29. A friend in the brig.

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 On the third court session I went with hope that my torments in prison will end right after interrogation of the last victim and the witness.

   The group of convoy paddywagon was the same as in the first meeting, all very pleasant and sympathetic people.

   I was locked in the same cage again as last time.  

   But this time among men-prisoners from acquaintances there was only a gunner.

   “Hello, Beautiful! Did you know that Adam was put in solitary tonight?”he said Hello.

   “Good afternoon! Do you know what happened? I asked excitedly.

   “They say the cellmate broke his nose!”- laughing said the gunner.

   I stared at him in disbelief and digested what I heard for a few minutes.

   “And in your hut this night, they say, too much fun was that?”the Armenian prisoner asked in an unpleasant voice.

   “And who says interesting? Militia? I asked him irritably.

   “No, not the cops! Word travels fast in prison!”the Armenian answered me angrily.

   “Beauty, you Aram do not hurt and do not take offense at him! He’s a decent prisoner, moved to the cauldron the other day. And you, Aram, don’t hurt your sister! See, she’s nervous and worried about Adam! Yes, and deluge she poskoree than us put together – serious 318! So, so let’s be nice and respectful to her talk!”- strictly said “gunner.”

   “If my tone seemed rude, then forgive me, sister! Tonight, as a sign of reconciliation, I’ll send you the most delicious Swiss chocolate!”the Armenian changed his tone.

   “I’m sorry for the harshness! We really had a rough time tonight. I’m also worried about the trial.”I apologized to the Armenian.

   “Pushkar” on my behalf retold my “deluge”, and all who were in cages sympathetically looked at me. On this trip I was again one of the women among the eight male prisoners.

   The guards took me to the court session, but again no one from the victims appeared. I have demanded from the judge that the unsolicited victim and the witness have brought the drive in the following court session. (At the end of the article I attach an excerpt from the record of the court session.)

   No sooner had the guards closed the cage behind me than the bailiffs from the Department entered the room and demanded that I sign the notice that they put my company’s property up for auction.

   I was beside myself with rage: I shouted at escorts that they had no right to start to me these police officers who removed me on the phone camera. Turning away from everyone to the wall, I covered my ears with my hands and mentally read the prayer “our father”.

   After some time, the guard has otocol the cage door and invited me in behind him.

   I was taken to the dressing room and left alone with a female officer in the uniform of the convoy. She hugged me and I cried on her shoulder for a long time.

   “Olya, it seems to me that they want to put me away for a long time!”I said through tears.

   “Tanya went to your mother with her stepfather. They threw her out. How unfair life is to you! In truth, the old saying that the sins of the parents – children respond! But in your case – it’s not fair!”- the officer Olga answered.

   “Yes, Olya, you’re right! It’s unfair. You won’t have a problem talking to me?”I replied, sniffing.

   “Don’t worry about me. This room is not bugged right now. What’s in the box? What cellmates? There is a connection? Need something to convey to you of the products or things? the officer quickly continued.

   “My son makes a program, I have enough. And the cell became restless. Last night, some scum tried to set me up, but my cellmates were on my side. I call only my son – you know, the wiretap records all conversations.”‘I explained.

   Commissioned officer’s pointedly moved his eyebrows.

   “No, I didn’t call him. But the son met him. He promised him to connect, however, something went wrong. I told her.

   “Yes, when the person “order to put” people from Prosecutor’s office, all are afraid! The sentence can be accusatory and harsh. Do you think the judge is seen that the grandmother of your landing already spent!”- summed up the officer.

   “Olga, no! One person assured me that this judge will consider case on justice, in my favor! I replied sharply.

   “You mean he plays along so well? Hard to believe! I told you, you have to challenge the entire court! And the other would the court of justice examined the case and you’d be free.”- Olga said irritably.

   “When will interrogate the last victim with the witness – then it becomes clear! Even though the expert is not questioned. Time is being pushed for something..”I said uncertainly.

   Olga looked at me in fright and said::

   “That’s it! Time delay – for something!»

   A man in uniform knocked softly on the door.

