38. A fight in a women’s cell in a prison.

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 Immediately after lunch, as soon as the “balander” closed “pocket armor”, I was taken to the reception to the chief of the prison.

   The “master” (warden) was a man under the age of fifty, short and well-fed, with a good-looking round face, brown eyes, snub nose, and short hair.

   Our conversation with him took place in one of the offices in the administrative building in the room for investigative actions. In the corner of the office, under the ceiling, hung a video camera with a recording device. “The master” pointed to the only chair and asked me with a pleasant smile:

   “Listen To You!»

   I squinted at his iPhone, which the chief put next to him on the table. A red button on the glowing screen of the phone blinked to indicate that the audio was on. I thought, “Who is the warden going to give this record to?»

   “I wrote an application in Your name to transfer me to a non-Smoking cell.”I said.

   In the face of “master” ran a wave of disappointment.

   “We have only one non-Smoking cell in the prison, and there are no more places in it! But we plan to allocate one more camera for non-smokers. As soon as it will make repairs, then immediately You will be transferred to it. Any other questions?”said the prison warden.

   «Yeah. I would like to ask You, on behalf of all your cellmates, to Transfer back from us the two drug-addicted prisoners whom you have ordered to be placed with us for re-education. Our function is not to deal with the moral character of criminals. This is Your prerogative, and You get paid for it! Place them for rehabilitation to the prisoner that You have long serve in prison. I asked.

   The jailer’s face twisted as if he had eaten a lemon. He reached for his iPhone and turned off the audio.

   “Well, the other day these drug addicts will be transferred back to their cell! If that’s all, you can go back to your cell.”he told me rudely.

   Returning to the cell, I saw that the drug addicts Jeanne-“Panther” and Laura had already been brought from the hospital “rakolovka”. Both were pale and sickly. I ignored them both and said,:

   “The warden, now at a meeting with me, said that Jeanne and Laura will be returned to their cell the other day.»

   His statement I was delighted by all the inmates.

   Behind my back rattled the chain and the deadbolt, opened the booking and on the threshold appeared the warden Vasilisa. She looked at me menacingly and said,:

   “Jeanne, come on, I’ll take you to see the warden. He wants to have a conversation with you.»

    A drug addict came back ten minutes later, she was confused and mysterious.

   “Something fast with thee, and spoke “Master.””Natasha-Armenian said.

   “Yes, he just told me that the other day we will return to the camera and all.”- Jeanne-“Panther” was heard to be false.

   “Where did You have the conversation?”- I asked.

   “Downstairs in the Opera room. Women, in the meantime, would you mind if loric and I went to bed? ‘Cause we’re not over the poisoning yet.”- quickly answered a drug addict.

   “What were you two thinking when you ate all the pills? What drug effect can give or Advil for pain?”- Natasha-Armenian began to lecture.

   And I haunted the meeting of the head of prison with a drug addict Jeanne. It didn’t escape me that the drug addict avoided looking me in the eye. And why the reunion took to a different corps, and to meet with the addict, the chief came here by myself. And at the time was that it immediately moved me, because to go from the administrative building in our conversion and basements for the time it takes about fifteen minutes. I was not even five minutes in the cell, as Vasilisa took Jeanne-“Panther” to the reception to the head of the prison.

   Somewhere inside me was a restless feeling that had not left me all day.

   The next morning, as always before going to court, I was placed in the “sump”. Here already were: “Diesel”, Gypsy Rosa with her accomplices and other prisoners. In the farthest corner on a bench sat aunt Masha-the former lawyer, her face was beaten. Seeing the horror on my face, she said::

   “At night, the pressure rose, I lost consciousness and fell from the rack.»

   It was difficult to deceive me, I did not believe a single word of aunt Masha. I shook my head, glaring at her. She waved her hand to me, there were tears in her eyes and a voice trembling with tears, added:

   “Yesterday I was transferred to another cell. I now have a “Diesel”.»

   “Or maybe this “Diesel” you got beat up? And you’re afraid to tell us the truth! Everyone in prison knows she beats up her cellmates!”the Gypsy rose demanded an answer.

   «No. I fell when I fainted.”continued to lie to aunt Mary.

   “I thought that losing consciousness from low pressure, but not high!”the Gypsy said.

   Aunt Masha turned to the wall and began to sob loudly.

