50. From purgatory to the torture chamber.

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 At the hearing I came not slept – Diesel all night hysterical.

   When we have the whole camera sleeping, Dora Doronina put “the road”, and they are from a camera sent the moonshine. Diesel and Dasha got drunk on this surrogate, and decided that everyone in the cell should have fun with them. About two o’clock in the morning they turned on the radio and began to dance.

   With an angry and twisted face, Diesel demanded that we all join them. Of course, we all refused, then Diesel ran up to an elderly aunt Masha-lawyer and kicked her in the stomach.

   “Damn bitch, BS-nice!”- she yelled at the former lawyer.

   When we jumped up from the boxes to save aunt Masha, the reservation opened and three guards entered the cell, among them was the jailer Gusev. He looked at each of us with an attentive and tenacious gaze, and then said::

   “These two in rakolovku until morning! Let the chief tell where got in prison alcohol.»

   Diesel and Dasha were taken out of the cell to rakolovka. And all of us, except aunt Tony, the Gypsy, sat down on the rack to sobbing aunt Masha and began to calm her down.

   “I hope that Vasilisa will keep his word, and after this brawl, Diesel will be transferred to another cell.”- quietly said the Gypsy Masha, looking at the Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   Other cellmates supported the statement of the young Gypsy.

   However, I was sure of the opposite. Have long concluded that the jailer Vasilisa can not be trusted.

   We couldn’t sleep until morning. And before I go to court, in the camera brought Diesel and Dasha.

   Dasha immediately lay down on his bunk and fell asleep, and Diesel took a long shower. Coming out of the bathroom, she made herself a coffee and sat at the table-a Dorm, looking askance at us all. Around her was an elderly Gypsy aunt Tonya, who was making sandwiches for Diesel.

   When they came for me to escort me to the paddywagon, no one in the cell said a word to Diesel. Polina hugged me and said softly:

   “Remember, the judge is your Savior and friend! Be gentle with him! Charm him!»

   I laughed, I loved this cellmate that in any situation, found a positive mood. For several weeks now, she and I have been practicing yoga and setting each other up for a positive.

   Pauline was still at large fond of psychology and magic, for some of his tests, she found I have psychic abilities and now demanded that I develop them. That’s the conclusion she came to after the first session, “Tree-live.” (The third circle of prison purgatory or the image of the soul.)

Pauline decided that my “Guinea pig” was to be my judge, I needed the will to win him over to his side.

   Well, today’s trial will be my first experiment in psychic abilities.

   I, sitting in the “aquarium” for prisoners, carefully considered the cute judge and did not understand how I can charm this ruthless man.

   “The defendant, today You are going to claim any motions? From a pre-trial detention center from You didn’t arrive any statement. the judge asked.

   I shook my head, not saying a word, and not getting up from the bench. The judge looked at me carefully.

   “Are you healthy? Can you participate in the hearing?”he asked, bewildered.

   I nodded my head affirmatively, again without saying a word, and without getting up from the bench.

   The judge looked at me blankly, then looked at the lawyer and asked:

   “Defense, do you have a statement?»

   “Not yet, we are waiting for the expert’s appearance. By the way, the expert submitted documents that he is sick?”the lawyer replied.

   “The head of the expert organization sent a letter to the court that the expert is on sick leave.”the Chairman answered, looking past the lawyer at me.

   I did not react to the answer of the judge, it seemed to be indifferent to everything that is happening. Pretending I care about my manicure, looked every finger, but sideways I was watching the judge. 

   “The defendant, You don’t want to repeat the previous statements?”the judge suddenly asked.

   I looked at him in surprise. Smiling, she shrugged and shook her head.

   Silently boycotting, I saw that the judge was upset with my behavior.

   “The meeting is postponed for a week.”the judge said sadly.

   This was the first meeting that ended in five minutes.

   When the judge left the courtroom, I felt that he was drilling me with his eyes, but I did not turn in his direction and continued to sit in the dock.

   After the trial, I was taken to a room with cells for prisoners. In one of the cages stood Adam. I told him briefly about the arrival of Diesel, and her night brawl.

   “You see, Adam, because of your scheming in prison, I could get hurt again. I sometimes think you’re not protecting me in prison, you’re doing everything you can to hurt me.”I told him in the end.

   Adam frowned and said nothing, his eyes angry.

   Back in prison, I knew I couldn’t stay in the same cell with Diesel.

   On this day I was lucky, the duty warden was a major, who once helped, saving me from the camera with lesbians. (The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181.)

 “Hello, citizen major. Will you help me meet the warden? He promised to transfer me to a new non-Smoking cell, but it’s been a month, and I’m still in the cell with smokers.”I turned to the jailer, who smiled at my address to him.

   “I think we will solve this issue now without the chief. The second non-Smoking camera has already begun to settle. I will personally see to it that You are transferred to a non-Smoking cell today.”promise me smiling pretty major.

   He then picked up the landline and said in a commanding tone,:

   “Longitudinal, go get the prisoner from the station. Give her time to pack her things and then move her to cell 184. Vasilisa say, that this my order. And tell her I’ll make sure there are only non-Smoking inmates in this cell!»

