68. Prison intrigues.

Beginning: Loner. First week in solitary confinement

I was ready for the six-hour morning check-up as never before: a thick layer of Foundation on my face, a fashionable Smokey ice in my eyes, and bright lipstick on my lips. Also, I did not forget to dress up in his fashionable signature blue dress with a deep neckline, which the night before took.

   As I had anticipated, a delegation headed by the prison guard came to check. Everyone looked at me, but the male guards stared not at my face, but at the neckline of my dress.

   “You just did, not know you! Fashionable hairstyle and bright makeup You are very to face. Right that decided to become brighter, and before went to the court like a gray mouse.”- approved my kind of duty on prison, who a week ago saw my naked body in bruises (Prayer will save you from prison gossip.).

“So I will look now always!”- I answered my favorite phrase from the movie “Office romance”.

   “Solitary confinement has done You good! I was told that You need to be in court today. How are You feeling? Externally and not to say that You were recently beaten by cellmates. But wouldn’t it be a surprise for us to see You go to court, where You’ll report a forensic examination for the beatings? the attendant asked.

   «No. I’m not going to say that I here tortured cellmate on someone’s order. That’s what we agreed with the warden. A very important witness is going to testify in court today, and I have to be there.”I began to persuade the jailer.

   “How did You know that a witness was to come to court today?”- the person on duty on prison was investigated.

   “Yesterday afternoon my son came on a date, he told me about it. And he was told about it in court when he took the judge’s permission to date.”I lied convincingly, blushing under the jailer’s hypnotic gaze.

   But a thick layer of Foundation and powder covered my redness, as did the bruise on my face. On duty for another few minutes posverlil me with his creepy prison look, and then said:

   “We will inform the prison Governor about Your need to go to court today. If he gives the go-ahead, they’ll take You out.»

   The delegation left, and I was very upset, because I guessed that the chief would not allow departure until I was examined by a doctor. I was so upset that I could not think of a way out of this situation.

   Yesterday, the longitudinal warned me that someone is spinning a new intrigue against me. And in the evening already this intrigue began to work when the male case didn’t offer me to put the road. So, my cell could be listed as “red” and then all respected prisoners of the prison will turn away from me. But if you believe the rumors, the prisoners I threw up from the camera the murderers and placed in solitary confinement with shower and toilet.

   On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I was pacing the cell. Opened the pocket and blander fun announced:


   I had no appetite for nervous excitement, and I refused Breakfast.

   Balander closed pocket on the armor, and I went insane walking on the camera.

   A few minutes later, the armor pocket opened again, and longitudinal Galina dissatisfied tone asked me:

   “Why did you refuse Breakfast? Going on a hunger strike? What are your demands?»

   I looked blankly at the warden, but after a second I decided to play the suggested topic of the hunger strike in my favor. Approaching armor, very loudly, to be heard on sound recordings tsinovskii video camera, said:

   “You see, Galina, I don’t want to be taken to court today, and for me it is very important. Because there has to come the witness who will explain about falsification against me criminal case! I am not sure that the lawyer will correctly ask those questions which will expose the investigator and false victims!»

   “Did I hear you correctly? You’re going on a hunger strike for not going to court? Is it not the duty promised that he would consult with the chief about you?”also complained of the longitudinal.

   “Yes, I’m going on hunger strike. And now I will write an official statement to the warden!”I announced.

   “Let’s wait for the decision of the chief, and then you will write applications.”- asked longitudinal.

   I don’t know why, but that warden’s pleading tone made me make a final decision.

   «No. I’m going to file a hunger strike right now!”I shouted very loudly into the open pocket of my armor.

    The jailer slammed her pocket shut, and I took out a piece of paper and wrote a statement about the hunger strike, indicating the reason. After that, I went to the reservation and began to knock, but the longitudinal – jailer ignored my knocking and didn’t fit my camera. Then I began to press the signal button-a call from which in the corridor, above the entrance to the camera, the red lamp lights up. After a minute, longitudinal, opened the pocket-feeder on the reservation.