   “She came to my cell in such a state! My girls can confirm! Yesterday I even with the warden swore, told him that if he “hang” on me another beating, which is not a sacrament, then I will “reveal”!”- irritated and desperately said “Diesel”.

   “Some loony is going on in the female body. And these – “the pink Panther” is done! Is it true that they were brought to you for re-education?”- appealed to me Gypsy rose.

   “Jeanne and Laura are with us. Why the Pink Panthers?”I turned to the Gypsy.

   “You didn’t know they were lesbians?”I say to rose.

   “No, no one told me, and they behave normally. I replied uncertainly.

   “Did you know that they were naked, lounging on the rack, photographed on the phone and sold their pictures to the men-prisoners? And someone pinned and exposed their pictures in schoolmates.”the Gypsy asked.

   “No, I didn’t know that! I was given a different story!”I said, feeling like a fool.

   “I asked the chief to transfer them to my hut for re-education. But he told me that you could only break their noses, and I’ll beat them to death with my hands!”- told me “Diesel” and neighed.

   “Did you really break your cellmate’s nose recently?”the Gypsy rose asked.

   «No. A lie. I accidentally hit her in the stomach, and she tried to turn over what was supposed to be her broken nose. The rest of my cellmates can confirm that she’s lying.”I assured the prisoners.

   “My cellmates can also confirm that I do not beat anyone. Isn’t that right, Mary?”- turned “Diesel” to aunt Masha.

   She nodded fearfully.

   “Why are you “poking”her? She’s old enough to be your mother!”- I asked “Diesel”disapprovingly.

   She raised her eyebrows in surprise and said::

   “Women have no age in prison! Even an old woman like her can fall in love with a twenty-year-old prisoner!»

   “It is necessary under any circumstances to remain a well-mannered woman and show respect for such prisoners at the age. Especially because her “deluge” is not shameful, like many, who boasts “162”, but really robbing the weak or elderly!”I said with a formidable challenge.

   “Diesel” looked at me with hatred and threat.

   “By the way, “Diesel”, all I wanted to ask you! Is it true your husband is a tracker?”- sarcastically asked Gypsy rose.

   Everyone who was in a “cesspool”, stared at “Diesel”. From the arrogant and evil “zechki with the concepts,” she became frightened and zatravlenny “mouse”.

   “We have long been divorced. My civilian husband is sitting here, he’s my accomplice!”- a quiet voice said “Diesel”.

   “What business is he on? I heard a rumor that your partner-in-crime is sitting among the woolies!”the Gypsy insisted menacingly.

   “No, that’s a lie! He’s at the hospital in tubiculous the house!”- frightened voice declared “Diesel.”

   “Mind you, I’ll find out! And if it’s “garbage” that will personally decorate your mug, here at the pond!”said Gypsy rose.

   Right after this statement, we in turn began to be taken out in paddy wagons for delivery to courts.

   “You have to get out of that cell now!”- Adam demanded, as soon as we were in the “trial cells”.

   “The chief of prison promised me yesterday that the other day these two drug addicts will transfer to other camera. I explained to him.

   “It is not faith! He was recently in prison and ignores the old foundations. He is “hoisted” to you these scum, and we can only guess what he had promised them to compromise! That’s why they didn’t put you in the way. Trust me, he didn’t just move them in. Adam said incredulously. (Non-random situations, cellmates and friends in prison.)

 Yesterday’s anxiety did not leave me, but only intensified.

   I was taken to the courtroom, the victims and the expert again did not appear. The Prosecutor looked at me with interested eyes. I tried not to meet the judge’s eyes. Every time I applied to him, it was as if I was looking through him for fear of falling under his hypnosis. Briefly noticing that it was his angry and annoying. That day, the judge denied all my motions. (Excerpt from the minutes of the court session after the article.)

   On my petition to provide me with materials on the criminal case for study, said:

   “Refuse to provide materials for review. In the case there is a Protocol of the investigator that the defendant refused to get acquainted with documents.»

   That statement, the judge just pissed me off. He himself, personally, considered my complaint in the manner of Art. 125 of the CPC and the decision recommended to declare to the court when considering the case on the merits.

   The hatred and contempt I felt at that moment to the judge and the Prosecutor. In this brazen way they violated all the laws in force. “What should I expect in sentencing? Ten years in prison for something you didn’t do? I thought.