   I breathed a sigh of relief. For that time that I was in a pre-trial detention center, for myself noted that among drug addicts there are no non-smokers.

   Longitudinal took me into the chamber 181, so I can pack my things. As soon as the reservation was closed for me, I was approached by Diesel and aggressively stated:

   “Well, did you flirt with my Adam again in court? Listen to me, you and I can’t get along in the same house! That’s why you have to go back to your 190!»

   I ignored the diesel attack and turned to Polina and the other inmates.:

   “Girls, I’m transferred to the cell Smoking. I think 184. I don’t know if there are any other places, but if any of you don’t want to smoke, write a request for transfer to a non-Smoking cell. Polina, will you come to the non-Smoking room with me today? Today, an adequate duty, let’s call him and go there together!»

   The cellmate Polina’s eyes were full of tears, she could barely contain myself to not to burst into tears:

   “I can’t stand it without a cigarette. Once I already translated in the first non-camera, but I’m already on the second day a little crazy is not gone.»

   The armor door was opened and the camera ran frenzied warden Vasilisa. She looked at me with hatred and barely restraining her anger, said:

   “You will have to wait about thirty minutes, while in 184 cell we will do castling. We’ll make room for You personally now, because that cell was already full.»

   “Why did You settle it without me? After all, the warden promised me that I would be one of the first to be settled there! I was indignant.

   “We thought You liked it in the chamber 181! You’re all friends here.”the warden said sarcastically.

   “Okay, I’ll wait while you do the castling. Just in time for coffee with the girls.”I replied, ignoring the boorish tone of the jailer.

   Quickly gathering his things in the bag, I sat on the table-the drop camera and cell mates began to colemanite. I didn’t invite aunt Tonya to the table. The very first I called for the table Diesel:

   “Masha, join us, we will drink my coffee in a friendly way.»

   She was confused, but did not refuse. All together at the table we sat and joked on different topics, remembered jokes. Suddenly Polina told me:

   “Come on, I want to tell you something in confidence.»

   And she pulled me by the hand to her rack.

   “Come on, tell me how the meeting with the judge went!”she asked in a whisper.

   When I told her all about the trial, she was glowing with happiness and victory.

   “Aha, you see, the ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury!” I told you there was a witch inside you. Listen to yourself and do as your intuition tells you!”said Pauline.

   “Who’s the witch in our house?”behind us, I heard the voice of the Gypsy Masha.

   “Relax, Masha, I’m the thin one who teases! Pauline laughed nervously.

   “One day, one prisoner-witch cellmate bald cut and kicked out of the house, because they thought that because of her gaze, they lost in the courts! So, in the future, be careful with such jokes and statements.”- loudly declared elderly Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   I looked carefully and hypnotically into the eyes of an elderly Gypsy woman, and she suddenly jerked and crossed herself, looking at me.

   “If someone thinks me a sorceress and spread gossip about me, then I will have on this human send damage!”I said menacingly to the old Gypsy.

   Then I turned to Polina, winked at her, and the two of us laughed hysterically.

   “You two are fools!”hugs back laughing Gypsy Masha.

   The armored door opened, and the longitudinal called me out with things. With the exception of Masha-Diesel and aunt Tony’s Gypsy, the prisoners saw me off with sadness, each of them hugged me on the track. I felt like I’d dropped a heavy load.

   Camera 184 was on the same floor as 181. When the longitudinal opened in front of me reservation, I was met by nine prisoners. With the exception of one prisoner, the others were unknown to me.

   “Hello! It’s so good to see you!”- Natasha-the addict who looked after me in the camera 190, after my fight with lesbians rushed to embrace me. (Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.)

 “I didn’t know you were in that cell. You quit Smoking? I was told there were only non-Smoking inmates!”I said to my cellmate.

   “I quit Smoking. There’s no Smoking only three, and the rest of the cast!”- admitted Natasha-a drug addict, helping me to throw a mattress with a bed on the only free rack-a palm tree.

   I shook hands with everyone in the chamber and introduced himself, noting that friendly, I met only four. Two of them looked at me with studying interest, and three of them did not hide their dislike for me.

   Looking around the cell, I was surprised to note that this cell can hardly be called a prison, it was like a hospital, if not for the two-tier rack. The floors are freshly painted, the walls are soft apricot, the ceiling is perfect white, new shades. From the armor on the left side there was a bedside table under the TV with a huge TV, behind them a refrigerator, on the walls hinged shelves with books. On the left side were three two-tiered rack. On the right side of the armor: two coat hangers and two shelves for shoes, then, fenced off the room with a toilet, sink, mirror, shelves for bubbles. Behind the toilet, a table-a common room with two benches. Over the table, wall Cabinet for dishes. Then came two bunk bunks. Two huge Windows made the camera very bright.

   “From our window, you can see a piece of the city, because the camera is the most extreme in this building! Let me show you.”- happily said Natasha, a drug addict.

   I looked out the window and saw a street with houses and traffic lights. Tears spurted from his eyes, such a vivid picture I have not seen for almost six months.

   Continue reading in: Composition of non-Smoking house №184. 

Prison jackals — midwives. 

Photo from the Internet, but the camera is very similar to 184.


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