   “Hey girls! There prisoners “for the sister” worry! To hold promise now with a problem, if we prisoner unharmed’t let me!”the officer said, blinking at me.

   I laughed with relief and said,:

   “Hi, Pasha! You see, if that me fellow prisoners at the jail will protect! Moreover, I already have a guardian angel – Adam!»

   “See that you don’t play with Adam! Or they’ll start working you both off as dangerous prisoners. How is he, by the way? On papers should be today in court!”the officer said.

   “The prisoners said that he was in the punishment cell at night. Broke his cellmate’s nose.”I answered sadly.

   “Oh, he’ll protect you from there! Okay, countryman, hold on and do not lose heart! There are a few “our countrymen” among the guards – tell them to have looked after you! And now, time to go, and “your lads” that kind and the court will carry keperawanan!”the officer said and walked over and kissed me on the top of the head.

   When I was brought back to the cage, the prisoners were excited and angry.

   “You hurt? You’re crying!”Aram asked the prisoner.

   “No, not offended. Heart drops gave, heart seized!”I replied in a calm voice and with a smile.

   “Sister, know that we have heard today how these shameful jackals take away your business – we will not give you offense! If you need help on the outside of your son, tell me, friends will help! If you need to punish someone, then just tell me, just do it!”- inflamed Aram.

   The rest of the prisoners, too, hummed and offered their help.

   “Bitch of a whore!”- shouted “gunner” and he was supported by all the prisoners.

   In the room of the prisoners were staying there, the noise. Only an hour later, one of the guards looked in and asked:

   “Are you going to jail today? Or is everyone here to boycott until tomorrow?»

   I looked at the convoy in surprise, and the “gunner” already explained to me:

   “We thought they took you to work. And we announced that we would not go to prison, but we would keep a hunger strike here until you were returned!»

   “Thank you all so much! I didn’t even know I had so many protectors! Low bow to you from me!”I said, addressing everyone with respect.

    Forty minutes later we were all in jail. I was led to the septic tank, from behind which voices were heard. When the reservation was opened, I was met with a sad look “Diesel”. The other three prisoners looked at me with interest.

   “Ah, Hello! How we missed each other this morning!”- ominous tone cast “Diesel.”

   «Hi. I replied dryly.

   Ignoring the “Diesel”, I began to get acquainted with the prisoners, before introducing myself.

   Of the three unknown prisoners, very interesting for me was Maria,a lawyer who was arrested during the transfer of bribes in the judge’s office. But as you said Maria, sledovatelnitsa has accused her of fraud, and the judge has nothing to do with the case. Maria was already a pre-pensioner, with the will she was helped only by her daughter, who took care of a paralyzed grandmother.

   Our conversation was interrupted by the matron who took us all out for a search. We were in a huge hall, with one hanging video camera.

   “Women, let’s take turns undressing naked and stand on a rubber Mat in the corner for squats.”the matron announced to us.

   “What do you mean naked? Under the camera we have naked in a squatting dance to? And then you the entire jail above us will laugh?”- ominously said “Diesel”.

   “No one will laugh at you! The chief ordered that the searches of prisoners be carried out under a video camera. Because of recent events in prison. This video camera is filming our work, not you! the matron replied irritably.

   “I refuse to undress under the video camera. Any hacker will break your system and put it on the Internet, as I sat naked in front of you! This is a violation of my constitutional rights! And I will complain about your illegal actions!”I said menacingly.

   At that moment, a landline phone rang on the wall.

   “Yes, the prisoners refuse to strip naked under the video camera!”the matron answered the phone.

   Having finished the conversation, she came up to us and said softly:

   “Gusev called. Furious. He’s coming here for a trial.»

   “Such an asshole!”- whispering in my ear said “Diesel”.

    After a few minutes, the armored door swung open and several guards entered. One of them I’ve met before, when the guard refused to put the ladder to the paddy wagon (Start of workings.)

 “Citizen chief, we did not know that you personally sit behind the monitor and watch us naked. If we were told about it at once, we would gladly throw off our clothes and arrange deep squats for your satisfaction! We understand that everyone has their own fetish diseases!”- ironically said “Diesel”.