   “Accept my application for a hunger strike!”I said loudly, sticking my hand out of the manger pocket with a piece of paper.

   “Couldn’t you wait for me to change?”- a disgruntled whisper said the jailer Galina, taking my statement.

   Ten or fifteen minutes later, I had the same delegation in my cell as at six in the morning, only they were joined by the matron Vasilisa. Everyone looked at me with undisguised anger.

   “You see, the warden is still on vacation today, and I can’t decide on You so early. Come on, You’re not going to court today and you’re going to withdraw your hunger strike. The boss comes out of vacation in a week, You make an appointment with him and decide your questions. Just in time for the bruises on her body to go away.”the prison guard announced.

   “I understand your offer. But I will not withdraw the application. And even if you throw it away, I’m not taking lunch or dinner tonight. And every time I will declare that I am hungry. And by the way, who are You by position and what is Your name?”I turned to the prison guard.

   “I am the interim chief of the women’s corps, captain Dobrev. We’ve met more than once, here in prison. the attendant replied.

   “Met, but when unpleasant situations when I was worrying about my survival after torture. So, citizen Dobrev, if I am not taken to court today, I will starve, at least the next month. And I’ll tell the warden it’s Your fault!”I said.

   Jailers rather exchanged glances among themselves, but the captain Dobrev, in his eyes I read the sadness and disappointment.

   “Well, I will now report Your hunger strike to the warden, as well as your demands.”said the jailer Dobrev.

   On personified by the matron Vasilisa was read outright discontent. “So-so, the struggle for power and an important suitcase.”I thought, looking at Vasilisa and Dobrev.

   The jailers left the cell, and I had only to wait. I hoped it wouldn’t be long, at most, for the next thirty minutes. The morning courts of the prisoners is removed from the chambers from seven to eight in the morning to load into lorries. It was half past seven in the morning. It’s been over an hour, and no one has come for me.

    “Oh, I overreacted. I guess now I’m in trouble again, even sooner than expected.”I thought with fear, as I nursed the cell back and forth, remembering with horror how I was beaten in cell 184. (Hell in a non-Smoking cell.)

As the bolts on the armored door slid, a chill ran down my back. His legs gave way, I sat on a bench at a moment when the camera went unidentified prison guard with papers in hand.

   “Well, my business is the pipe.”my inner voice said.

   The young warden looked me up and down brazenly, then smiled and asked:

   “Will you go to court in shale?»

   “Huh? What? I asked in a trembling voice.

   “I say, are You ready to go to court?”the jailer asked loudly, apparently suggesting that I was deaf.

   “In court? Isn’t the loading time over? Are You sure you’re going to accompany me to the auto-order?”I quickly began to chatter.

   The young jailer smiled and looked at me as if I was mentally ill.

   Download “paddy wagon was detained. And I will definitely take You to the car.”the jailer reported.

   I was swept up by the camera, on the move throwing Slippers and shoes shoes.

   “You take a jacket with you, otherwise it will be cold in the court sump, despite the hot July.”- advised the jailer.

   I grabbed a leather jacket and a bag of documents and jumped out of the cell, afraid that the jailer will change his mind, noticing in bright light my cyanosis on his face and hands.

   Together with the jailer went down to the first floor and went to the “prison station”, where take – send prisoners. There were several employees of the prison, among them was an unpleasant type – the senior escort from the paddy wagon. This vile man had already once shown his vile nature when I was once taken from prison to court. (Start of workings.)

Now, this dork looked at me from head to toe disgustingly.

   “Why, are you crazy? She’s in and out, and if you declare in court that her convoy in a paddy clocked? No, I refuse to take her out today!”the bastard said.

   “I’m not going to declare anything in court! And where did You see the beating on me? Or maybe You’re interested in me not getting into an important trial today? And can You pay my enemies to You obstructed justice??”I shouted furiously at the convoy from the paddy wagon.

   It was necessary to see his surprised, frightened eyes and silently opening his mouth like a fish. I had no idea then that I would be right about this scoundrel.

