43. Auto-training in prison.

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 I awoke to loud shouts and indignation. Opening his eyes, found themselves safe and not fallen down from the bunk-palm trees.

   Having looked down, saw, that are fighting cellmates Pauline and Diesel.

   “Masha, if you’re going for a walk to sort things out with the new girl or to arrange a fight, then I tell you honestly, I will personally testify against you!”- Polina expressed indignantly.

   “I’m not going to do anything you listed. We decided Dasha, because we haven’t fallen asleep, let’s go for a walk with you for company!”- convinced Diesel.

   “Aunt Ton, well, once we have awakened, we will go down and we, for company, fresh air?”- slyly suggested that the Gypsy woman Masha.

   “Yes really, come on, something, fresh!”sleepy aunt Tonya agreed.

   “I’ll go out with you too!”- declared Gypsy Barbie.

   “And I!”said Anna-zolotonoshka.

   “Then I’ll go for a walk!”said aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   “No, you’re staying! You’ll stink all over the yard! diesel forbade.

   “No, I will go with you, I will not let you beat the thin crowd!”categorically and aggressively said aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   Most of the “old” prisoners ‘ jaws dropped. Apparently for the first time saw a determination and courage from aunt Mary.

   But in my soul scratching cats. Directly, called out of the frying pan into the fire. Before I could even move after the fight with lesbians (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.), so another one is brewing, like a wall on the wall.

   “Are you all really sick? I’m not gonna touch your new girl! You think I want this kind of trouble, as re – “short”? And I am not going to quarrel with the Layman because of her. If that’s what you all think of me, I’ll never go for a walk while this one’s here.”- after saying this, Diesel lay on the bunk near the window, turning away from us.

   “Well, Thank God! We all, not very much like walking. Go, Paulie, take the new girl for a walk. You two don’t have to share a man! Don’t forget the bath!”aunt Tonya lay down to sleep, exhaling with relief.

   Her example was followed by other cellmates. I sat on the top rack and stared blankly at the wall opposite.

   “Jump off! Need some coffee to the walk to have time to drink. I’ve already warmed the boiling water!”Polina called me softly.

   I cleaned myself up quickly. A note to fellow-warden discreetly hidden in a sock, because before the walk, each prisoner is subject to screening. Basically, women-longitudinal probe pockets, sleeves, but sometimes carried out with a metal detector.

   I had only taken a few SIPS before the booking was opened and the escort man took us for a walk without inspection.

   All along our way, to the walking yard, there were jailers-dog handlers with dogs. The animals were very aggressive and growled when we appeared. We from the Fields snuggled up to each other when passing by dogs.

   “It feels like they’re feeding the dogs to the prisoners. Why do they growl and bark at our appearance?”Polina said in a frightened voice.

   “Yes, it’s the handler gives them a command. They hear approaching footsteps, clanking keys and give the command to the dogs: “alien or take”! I don’t know what word they’re trained for, maybe ” Cons.” In any case, the jailers do it for one purpose only, to humiliate and intimidate us! Now, on the next dog will conduct an experiment, and break off the matron!”I said softly to Polina.

   When the next odomknutie “armor”, was a young woman-the cynologist with us barking at a German shepherd, I imagined the shepherd of my friends, and catching the dog at her menacingly shouted: “And, well, ugh, place!»

   The dog stopped barking and sat down beside the canine.

   “Talk!!!”- shouted, behind going, the guard.

   We exchanged glances from the Fields and laughed merrily.

   When we entered the room with walking yards, we were taken to accompany another convoy.

   “Any mail for me?”he asked quietly.

   “Yes, now!”Pauline pulled a roll of paper from her bosom.

   The guard quickly took the prisoner’s mail and gave her a small note.

   “And You do not need to betray anything to anyone?”carefully looked at me escort.

   “No, don’t.”I replied in an uncertain voice.

   “Don’t be afraid, I won’t tell anyone!”Pauline promised.

   “I in truth, there is no one to pass!”I said softly, not trusting my cellmate or companion.

   When the patio closed behind us your booking, Pauline, sitting on the bench, began to read the note, sometimes laughing. Then there was a loud working radio, and leading fervently encouraged his listeners with jokes and music. It was the end of April, but it was terribly cold in the walking yard, as if it were the Epiphany frosts. 

   “That’s hilarious! Read what my husband writes! Yeah, take it, take it, there’s nothing personal or forbidden about it.”Pauline handed me a note.

   From the first line, I realized that the author was with a great sense of humor and self-irony, such qualities have only strong personalities. Pochityvaya the last line, I held on to the cheeks, which ached from laughter.

   “What is he brilliant!”I said, delighted.

   “Because of his genius, we separated. You can’t always be with someone who teases you all the time!”Polina told me.

   I looked at her puzzled, is it possible because of such sparkling humor, to break up with a loved one.

   “We dispersed, according to documents, and here couldn’t leave each other. Continued to live together. When the “investigator” was invented fraud against us, I went as an accomplice of her husband. The husband claimed in court that I was his wife and could not be an accomplice. But the paperwork says we’re divorced. Here and now sitting here together, and our son there alone.”- Polina told sadly.

   “Why you and your husband, rewritten, and not on roads?”- I asked.

