16. The outrage at the investigation.

  Beginning: The prison showdown in women part 2. Christmas in prison. 

 So, in the women’s cell, we were six.

   Now in the morning in the house we had a calm atmosphere without the dissatisfied grumbling of a Gypsy. 

   The country has already ended the new year holidays. All the prisoners began investigative and judicial activities. Everyone but me.

   Every day I waited for a meeting with my lawyer, with whom I had a preliminary agreement that as soon as the trial begins, he will immediately come from the neighboring region.

   So I waited for his attorney for almost two months, but me seemed to have forgotten. 

   My inner concern “added fuel to the fire” with her stories Masha-khokhlushka. At first she told about herself that for ten months in prison she was taken out to courts every two months for extension of arrest and didn’t carry out any investigative actions. Then she told about the prisoner-the businessman who also leaves only on extension of arrest from-for investigative actions which some years don’t occur, and by order of investigators he is kept in a solitary confinement in the cellar without Windows and “roads”. 

   “Here, in prison many are placed in order to forget about them then!”- summed up Masha, and the word shocked me. 

   For the months that I was out there trying to prove that the district investigative Department and the employee of the Prosecutor’s office was informed about the “raider seizure of my company”, but higher authorities for my statements ignored, and territorial district court. So apparently, that I did not interfere with his truth underfoot – and I was isolated in prison!

   As they say: “Out of sight and in prison for the rest!” 

   After grieving and crying for a few days, I came up with a plan of action.

   In one night I wrote manually without a carbon copy in triplicate addressed to the head of regional investigative Department of the petition for different investigative actions.

   The next day, at lunchtime, I submitted one application to the prison office to be sent to the investigators, on the second and third copies in the upper left corner I wrote the outgoing prison number and the date of dispatch.

   In total, ten of my petitions were sent to the investigators at once.

   After waiting three days, I sent ten complaints to the regional investigation Department in the order of article 123 of the code of criminal procedure on the inaction of district investigators on my petitions, to each complaint I attached one of the petitions with the outgoing prison number and date.

   After waiting another five days, I wrote ten complaints in the order of article 125 of the code of criminal procedure to the district territorial courts of the city on the inaction of the regional investigation Department, at the end of each complaint I attributed that it was considered only with my participation.

   Thus, several district courts found out about me, my business and the inaction of the investigators.

   And then, as they say: “here we go!”

   Every day I was taken to different courts for consideration of my complaints in the order of 125 articles.

   At each session, I told different judges about how I was illegally placed in prison, and before that tried to take away the business.

   Within five working days about me know all the judicial community of the city, and among the convoy of paddy wagons I have even appeared sympathetic.

   And then came the thunder, so much so that my right hand ceased to function on the nervous soil. And it happened so.

   One day opened a pocket on the armor, and the longitudinal told me that I was preparing for the investigation.

   Investigative actions in prison mean the arrival of a lawyer or an investigator. And since my time in prison was approaching two months, and the other day there was to be a hearing to review the arrest, I assumed that my lawyer had arrived.

   I went to the meeting in a joyful mood with a feeling of long-awaited freedom.

   Me and a few of the prisoners were in the basement premises in the administrative building on the investigations.

   My cellmates told me many times about the unpleasant basement passages, so I was mentally ready for this, but still felt fear and horror, which seemed to come from the walls themselves.

   Here in the basement, too, was the camera, because one of them, we all heard a bloodcurdling male scream that made the hairs stand on end and my body shiver. The rest of the way I was shaking from the cold.

   When we went to the administrative building, where the offices for meetings with the representatives of the court, the prison warden called my name and pointed to the office, where I should go.

   In the corridor at the open door of the office I was met by a young and handsome man, looking at me in surprise. When I approached him, he introduced himself and said that he would be my lawyer at today’s meeting with the investigator and nodded his head inside the office.

   Turning to face the office, I saw the last person I wanted to see. I felt dizzy and could barely stand to keep from fainting.