   Here, at the prison station, was the Deputy chief of the prison. He carefully examined my face, trying to see the bruise. But I covered the right side of my face with my hair.

   “Give me a piece of paper, and I’ll write that no one from the prison and paddy wagon beat me.”- I demanded from the Deputy.

   He immediately handed me a blank sheet of paper, and I, trembling hand with excitement, wrote: “To date, I have no claims to the staff of the paddy wagon and prison.”Having put today’s date and the signature, I gave the statement to the Deputy chief of prison. After that, I was immediately taken to the paddy wagon.

   When I was locked in the “glass of paddy wagon”, I heard a familiar Armenian voice.

   “Who is now loaded into the car? What is the name? Which house? Adam’s voice came from the next “glass” where there was no window, no crack.

   “Adam, it’s me. I was placed alone under number 195. And before that, hidden in a cell with murderers who sit under a video camera and without road.”I replied in a trembling voice, restraining myself from crying.

   “Thank God, my love, that I heard your voice. Your son called me yesterday and told me everything. Until yesterday, nothing about you was known only from the words of bolander knew that you kept under your camcorder with the killers. We demanded from the “Host” for your safety, but it – you know what-with (illegal in.word.) He refused to negotiate with us. And when your son told us yesterday that you were transferred alone, we were surprised. So we did manage to get the “Master” to keep you safe.”my Armenian friend said, sighing.

   The paddy wagon was still in place and had not left the prison. I, fearing that the jailers may change their mind to take me to court, said the main thing that bothered me:

   “Adam, I don’t have a road in my cell. When I talked with the chief before the transfer alone, he said he would not mind and allowed the way in the cell. But then the camera came one jailer, with whom I have a feud, she said that the chief changed his mind and forbade me to approach the window. Adam, tell You my camera is not enrolled in the “red” You put me the way? I need a connection with you and my son.»

   “Of course, my love, you will have a road today. And don’t believe any of the filth of the matrons, supported now only connected to the “Master”, since he let you on your way!”Adam reassured me.

   From relief, tears flowed down my face, and I read a prayer of thanks. Now it was all the same: you’re lucky or not for me in court, as intended fulfilled.

   Until now, I was only hoping for a miracle if I met Adam. The most I could hope for was to get a message to him through one of the prisoners.

   A paddy wagon drove off and I did not care whether we will have time for my court hearing. The “glass of paddywagon” was terribly stuffy, like a sauna, the iron walls were heated by the day sun, which made its way inside the paddywagon through small cracks. Wiping the drops of sweat on my face with a handkerchief, I washed my makeup.

   On reaching the court, we began to unload from the car. I decided to display the latest. Even inside the paddy wagon I fastened handcuffs on his hands, when I went to the exit of the car, I saw that the stairs – the steps I was not exposed.

   “The ladder’s jammed. Have to jump! Let me hold your hand.”- told me the nasty head of the convoy in a paddy wagon.

   Jump wasn’t high, high up to a meter. So I, jumping out of the car-paddy, worried not to break the heel and not to twist the leg. However, it was necessary to worry about the hand that was holding the bastard. At the time of my jump, he deliberately wrenched my right arm. I screamed in pain and looked at the guard with surprise, and he, grinning, said:

   “I think you just wrote in prison that you have no claims against us! Hope, now and nags on interrogator’s stop scribbling!»

   “Don’t I “poke”! Did you just dislocate my arm on purpose? I think this court video camera says you did it on purpose!”I shouted menacingly, pointing to the video camera that was installed above the entrance to the court for the reception of prisoners.

   “Yell all you want, hysteria. Everyone in this court hates and despises you! So, you’re nobody here will not regret it!”- loudly declared the convoy.

   I went into the septic tank of the prisoner court with tears in my eyes and loudly cursed the chief of the convoy.

   The convoy ships looked at me with sympathy, among them I noticed my two countrymen who looked at me dumbfounded. Adam had the same look. I was furious and didn’t understand why those three were looking at me like that, so I decided to explain my anger.