   The meeting was adjourned, and I was brought to the cell for the prisoners. Adam raised his eyebrows and said,:

   “Darling, how beautiful you are in anger! I’ve never seen you so angry before!»

   I told him the whole trial, what he said.:

   “Did you notice his manicure today? It’s made for a woman! When I was on the outside, I always had a man’s manicure in the beauty salon. And this one! It only confirms about his sexuality!»

   I looked at Adam carefully and thought, “How attentive he is, to notice who has a manicure!”The prisoner really had a tenacious look. 

   After returning from the court, in the “sump” of the prison was almost the same composition as in the morning, with the exception of “Diesel” and aunt Masha. They were immediately taken to the cell, bypassing the “sump”.

   “Probably, “Diesel” scared that I have it ahead of time, here will score!”the Gypsy rose explained to me, laughing.

   The camera I have not met anybody, all stiffly shook hands with me and each continued to do their business.

   I was uncomfortable.

   Natasha,an Armenian, said that she had a severe headache and, covered with a blanket with her head, went to bed. Natasha,a drug addict, also pretended to be asleep. Olya the robber pretended to read the book, but never turned the page. Drug addicts Galya and Anna played backgammon.

   At the table sat three: Valya-moronica and “the pink Panther” Jeanne and Laura, the three of us were having a nice conversation. Valya, noticing my displeased expression, jumped up and said::

   “Oh, we told you the coffee was warm!»

   Pouring into my mug of hot coffee, he said loudly:

   “We have consulted with the girls and decided the three of us in the queue to be doronicum these days, while their back is not transferred, so I slept at night.»

   “It won’t! They’d rather take our road than let those lesbians “stand in the way”! Is it true that You’re both lesbians?”I asked Jeanne.

   “Yes, really! I thought you knew about that. It’s our own business. We promised the warden we wouldn’t have sex in your house so we wouldn’t embarrass anyone. But after my conversation with my boss yesterday, I changed my mind. During these days, we starved for each other with Lorik, so we decided today to arrange debauchery. We’ve already warned all the girls in the house, and they don’t mind. So, put you in fame! Don’t worry, we’ll cover ourselves with sheets so we don’t seduce anyone.”- flirting with me, lesbian Jeanne chirped.

   I coughed, choking on my coffee. Jeanne began to gently knock me on the back, Laura jumped up and screamed at the whole camera:

   “Don’t touch her or I’ll open up!»

   The screams of the guards came running and gave us the camera “shakedown”.

   I noticed that for the first time the guards were all wearing disposable gloves, maybe they were afraid of something to pick up from our things and objects.

   “This zhanka, where did you get the condom on the cucumber and carrots? And why do you have these vegetables whole, not cut into pieces? Who gave them to you?”- ominously asked the warden Olga, the strictest longitudinal in prison.

   “I will use article 51 of the Constitution!”the lesbian laughed.

 “Olga Vasilievna, I want to transfer to another cell! You can even take me to the punishment cell, I don’t mind! Just now, these two lesbians said they were going to have a depraved Orgy in the cell – I’m not going to watch this abomination! I don’t like this neighborhood!”I turned fiercely to the matron.

   She looked at me attentively and said sympathetically:

   “The warden ordered us not to move anyone from your cell and not to take them to the punishment cell in any case. I also know that these two the other day to the camera-lesbico back to back.»

   “You offer us to enjoy a free depraved show until they are translated?”I said with disdain.

   “If these bastards only try to throw something, I will bring them to “rakolovka” for violation of the regime in jail. And even allowed them to face stuff, I promise anyone about this we let you know.”- promised the formidable Olga.

   “Olichka Vasilyevna, but we are not going to fuck! We joked, wanted to see the reaction of our notorious “looking”!”- kissed a lesbian Zhanna.

   “A normal person will always react to people like you! That will return you head to your hut, there do what you want, once you it allows! the matron replied disgustedly.

   “We swear to you that we will suffer to the native hut.”- assured lesbian Laura.

   When the door closed behind the guards, Jeanne and Laura sat down on their rack and began to whisper furiously about something.

   When Valya-doronila put the road, I immediately unsubscribed about the incident to Adam. On this night, neither Adam nor the “boiler” phone is not “arrived”. As there was no one and “malyava” for me, so I was surprised.

