33. Easter in prison.

   Beginning: How to earn the title of senior (looking) for the hut. 

 After the “conversation” with the warden Vasilisa, I went to the cell with a heavy heart and a premonition of impending disaster.

   There was no trust in this warden, she was a stream of negative energy, even when she smiled. Jailer Vasilisa I have associated the executioner Punisher of Katyn and of Auschwitz.

   When I started at the camera, waving-khokhlushka also took on a “conversation” to the Warder.

   The questions of inmates, I answered evasively:

   “For me, the conversation was not very pleasant, so I do not want to discuss it with anyone.»

   Through a brief time led and Masha. She was very upset, rummaging in her bag, washed down some water pill and went to bed long before lights out. And it was at least two hours before lights out.

   Your booking suddenly opened and entered the cell with two longitudinal “cosmetically”, which brought three boxes.

   In two boxes were large bags with the logo of the charity. Inside the packages were: a small icon, a pack of tea, cookies, candy, toothpaste and brush, scented soap. These gifts have already been given to us at Christmas. (The prison showdown in women part 2. Christmas in prison.)

 The third box contained nine Easter cakes.

   “And this is why is not responding? Is she alive?”- suddenly, the “longitudinal” came to Masha-khokhlushka, who was fast asleep.

   Mary, still asleep, muttered something in response, but didn’t Wake up.

   “She got the flu. All day she had a temperature, and even froze on the investigation. Had a paracetamol and went to sleep.”I lied.

   “Girls, why you are silent that you are ill? You spread the flu all over the prison, we’ll have to quarantine. I’ll send a paramedic to see you now.”- said the longitudinal Alla.

   Did not have time to close your booking as he ran to the nurse with the pills.

   With pills in prison is very difficult, so taking advantage of this situation, we recruited from the paramedic different pills from imaginary diseases. The dipyrone and drotaverine, tablets, paracetamol, amoxicillin, the treatment, Bromhexine, aminophylline, activated carbon, piracetam, Cinnarizine – that’s such a meager part of the tablets has in her purse from prison paramedic all diseases.

   Each of us, the health worker cut off from konvolut one tablet. All the pills we put in a box of tea “Greenfield”, making so his “first aid kit” in the cell.

   As soon as the “pocket on armor” for the paramedic was closed, outside the window there was a cry:

   “One nine zero! One nine zero!»

   It was more than an hour before lights out.

   I looked at the sleeping Masha-khokhlushka and told Natasha-thief:

   “Today I myself will put the road, and you stand nearby, check that I correctly made everything. We were allowed to set the road early now.»

   The intrigued cellmates looked at me in surprise.

   “Bet the road”, I turned only the third time. The one who “was himself nevidimka”, I have never cursed, as it was before with our “doronicum”, but rather cheered and joked:

   “Honey, don’t worry! We will succeed! You are important, softer, nicer to the “nevidimki” as with the beloved man – do it!»

   Men from different cameras, I heard the laughter and innuendo. The impression was that all the male prisoners hung in their Windows and watched the process. When all I was able to do it, then he heard the men’s cheers.

   To be honest, “put the road” – a very difficult task!

   I haven’t had time to catch my breath after the “production road” as “flew the mail.” I looked at Natasha the thief, exhausted, and asked::

   “Natasha, please, be a “road worker”today! I have today such a difficult day was! I’m dizzy!»

   Natasha lit up with happiness and “got on the road” to send and receive mail.

   Immediately flew “bandits”, “malyavy” and “strem” – in my name.

   Turning the box with the “flight”, I called Natasha-Armenian to my rack and allowed her to call her elderly parents. She burst into tears:

   “My parents still aren’t sleeping, and I’ll be able to wish you a happy Easter.»

   Having covered Natasha with a sheet from the “eye of armor”, I left her to talk to her parents on my rack. Warning in advance that if the “book” opens, she needs to put the phone under my pillow and quickly stand up from my bunk.

   I was ready to take responsibility for the phone, if the warden Vasilisa deceived me.

   While Natasha-Armenian was talking on the phone, I invited the other cellmates to the table and announced that from today until lights out, everyone can talk “on the flight” only with their relatives. Were delighted that two of Natasha, Olya-robber and a drug addict Gal. Addict Anna and Valya said that they have nobody from the family to talk, help them peredachka just friends.

   After some thought, I suggested Anna and Valya make one call to their friends, after we all talk with family. I gave each of them five minutes to talk, and they were very happy about it.

   Natasha is a drug addict tried to Wake Mary-khokhlushka, but it didn’t work out. Masha slept very soundly, a tranquilizer sleep.

   Natasha-thief suggested Easter cakes put on the window sill Windows that they “lit up” Easter dawn, and then eat them at Breakfast – “break the fast.” Everyone approved the proposal.

   After talking “on the flight” with his son and thanked him for “peredachki”, I began to unpack the rest of the “bandits”. The biggest “bandit” from Adam had long been in the refrigerator: a whole gurney of Finnish “Servelat” and nine smoked wings, this I was going with my cellmates “to break the fast for Breakfast” on Easter day.

   From Masha-“Diesel” and Gypsy Roses arrived on a pack of cigarettes “VN” and congratulatory “malyave”. From “Pushkar” I received coffee, chocolates and an Apple. From Aram with “boiler” – another Swiss chocolate and coffee. From aunt Masha (former lawyer) – halva and gingerbread.

   Wrapped in packaging “bandage” from his name, I sent: the rose and the “Diesel” – coffee and a pack of cigarettes “To&CC”, gunners, and Aram – cigarettes “M&ro”, aunt Masha – tea and marmalade, and Adam – a pack of cigarettes, “N&NT” and chocolate marshmallow. The other “malyava”, sent a reply greetings and thanks for the drawings.

   Earlier, I already said that coffee is considered a deficiency in Central, as are sweets, which are necessary for brain activity and reduce nervousness in prisoners. Cigarettes go around the prison “as money”, for them you can “buy” any products, items or get some services.

   I put sweets and cigarettes on the table and invited my female cellmates to drink coffee.

   The water had to boil, as she has always been a thief got “bandak with a pot”, signed: “house”. There were three packs of cigarettes, a box of matches, a box of loose tea, caramel, chocolates, cookies, gingerbread, halva and apples.

   Sweets and fruits we also laid out on the table, and from loose tea Natasha-thief promised the other day to cook “chifirok”, which I have never tried.

      “What kind of holiday is Easter?”- surprised his question addict Valya.

   “I don’t know anything about this holiday either.”- admitted addict Galya.

   “It is strange that you even some holidays you know! For you, stupid, only one holiday – “to get high”!”Natasha-Armenian said condemningly and began to tell them parables from the Bible, only in the manner of “children’s fairy tales”.

   Both drug addicts, and the others are interested in listening to Natasha’s story.

   On this night, only slept Masha-Ukrainian, and we watched on TV the service of the Patriarch. When he said, “Christ is Risen!”behind the Windows I heard the voices of the prisoners: “Christ is Risen! In Truth He Is Risen!»

   Following an unknown impulse, we all ran to the Windows and also shouted at the prison dawn:

   “In Truth He Is Risen!»

   There was a bell ringing from the temple, which was near the prison, and tears burst from all eyes.

   Someone, they were tears of hope, and someone tears of remorse.

   Looking at the crimson dawn, I prayed to God that he would protect my son, grandfather and me. Still asked God to forgive the sins of Adam, Aram, Pushkar, Masha-khokhlushka Natasha-thief, Natasha-Armenian girl, Natasha, addict, Oli-robber, Gali Wali of drug abusers.

   Continuation: Mysterious circumstances in court 


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