! 

I woke up from a dull thump in the window near my rack. Hardly anyone was able to knock on the window of the fourth floor. It was still dark outside.

   “One, nine, zero!?”I heard a man’s voice coming from the street.

   On the next bunk woke up Natasha, a thief, and looked at me questioningly. The other inmates were sound asleep. Again blow out the window.

   “One, nine, zero!?»

   Natasha jumped down from his bunk and ran to the window, who slept Masha-Ukrainian. Opening the door, the man’s voice was heard somewhere very close by:

   “One, nine, zero! With roads consumption!»

   Natasha fussed about the window, pulling some ropes and threads. Then the same voice shouted:

   “One, nine, zero! Good day!»

   In open sash Windows, bringing the window to the bars, Natasha shouted:

   “Likewise! From the heart!»

   Closing the window, Natasha came to my rack and whispered to me to drink coffee.

   “What’s one, nine, zero?”- I also asked Natasha in a whisper when we were drinking hot coffee.

   “What’s the number of our house?”she asked, smiling mysteriously.

   “One hundred ninety!”still not understanding, I replied.

   She nodded with a face as if he had said, “Elementary my dear Watson!”.

   I don’t know whether I was stupefied in prison or not, but Natasha, looking at my face, rolled her eyes and took a piece of paper with a pen and wrote:

   “190 – one, nine, zero!»

   At that moment, I felt like a fool, remembering how once easily answered the IQ test on the number of digits encountered 9 from 1 to 100. (By the way, the correct answer of the test: the digit 9 occurs 20 times and count!)

   Just as I was about to ask Natasha about the ropes and threads with which she was fussing a few minutes ago at the open window, Natasha joined us-Armenian.

   Asking me for a spoon with coffee (and in prison coffee is always in short supply!) she asked:

   “Masha is a long way off?»

   “Look, that goat was asleep before we were woken up. I was filming!”- answered Natasha-thief

   The Armenian raised her eyebrows in surprise and said indignantly:

   “Feel due to a new Doronina, we will have problems! And I could not sleep all night because of the upcoming trial “at least” and somewhere only an hour ago fell asleep.»

   Taking a SIP of coffee, Natasha-Armenian continued in a whisper:

   “Girls, I would like to share something with you. Yesterday, when “Vasilisa” called me for a conversation, she offered me “to move to the house of mothers”, Squirrel transferred to the households.squad.»

   “Just like that, such proposals are not made!”incredulous, whispered Natasha is a thief.

   The Armenian woman sighed heavily and answered, looking at me:

   “Yes, she demanded from me, that I persuaded you to admit khokhlushka “senior on the house”!»

   “Don’t you have to persuade me?”in a whisper he said she was a thief.

   “You, “Vasilisa” is already not taken into account! When I also asked for your opinion, she said in the affirmative that you will be taken to the camp the other day!”replied the Armenian pogrustnevshy the thief.

   “Well, how are you going to persuade me?”I asked, insinuating.

   «Nohow. “Vasilisa” I also said that there are no authorities for you here! So what I think is unlikely to be in the hut for the mums!”Natasha-Armenian answered sadly.

   In that moment I was absolutely not care who is the “senior house”. But I have always resented injustice, and I would never allow anyone to suffer because of my position.

   “And what is better to live in a hut with moms, you already know something? What functions should you perform there?”- I asked.

   “There you can have products that are prohibited for all prisoners. Camera there’s only four bunks for women, babies sleeping in playpens. In addition to moms, there are pregnant women. I have to help them clean the cell and look after the babies.”- the Armenian explained to me.

   “A mobile phone there resolved?”- Natasha-thief entered the conversation.

   “No, also banned.”- Natasha-Armenian answered.

   “You have to sit with the kids while their moms go to court?”I said.

   “No, they go to courts with kids!”the Armenian explained.

   “Did I hear you correctly? So you’re ready for a piece of non-proscribed food to scrub the camera, babysit other people’s children, and these mothers will lie with their feet up and tell you what else they need to do? Do you realize you’re never gonna get enough sleep because a baby can yell at any time of the day? You won’t be able to read a book in peace, because at that moment the child will scream again! You even quietly, the TV will not see, because the child at this point can sleep! I asked in bewilderment.

   Then I already knew that Natasha-Armenian in her fifty-five years had no children or grandchildren through their fault. At the beginning of her family life, she and her husband decided to “live for themselves” and Natasha had an abortion. When, after thirty years, they realized, it was too late, and Natasha could no longer get pregnant. Soon, her husband left her for a younger, which immediately bore him a child. Natasha was sent to prison by her flatmate, because Natasha’s Armenian parents were old and could not even go to the store.

   “Maybe she doesn’t care about the inconvenience! And she just wants to babysit!”- suggested Natasha-thief.

   The Armenian woman grimaced in disdain:

   “I will touch these children only in rubber gloves! Think about it, their mothers are drug addicts, and half of them have HIV! You think these kids are being screened for hidden HIV infections?»

   Natasha worked in a medical institution before prison, so she knew a lot about such children from drug addicts.

   “Then don’t suffer with Vichevyi mothers and children?”- Natasha-thief asked in surprise.

   “I hope that for this I deserve to stay to serve time in the households.the group at the prison.”- said the Armenian.

   “Ugh, you ready for the “garbage” to wipe the spit and scrub their toilets?”- Natasha-thief was indignant.

   “Yes, ready! Because I’m afraid to go to the zone! There any can perish! Isn’t it?”- aggressively said the Armenian woman, crying, got up from the table and went to the toilet.

   Natasha-thief even more than before sad and told me:

   “She’s right! It’s better to stay here than survive the horror in the zone! I don’t know how I survived that year at camp. What a fool I am to be back in that den!»