   “Everyone probably thinks that you are tired after the trial and sleep!”I supported Doronina Valya.

   “Really, I’ll go to bed! Will you Wake me when you take the road?”- I asked Valya.

   About three o’clock in the morning I woke up from a wild cry. Jeanne’s sobbing nose was bleeding, lesbian Laura was running around Jeanne with a towel. The two of them ran into the bathroom. Because of the noise of the water and Rankinga crying, it was impossible to discern their conversation.

   “Janke came “malyava” women’s chamber No. 184, where sit the “short” (of all law breakers, love). They both read it, long whispered, and then Lorca was hit a slap in the face to Ianke, and the blood gushed from his nose.”- told us the scared Valya-Doronina.

   With my left hand, I poured myself a mug of barely warm boiled water from a bucket of mayonnaise, which is always heated water for tea. Today I have again ceased to function the right hand. That’s all from troubles and turmoil.

   Came out of the bathroom, both crying lesbians, Janki nostrils were closed with cotton wool. They sat at the table, and the other cellmates got up from the table and moved in their racks.

   Pouring water into an empty bucket, I turned on the boiler to heat the boiling water.

   When I came to the table, the lesbian zhanka told me with a challenge:

   “H-La, you’re staring at me!»

   In me as if blown fuse, and I abusive words mixed with “feney” such phrases covered them both, that they scared ducked their heads and curled up next to each other.

   “Don’t insult me!”- whined a lesbian this zhanka.

   “Shut up, bitch!”I yelled again and threw the water out of the mug, right in Zhanka’s face.

   “Aaaaaah, she poured boiling water on me! Ahhh, dying! zhanka shouted.

   Lorca blew up, grabbed a towel from the rack, wet it under the tap and held it to her friend’s face.

   “Don’t squeal, scum! The water was barely warm! I shouted menacingly.

   All my cellmates were frightened and looked at me in turn, then at the roaring Zhanka.

   Sitting at the table, I began to write “malyavy” for Adam and “boiler” about a fight between lesbians. When Valya sent the “little ones”, from somewhere at the end of the wing he heard: “One, eight, four – there is no road! One, eight, four – “winter”!» 

   I noticed that Laura and Jeanne looked at each other happily after these words.

   “Better take off the road! Hear, was searched by the female body. Soon and to us will come!”- advised lesbian Laura.

   I thought a little, looked at Natasha-Armenian questioningly, she nodded to me in response:

   “We’ll definitely be back. The same screaming like a stuck pig! And the road will be taken away!»

   “Yes, Valya, take off the road and let’s go drink coffee, the boiling water is warm!»

   I put two mugs on the table. Jeanne and Laura rose from the table with the words:

   “Let’s not disturb you.»

   Then both went into the bathroom to wash their mugs in the sink. The other five inmates lay down on the rack, imitating a sound sleep.

   I took the left hand a bucket of boiling water and coming to the table, heard behind his back loud gibberish in the “reservation”.

   The moment I turned to the door, I saw that lesbian Jeanne was rushing from the “armor” to me. She pushed me in the back and hit me in the back of the head with something.

   Boiling water poured over my left hand, but I didn’t feel the pain of the burn in my hand. Something searing flowed down my face.

   Still holding the bucket of boiling water in my left hand, I raised my right hand to my face with difficulty and ran it over the place where the liquid burned my skin. There was blood on his arm.

   Furious, I turned to the lesbian, who was even more furiously gibbering at the reservation. I threw the boiling water in her face just as she covered it with her hands.

   After that I jumped on Janko with his fists, my right hand again worked for me. But the lesbian didn’t resist me, she fell to the floor and curled up screaming at the whole prison. Several hands began to pull me away from the screaming lesbian drug addict. At some point, I felt a cutting pain on my head and forehead – in front of my face flashed “sink” in someone’s hand.

   At that moment, when I was trying to Dodge the “sink”, opened the “reservation” and the menacing cry of the warden Olga: “Stop!”he threw our “fighting a lot” in different directions.

   “My God, how much blood! You, that today all, mad have gone! the matron shouted.

   Part of the floor in front of the cell was covered in blood.

   “You have blood all over your hair! Help her wash her hair! And you’re both going out of the cell for a long time, into the rakolovka. The operative will take care of you now.”he called to the Warder, looking at me and Janko.