 “He has no roads in his cell. In the first meeting, the husband covered the judge with a Mat, called all possible non-literary words. The most modest word was – blue.” Judge him one more article soldered, for contempt of court. At the next meeting, the husband once again began to call the judge as soon as he entered the room. Here, the judge also passed the resolution on consideration of the case without participation of the husband. Now it is not taken to the courts and work in prison. Will take only on a sentence. And from that moment, he was transferred to the basement cell, where the Windows do not open. In the year and a half that we’ve been here, we’ve found a loophole to send word to each other. He doesn’t have a cell phone there either. Sometimes my mother goes to see him, and then I find out about his health.”- Polina also explained sadly.

   For a few minutes we sat together and thought about our troubles. Suddenly, Paul jumped with benches, several times jumped and with relish told:

   “So, let’s not be sad! We need for evil to our enemies to be healthy! Now we will do exercises, then run in a circle, and then, I’ll teach you one relaxing training, called – “tree-live”! Come on, get up, mentally drop the weight of sadness from your shoulders! First do head tilts, forward and back!»

   I was happy to join Polina charging, and we did not notice how the hour flew.

   The reservation was opened, and Paul asked the escort: “please Take us last to the cell, and then we have not finished Jogging.»

   The guard nodded and closed the armored door of the exercise yard. We ran a couple of laps, and Paul taught me the training “tree-live”.

   This is done. You need to stand up straight, legs apart at shoulder width, raise your hands high into the sky. Close your eyes, imagine that your hands are the crown of the tree, your feet are the roots, and the rest of your body is the trunk of the tree. Slowly shake the crown – hands from side to side, as if the wind shakes. And feel what and how the tree is experiencing. If there is an image, do not let it go, and see how it is transformed.

   When I began to sway, I heard Pauline’s voice.:

   “What do you feel, tell me!»

   “In the place where I have a burn on my hand, like an old and heavy bark. It’s hard for me and the party to swing in the wind.”I said.

   “Get that bark off you, shake it off!”Pauline ordered the voice.

   I imagined that shake this lifeless shell branches.

   “Now I see a bare branch without bark. I continued.

   “Force yourself to have a new leaf born on this branch!”- ordered Field.

   I did it easily.

   “The paper opens. In this luminous larva of the caterpillar. No, she’s becoming a butterfly.”- I continued to share emotions.

   “Inhabit this butterfly!”- quickly ordered the Field.

   “Ahhh, I’m starting to take off!”I cried out in fright and fell into Pauline’s arms.

   She looked at me with delight and curiosity, supporting me under her arms. My head was spinning.

   “Don’t tell me I really took off!”I said, half-interrogatively.

   “Your soul opened up and is flying! Don’t clamp it anymore!”- advised Field.

   “You know, Pauline, I recently came to the court insight about a fairy tale: a Spider and a butterfly. I even drew a plot on a piece of paper. And then I forgot about it. But that butterfly from the fairy tale is very similar to my vision today. When we get back to the camera, I’ll show you a sketch of a fairy tale. I said.

   “You see, your soul told you that you should be engaged in creativity! – happily has exclaimed Field, and then a bit thinking, serious voice added. – By the way, don’t be mad at Mashka-Diesel. She lies a little to make herself seem more important. Just playing a prison game. He, this Adam, it on will and see not will need! And then, when you were fighting with lesbians, she was so worried about you that she rattled her reservation and demanded that the wardens ran to your cell and saved you. She always spoke of you with respect.»

   The door armor opened, and I saw his countryman-supervisor. Unnoticed from Poly, I got a note from a sock and handed over to the countryman. When we entered the cell, Paul smiled slyly, as if saying: “I saw everything, but I will not tell anyone!”I smiled back at her as if I said, ‘I believe you!»

   “Here she comes, she’s coming to the window!”- dissatisfied roared Diesel.

   Masha-Diesel stood on my rack and was talking with someone through the open window. Seeing me, she said in a dissatisfied voice:

   “Come to the window, Adam is calling you!»

   “Tell him I’ve fallen out of love with him!”I said arrogantly.

   Diesel happily laughed. Then she leaned out of the window and deliberately loud, to hear the whole prison, shouted:

   “Adam!? Your “moon-faced” asks you to tell you that she didn’t love you anymore!»

   From different Windows there was a chuckle.

   “Don’t piss me off, Diesel! I said, call her or does your house need a problem?”- angrily shouted Adam.

   “Go tell him yourself! diesel called me in a pleased voice.

   I went to the window and looked at Adam’s silhouette with a Sizzling look, stretching out the word in the prisoner’s manner, and spoke to him with contempt.:


   “How are you, love? Adam asked in surprise.

   “Your love is no longer mutual! Don’t bother me anymore! “Hitched”?”I said in a threatening prisoner’s tone and walked away from the window.

   Diesel and all the other inmates looked at me with astonished admiration.

   “Mary, I believe that we should not with thee men to fight. Let’s live together?”- I turned to Diesel.

   “Girls, on this occasion, I will cook today “hodgepodge”, and we will arrange a holiday! We’ll sing Gypsy songs and dance! After all, most importantly, the weather in the house!”happily squealed Mary-Gypsy.

   “Aha, only the weather will now be non-flying and expected hail, which will break through the roof of our house. Do you think Adam would forgive such humiliation? Let’s go, ladies “torpedo”. And then, Oh you see, Oh I feel, waiting for us today in a lot of trouble and loss.”the last phrase said Diesel on the Gypsy style.

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