   “Well, with you of course! You too here “bykuete”, and seemingly – respectable woman!”the major said, looking at me.

   “When I entered the prison, I signed that I was notified that video surveillance is being conducted. But I didn’t give permission to be filmed naked! You’re violating our rights! You owe not to humiliate our honor and dignity! And if You force me to undress, then I have to defend my honor in all ways! And if you really need to keep an eye on the work of the wardens, then You could put us a medical screen, which would not be so humiliating for us!”I said fiercely.

   “Captain, how many solitary confinement cells do we have? Let’s go see who can be released from there for a while to put these prisoners there.”the major said without taking his eyes off my face.

   When all left and there was only one matron, the landline rang again. Silently listening to what was in charge of the tube, the matron turned to us:

   “Those who changed their minds, stay in the search room. And who is also against and ready for the idea to go to the punishment cell, go for a while in the sump. They’ll come for you later from the punishment cell.»

   In the sump we were alone: me and diesel.

   “You know what they call you in prison? “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”- looking at me, an unpleasant tone said “Diesel”.

   “I even will didn’t seem to care what about me spreading gossip and rumors. And here, even more so!”I uttered with contempt and withstood the long piercing gaze of this prisoner.

   At that moment I thought that this ugly woman with huge hands could easily beat me. Suddenly “Diesel” burst out laughing.

   “Yes, who would have thought that in such a fragile woman like you, so much courage!”she said, laughing.

   I was silent, ignoring all her remarks.

   “Well, what are you and the Gypsies plotting against me?”- continued “Diesel”.

   “What are the Gypsies?”I asked, blankly.

   “Well, with Rose and her accomplices. Last time I saw you, you were so good friends.”she reminded me.

   “I remember that they offered their friendship, noticing your aggressive to me!”I reminded her now.

   We were silent for a few minutes and looked at each other. Then, sitting on the only bench away from each other, they continued to be silent, each thinking about his own.

   “You want a cigarette? Or don’t you smoke at all?”suddenly a friendly voice called me “Diesel”.

   “I began to smoke here, but very rarely, when I can not cope with emotions at all.”I confessed.

   “They say that the passive smoker suffers more in prison and more often gets tuberculosis!”she said with a clever expression and handed me a cigarette from her pack.

   “I’ve heard that phrase from Adam. Are you really friends with him or something more?”I answered her, seeing her face stretch out in surprise.

   “Yes, we’re just friends.”she answered quickly.

   “Then why are you hostile to me? You know the expression: my friend’s friend is my friend? Adam’s just a friend to me, too.”I surprised her even more with my question.

   She looked at me and didn’t know what to say. A long and awkward silence was saved by the matron who opened the reservation.

   “Well, you girls give! Because of you had to pull with another corps from the hospital medical screen!»

   We looked at each other with “Diesel”, loudly and victoriously laughed.

   After a search, I again only after lights out got to the camera. Met me two Natasha, as always, but this time were very exhausted.

   As soon as I came out of the bathroom, they told me the news of the day. Drug addicts Valya and Galya from rakolovki brought for dinner. Masha-Ukrainian lunch was in demand: the conversation with the warden, investigative actions, peredachka. After peredachki hohlushka posatives with crack Natasha, Anna, Valya and Galya, after a short time all five of them were under the influence of drugs. After the uproar that they made at the camera, was another shakedown. Now five brawlers narcotic slept wakeless sleep.

   I was shocked, really addicts do not want even in prison to stop using drugs.

   “Girls, personally I’m scared, but suddenly during a routine shakedown, hohlushka their “wheels” will throw on my bunk, and I will solder another and distributing them in jail?”Natasha the thief said in a frightened whisper.

   The three of us looked at each other frightened, remembering the case when the “flashlight” Masha was in the mattress at Milka. (Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask!)

 “I wonder who is giving her these wheels! If the jailers, then she should have instructions on how to get rid of them in dangerous situations. And if the investigator or the lawyer, can and “dump” on any rack. Natasha continued.

   “What a terrible day for all of us!”I said in a heavy voice, and wishing my cellmates good night, I went to bed.

   Continuation: Castling in the hut: pervokhodka on relapses. 


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