   And another tear-stained Natasha got up from the table and lay down on her rack, sobbing silently into the pillow.

   And I was sitting at the table and remembered the story of Natasha-the thief for which she again got to prison. A few years ago, Natasha met a man who had a small cafe-pub. A year after living together, he gave her an expensive iPhone without a box and documents, said that “bought with hands.” Natasha did not have time to use it for a long time. One day the police raided their home, during which they seized a stolen iPhone, in which there was a SIM card in her name. She didn’t give out the cohabitant to anybody, didn’t admit guilt. Condemned her for two years. A year and a half later she left THE parole camp (parole). Arriving in their city, learned that man is already living with another woman. Met grief-drinking buddies, began to drink and “scored” on what she needs to go to the district for marks. So, when she had three months before the end of the criminal record, she was arrested and immediately taken to court to change the place of serving a criminal record on sentence. The remaining three months she must spend in prison. A month and a half after the trial, she had already served in prison, there is still the same. 

   After the morning check-up, Natasha was taken to court to prolong her arrest. And spurn-“thief” told me:

   “I want to cook a hodgepodge for the three of us today. Natasha will come from the court again weeping, and here I am with a festive hodgepodge! I will leave soon, you will remember how I fed you tasty!”(a recipe soups you can read: Life hacking the bag in the prisoner’s.)

 Natasha-a drug addict called me to play backgammon, for five games I never won. And she told me:

   “I am with you today not fun to play, you either give in, or think about something else!»

   And she was right, at that moment I was thinking about the words of the Armenian prisoner and realized how I should help the prisoners.

 I took my CCP (code of criminal procedure), PEC (penal code), notebook and called Natasha-“thief” at the table.

   “Natasha, you’re not going to the zone!”I said, and she immediately believed me.

   However, at that moment I did not even imagine how it “all started”. It turned out that she had with him was not the last of the judge’s decision on the replacement of the sentence by sentence. She did not appeal the decision, nor did the appointed lawyer. And the term for appeal is given in ten days after the court’s decision. Thus, the resolution could already come into force and Natasha from day to day could be sent to the zone. Though there was a hope that two weeks of new year’s holidays postponed execution.

   Her gaze, with faith and hope in me, quickly forced my brain to work out an “emergency”plan.

   Natasha-“thief” had this time to write a lot under my dictation. And so, we wrote: a petition to the court to issue a decision, a petition to restore the deadline for filing an appeal, a petition to suspend the decision in connection with the filing of an appeal, a petition to the court to review the materials of the case on the decision. And as a safety net, I came up with a statement addressed to the warden notifying him of the suspension. To Natasha inadvertently did not send to camp prior to the consideration of the appeal. All statements were written in two copies and on the same day handed over to the prison office for submission to the court.

  When cheerful Natasha-“thief” finished the hodgepodge, and I won for the third time in a row Natasha-addict backgammon, opened “reservation” and went Natasha-Armenian. Her face was triumphantly satisfied.

   “You changed the measure of restraint?”asked Natasha, a drug addict.

   “Yeah, what would I be doing here now? I’m gonna run to the bathroom and tell you something.”she said in a smug and intriguing voice.

   The four of us were eagerly sitting at the table, waiting for her to come out.

   “And you won’t even give me tea?”she asked in surprise when she came out.

   We all jumped at once, and Natasha-“thief” said:

   “I’ll feed you a hodgepodge now!»

   But Natasha-Armenian stopped her:

   “Let me tell you something first, and then we’ll have dinner!»

   When we all sat down at the table again, she began her story in a whisper:

   “Girls, today in court, I met with our Agent. It also took out the “in moderation.” He’s Armenian, like me. After talking with him, he promised that he would look after our house, so we did not need anything!»

   Natasha, the”thief”, and I exchanged glances.

   About how took place at the Armenian women hearing I barely listened, and thought about the prisoner-the Armenian, whom few days ago was found in court. “So he is a Layman, and it was from him that the baby was!I thought at that moment.

   “And what does it look like? What’s his name?”- I heard a quiet question Natasha-addict.

   “The most unsympathetic Armenian I have ever met among Armenians! About sorak years, hair gray-haired, growth a small. Name is Samvel(author’s note: the NAME is CHANGED, COINCIDENCES CAN NOT BE!!!).”- Natasha-Armenian answered.

   “Is he small in stature?”- I blurted out without thinking, and Masha-Ukrainian clung to me.

   “Yes, he is much shorter than you!”the Armenian woman told me.

   Then Natasha-“thief” began to set the table. And I wondered where this low Layman knows me, among my friends there were only two Armenians and both of them did not fit the description, and one hundred percent were free.

   Late night for Natasha-Armenian girl “flew” the kite and “gangster” without a return address hut. After reading the note, she flushed it down the toilet and opened the “bandyuk”, laid out its contents on the table. There was: coffee pot, chocolate, two packs of cigarettes and a lighter.(On a lighter prison impossible to get anywhere.) Ani has invited us all “prokofievthe under chocolate cigar”. But only Masha-Ukrainian flatly refused, and angrily watched as Natasha is a drug addict moved to the “our gang”.

  So, we “kofemania” and told funny stories until the morning of the test.

   After checking, I quietly asked Natasha-“thieves»:

   “Natasha, what is ‘practice’? And then I said I’m waiting for “testing”.»

   Despite the fact that I asked quietly, absolutely all the cellmates shuddered and stared at me. Natasha fearfully silent and it was evident that he did not know where to start.

   “This is when they cause mental or physical harm to the health of the prisoner. Many do not stand it and go crazy or die for various reasons, and some end in suicide!”rude replied Masha-Ukrainian.

  Continuation: Methods of torture in prison. 

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