   The investigator VK a few months ago, prior to the instigation against me criminal case, tried to persuade me to abandon my statements to the police about the raider seizure of my company. Also warned about the fact that I was going to write a counter-statement on causing me grievous bodily harm to the authorities, which I might be put behind bars for ten years. Then, in the presence of my lawyer, a young woman, he took out a photo of a dead, naked, mutilated woman and said that the same can be done with me in prison. Immediately after that meeting, I wrote to the investigator of the VC complaint to the regional trail.the Committee, and those to me hastily opened a criminal case. But the investigator was already different, but the same scumbag, as well as VK. 

   Now, the monster happily, I smiled and invited to sit on the chair at the table. On padded feet I walked to the chair. The investigator asked the lawyer to leave us alone for five minutes and he left.

   I didn’t look at the VC, but I could feel him burning me with his eyes.

   “You see how everything went wrong for You? the investigator said in a feigned sad voice. – I hope that, at least now You will listen to my proposal? It will be better for You if You confess your guilt and now write a statement of guilt and repentance in my name. And then I guarantee You that the court will be one sitting, in a special order, in which You will be given a suspended sentence and You will leave the court on the same day to his son. And if You do otherwise, I’m afraid to assume that you will be here in prison or with Your son out there. After all, he is there alone and no one is protected. The other day he called me and asked for permission to meet with You, his voice seemed to me frightened and tortured! You care about your son’s life and health, don’t you?”

   I turned sharply to him and looked into his gloating eyes. I hope that my look conveyed to him all my inner dislike and contempt.

   I stood up abruptly and left the office without a word.

   A lawyer ran up to me and I told him:

   “I challenge this investigator! And You, because I have a lawyer by appointment!”

   I went to the side of the guards, who closed me in the “sump” (waiting room for prisoners), here I could not hold back my tears.

   A few minutes later the door opened and the matron demanded in a threatening tone that I return to the investigator’s office. I refused her order, explaining that I had told my lawyer to dismiss the investigator.

   She slammed the door and locked me in.

   Ten minutes later, the same warden opened the door and again began to demand that I return to the investigator.

   I could not restrain myself, I burst into tears, telling her how this investigator threatened me in the wild, and also now made threatening hints towards my son.

   She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the nearest office to the “sump”, there sat a man in prison uniform.

   The matron on my behalf told him my story, and then the jailer left the office.

   I kept crying, I was hysterical. The matron sat me down on a chair and demanded to calm down.

   She told me in a whisper that as soon as I refused to return to the investigator’s office, he wrote a statement addressed to the prison Governor that I threatened him with physical violence and attacked him to fight. The investigator demanded that on me immediately brought one more criminal case and placed in a punishment cell. And this incident began to understand the Deputy chief of prison who just left an office.

   About twenty minutes later the matron was summoned into the corridor, and from behind the open door I could hear a man’s voice giving instructions to her.

   The returning matron told me that together with her and another escort we must return to the office of the investigator, where I will write a written statement in the presence of all the investigators. And they did.

   The investigator was furious and constantly demanded from the guards that they left the office and left the three of us: him, me and the lawyer.

   To this the warden replied:

   “We are here subject only to the leadership of the prison, which we were ordered to be present at today’s meeting with your prisoner. Because the lawyer doesn’t confirm that this woman attacked you and insulted you.”

   The investigator jerked all over, took out the blank forms and began to demand that I signed under them.

   Of course I refused to sign the blank sheets. Then the investigator began to demand that jailers signed the act of my unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation.

   “You first fill out the forms and then we sign!”- in one voice said we with jailer.

   The investigator announced the end of the investigation and got a decision on the transfer of the case to court. Under this resolution I signed and entered the remarks that he didn’t invite my lawyer.

   At my remarks signed duty counsel and both the warden. After that I was taken to the cell. Jackals among the prisoners. 

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