   “That bastard, I twisted the arm, when forced to jump out of the paddy wagon.”I said, pointing to the head of the convoy behind the car.

   Adam, Oli, and Pasha’s views changed, and the three of them looked at the scoundrel with hatred.

   “What are You doing? Are you sane? How dare you, you bastard?”Olya, Pasha and Adam said at once.

   “It was unintentional!”laughing,” said the guard, and, to the indignant cries of my friends, retired to a separate room for the guards.

   When only the prisoners and one of the guards were left in the sump of the court, Adam again asked me with horror in his eyes:

   “You have half of the face is repulsed?»

   “On the face almost all gone. The rib and kidneys have healed, too. There are some small bruises that will soon go away. The main thing is that they left me alive, although they were going to cut my veins.”I answered calmly.

   Adam’s eyes and face blazed with anger.

   “Tell me their names, I will personally punish them!”he growled.

   “I was told that they were taken to the zone immediately after the incident. You see, they did it on demand from the outside. One of the inmates overheard their conversation on the eve of the fight and warned me. I asked longitudinal, jailers and operas to transfer me from that cell, but they refused to do it under various pretexts. Apparently, too, were in topic. And after what happened in the hospital, one of the jailers said that I was “tenacious, like a cat.”I told Adam.

   “Means, debris were in topic. And those who were on duty that night are dismissed or also work on your case?”the prisoner asked thoughtfully.

   “Longitudinal and work. I was told that only Redkina, who was the acting head of our corps, was transferred to our building. I replied.

   “So no one was fired? Then this working off was known also to the chief.”said Adam.

   At this moment the escort came for me and invited to bring to a toilet. Going to the bathroom, I saw a fellow Olga and Pasha. Both hugged me in turn, and I each time oohala, rather for theatrics, than from a real pain in the rib. Very quickly told about incident with me in jail and about how, that placed alone. During my story, Pasha lit cigarettes, handing OLE and me.

   “You already know that right after incident with you, the staff of FSB carried out searches in prison? In the offices of the two deputies found a box with a large consignment of drugs. Someone from the chamber where you beat, gave evidence that the camera was the type of “green bridge” on which drugs were sold to prisoners, drug abusers all over the prison. With thee in the same chamber were “woman – mole”! By the way, the courts have heard rumors from various prisoners that you gave yourself to beat and did not resist.”Pasha said, looking at me with surprise.

   “Yes, I did not resist, took the advice of our prison countryman. That’s what he predicted after the lesbian fight. He said that one more fight will be organized to add to me new criminal article. Someone wants to pack me in the zone for a long time, maybe forever. But to be honest, I didn’t have to pretend to be a whipping ball. A recidivist cellmate smacked me on the head so hard I passed out right away. Sometimes regained consciousness and saw the four of them were kicking me for what I had. Sometimes I wonder how survived after this. By the way, do you know what this “mole woman”looks like? I replied.

“Yes, who will reveal it? Let’s wrap this up, you’re about to be escorted to the boardroom. No, I’ll take you personally. Did you know that your expert witness was supposed to be brought to court today, but she came running fast? Your judge suspended this expert with a court order, you know?.”- said the compatriot Olya.

   My jaw must have dropped when I heard about the witness.

   “Olya, are you kidding? Last night and this morning in prison, I had to play a Comedy about this witness’s testimony today just to get me to court.”I said, stunned.

   “So someone reported it to your judge! Therefore, he saves your ass from thee invented Comedy with the testimony of this witness. By the way, your ass looks like dried melons. Completely exhausted! Why did you go on hunger strike in prison? Do you want to become completely transparent?”Pasha said, winking and smiling.

   “Do You know about my hunger strike?”- I was surprised, as the details of the morning departure to the court did not tell.

   The front door opened and the convoy said:

   “The lady is waiting in the conference room, it’s time to escort her there!»

   Continuation: Expert testimony and the thieves ‘ road.

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