Тorture chamber

Women activists in women’s prison.

   Recently accidentally came across a page of a former activist. On the page she has written a great article that despises the movement of the prisoners that it was “the bottom of things.”

   I smiled and therefore, I decided to write a separate post about these women.

   I learned about such activists, their methods, both from the jailers themselves, who are adequate and despise such women, and from their experience of passing through the press houses.

   In fact, activists in prison is not very much, but with their fluidity can gain a company.

   There are a lot of women activists among those who have an indirect relationship with the authorities (these are the former wives of operas, stepdaughters, mothers – in-law, goddaughter, Kuma, etc.). They declare it in the first hours of the stay in prison when they are issued by the person on duty. Later, one of the main jailers will deal with their distribution in the desired cell. Basically, campaigning and training of activists takes place after the court of appeal for arrest.

   On the “Zen channel” one former prison officer said that the Central office of the FSIN is constantly working with the press houses. It’s the truth.

   Recently the Central apparatus, through observers checked the camera with the murderers of “Butyrka”, they illegally contain entrepreneurs (search in the article – “FSIN” checks Butyrka). 

   Now there will be a tough wave of inspections in all regions of prisons and pre-trial detention centers!

   Of course upsets that women are so intimidated in prisons through activists that they are afraid to declare the pressure – and in vain!

   Many of the prisoners who stated this during the inspection were the inspectors from the FSIN – they became immune in prison and were kept safe from such activists! Because in Fps you know who is actually behind these activists!

   So, back to our sheep, or rather to activists in women’s press huts. Consider several options such women.

   1. Opera ex-wife (mother-in-law, mother-in-law, etc.). Yes, these women can be even pensioners, not only from youth! He constantly cooperates with the prison administration, fulfilling all their instructions. Actively cooperating with investigators, takes all accomplices.

   He’s playing double. Active owenite hanging on the tails of Windows and screaming the whole prison slogans of the prisoners. Can wash clothes or cook food from other people’s products. To ingratiate himself to the inmates, and then all of the information that was taken from them to convey operas.

   Visibility for arguing with prison staff, knowing who to fight, as the puppeteers couldn’t organise a decent jailers.

   About one of such told that she in the Stolypin car and transit prison declared that she was crowned by thieves.

   I will not be surprised that having come to freedom now shouts in all networks that prisoner appeals – it is bad.

   2. Active drug (step-daughter or other female relative “organs”). Behaves similarly, as well as her colleague-the activist in item 1. Such an activist can be encouraged by bans in prison. Even help to organize a small business, I think you guessed what kind of business I’m talking about.

   3. Unrecognized by the court of benizi (former employee bodies). These, for fear of being exposed in prison, agree to carry out the orders of the jailer of paragraphs 1 and 2.

   4. Cheremuha – zechka that before his arrest in prison, investigators knocked on their acquaintances, friends, girlfriends. This will also fulfill all the requirements of the jailer, just not to get into the General cell.

   Of course, the jailers-puppeteers try to keep their “agents” under cover, but thanks to the honesty and decency of other guards, the Central apparatus of the FSIN becomes aware of such press houses in the women’s prison!

   Don’t know what they think these bitches, when the orders of the puppeteers and organize a prison showdown with the torture of prisoners.

   Of course, after being released from prison, they have a fear of being exposed, because they understand – ALL the SECRET ONCE BECOMES CLEAR!

   Now they are afraid not only to be exposed, but also to answer to their friends-prisoners.

   Now they are afraid that their daughters and mothers will not know about their atrocities in prison!

   And to live them in such a fear will have FOREVER!

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3 thoughts on “Тorture chamber

  1. Владимир

    Сволочи, которые и должны париться на нарах = разрабатывают карательные указы пыток в тюрьме.

  2. Августин

    Внутритюремные разборки по заказу своли – те ещё пытки: пресс-хаты в тюрьме практически во всех камерах.

  3. Рас.

    Это действительно впечатляющие идеи в отношении ведения блога.

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