   Natasha-a drug addict jumped up to me and helped me to go to the bathroom, where under the tap, in the sink washed my head from the blood.

   “You’ve got a hole in your head. You need stitches, because the blood is gushing nonstop.”a frightened voice said Natasha, a drug addict.

   “How long will I wait? Come on out!”I heard it behind my back.

   “Let’s see what her gash on the head! She needs to go to the hospital! The blood won’t stop.”Natasha showed me the Warder.

   “Oh, my God! Change her into clean clothes. I’m gonna take her to our hospital first, to the prison paramedic.”- promised the warden Olga.

   When I changed my clothes and wrapped a pink bath towel around my head, Olga Vasilyevna personally took me to the hospital, asking all the details of the fight on the way. I did not hide anything from her, told all the details.

   I was taken to the prison treatment room and ordered to sit on the couch. The matron went to look for the operative.

   The paramedic unwound the towel herself and gasped. At the moment when she was fussing around the medical table, taking out the “sterilizer” tools in the procedure went Opera captain Bald. With Bald we met in prison during the new year’s shmon. (Shakedown in the house.

 The paramedic pointed at my pierced head and said,:

   “I can give her stitches, but she’s already lost a lot of blood, and we even have “Gemodeza” no. We need to call an ambulance and get her to the hospital!»

   “Come on, let’s go out!”said the Bald doctor.

   After a while the girl-the paramedic returned and in a dissatisfied voice told me:

   “The bastard, was forbidden to call an ambulance and put you in stitches! Said that if with you something happens, it will confirm that you refused medical care! How bad that there is no video camera!»

   Almost crying, she looked at me and didn’t know what to do.

   “Treat my wound at least with peroxide, and as soon as the blood coagulates, then blot with a sterile cloth and smear with green paint! I asked.

   “Yes, Yes of course! By the way, Your forehead is cut deep! I’ll treat all the wounds now!”- the paramedic began to fuss.

   And I lifted the sleeve on my left hand and asked again:

   “And please treat my hand after the burn.»

   On the left hand in the places where the boiling water spilled, there was a severe burn.

   The paramedic sprayed my arm with burn spray and bandaged it and treated the cuts on my head.

   In ears rustled, the state was semiconscious, was sick, before my eyes flashed moshki.

   The door of the treatment room opened and the warden Olga Vasilyevna appeared on the threshold. She was beside herself with rage.

   “What have You done to her? Did you at least get first aid?”- angrily shouted the prison guard as a paramedic.

   “I did everything in my power! The captain forbade to call the ambulance crew, as well as forbade to impose seams! And she’s got a lot of blood loss and maybe a concussion!”- angrily shouted the paramedic.

   “That bastard! Write me quickly a certificate that you do not allow this prisoner to be placed in a punishment cell!”the matron demanded.

   The paramedic opened his eyes and was horrified:

   “Are you sane? What is the Shu? I told the captain she could die of blood loss!»

   “But this bastard says, You are the assistant, not qualified to judge in such matters and exaggerate! Let’s not waste time, I agree with You, she could die. Write rather a certificate, I will not show it to this Opera, and I will go and give to the person on duty on prison. Today Gusev is on duty, he will not take over the corpse of the prisoner on his duty.”the matron said quickly.

   When Olga Vasilievna accompanied me to the women’s building, she locked me in rakolovka. Here, in rakolovka, a plump young woman was sitting on the floor and looking at me attentively.

   “Did you fight with Jeanne? My name is Dasha, I’m from 184 houses. Now I hope that I will be transferred to your house! We Elya agreed on malyava to make a “boil in two huts”!”- said the prisoner.

   “Are you a recidivist? And also how this zhanka and Lorca was gay? I asked contemptuously, holding tight to the cage to keep from fainting.

   “Why don’t you like us lesbians? You is nothing that’s going to sit a long time without sex and maybe reconsider their relationship to us. No one can protect you in a cell better than the woman you love. I would have definitely hurt not gave!”- affectionately, trying to flirt with me, said lesbian Dasha.

   I threw up right under her feet. It darkened before my eyes, and I fell unconscious on the dirty floor of the rakolovka, trying in vain to grab onto the bars.

   Continue reading in: Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther. 



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