37. Drug addicts in prison.

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 On the threshold of the cell stood two prisoners: one – a pretty, young to thirty years, short, thin with long hair; the second – unkempt with a saturated face, masculine dense figure, short hair, tall, you could give about fifty years.

   The young friendly smiled and greeted us:

   “Hey girls! My name is Jeanne, but you can call me “Panther.” I’m thirty. And this is my friend Laura, thirty-six years old. We were transferred to you for re-education. But to be honest, I’ve been asking the warden for two months to transfer to you.»

   “And for what purpose did you ask to be transferred to our cell? To poison someone else with rat poison?”- spitefully asked Natasha-Armenian.

   Jeanne-“Panther” laughed and answered:

   “What they say about me in prison – all the gossip! I didn’t poison anyone with rat poison! On that statement, carried out check and couldn’t prove that I was involved in poisoning of the cellmate with rat poison. She committed suicide!»

   “Women, let’s make a good deal! You and I will stay for a month, and then we will be transferred back to our house. This month we promise to live by your rules, not to strain anyone. So impatient “master”!”Laura said in a rough male voice.

   “And yet, Jeanne, why did you ask to come to our house?”- I asked.

   “I want to ask you to help me in court. You a lawyer? All the convoys from the paddy wagons and ships are talking about you. Everyone’s excited about you bringing your victims to justice. They also say our lawyers are no match for you!”- a flattering tone, said to me, “the Panther”.

   “I’m not a lawyer and I never was!”I replied indignantly.

   Who are you? Former sedacca? Or from prosecutors?”- with threat asked Laura.

   “No, I have never worked in the criminal or judicial system! I assured them.

   Absolutely all cell voltage was staring at me: two brand new with a grain of salt, six old – with confusion. I must say that in prisons and camps, all those who are somehow connected with legal work are kept separately from ordinary prisoners.

   “If it was “BS-ary”, it would be the Agent has not appointed a supervisor in the house!”- said Natasha-Armenian, saving my situation.

   And the six prisoners nodded their heads. On the faces of the two newcomers, it was safe to say that they were not happy with such a statement.

   “You, Lorik, should know better than anyone that BS-nits are kept in separate cells. Is it? What’s your run like?”- defiantly answered Anna-addict.

   His statement cellmate surprised us all, that is, “old” residents of the chamber. Until today, Anna-a drug addict lived quietly, quietly and without conflicts. Now, the tone of her voice changed, became high, stretching words – the tone I heard in male prisoners.

   “Third trip. But the first two were for “Prim.” (use of drugs.) And for murder – the first time. And you, Malvina, what is the number of trips?”- said Laura, referring to the drug addict Anna.

   We have a drooped jaw, we watarasensis, looked at the once quiet, miserable addict-Anya.

   “I do not Ah! I’m on my fourth run, still on the take.”call, drawl, said in response, hardened criminal.

   At that moment, the warden of Vasilisa entered the cell.

   “Met already?”the jailer asked.

   “I will not be in the same cell with these prisoners. You are not allowed to contain convicts with the recidivistic and tulostomaceae! Transfer me to another cell, to the same as I – the unconcerned primroses!”- Natasha demanded-Armenian.

   “Almost all of the women’s cell is occupied. There are places only in the cells of “Diesel” and in №179. 179 but sitting still is more dangerous of all law breakers, love. So, if you want to go to the camera to “Diesel”, then collect things, but then do not complain to me that she was there for something you beat!”the matron said calmly.

   “It is better to go in camera 179 than to the “Diesel”!”- said the prisoner Laura.

   “You better know, you’ve already walked through all the cameras, you don’t get along anywhere!”- ironically said the warden “Vasilisa”.

   “The citizen the chief, we promise that we will behave decently in this camera. We’ll never cause trouble for the girls. And as the prison Governor promised, in a month he will return us to our hut, to our girlfriends.”- imploring voice said prisoner Jeanne.

   “No one told me about your agreement, but if the boss promised you that, then you will go back there. If we are sure that you will not do more of this than you did before with your “friends” in the camera!”the jailer said.

   “What exactly did they do? You can check it out? I might want to move to another cell, too, even to Diesel!”- I asked.

   Vasilisa looked scared at me, as well as two newcomers.

   “I can’t transfer two people from your cell to Diesel. There’s only one spare rack. the matron said in an uncertain voice.

   “Nothing, Natasha and sleep on the same bed. Moreover, more than once we had to all sleep together, when do You personally have overpopulated our camera.”I said.

   “I’m not going to stay with these new guys either.”- four more prisoners said their protests.

   The matron and two new inmates looked at each other in confusion.

   “So it’s easier for you to get these prisoners back to their cell than to find a place for the six of us!”- I declared an ultimatum.

   “Women, listen to me. It was an order from the warden. I can’t argue with him because I could lose my job for it. I’m not going to be hired after prison. And I have on the contents of the two minor children and her disabled husband. You, as the head of the cell, can be sent to the punishment cell, and then, also soldered a new article for disorganization among prisoners. The chief of prison sent these two to you on re-education that they on the smartphone were photographed at themselves in the camera and these photos exposed on pages in social networks. He was given a scolding in the administration.”- pleading voice said Vasilisa.

   New prisoner roused and nodding, confirmed:

   “Yes, Yes, it was. We put pictures in Friendster, just for “giggles”! Girls, we swear that we will be visiting you in the camera as a mouse! Because we want to go back to our girlfriends! We will do whatever you say, we will not contradict! But if you we’re dissatisfied with something, we go out of the house for continuing and may lead us in a cell!»

   “Yes, if these prisoners do not obey you, I will personally take them to the punishment cell. Any, even insignificant statement from your older camera, and I immediately translate them to the basement.”the jailer assured.

   We all looked at each other uncertainly. None of us wanted to go to the cell to “Diesel” or some other. Here, we have already settled down and even became friends with each other, perceiving each other as a new family.

 Seeing my doubt, the matron promised:

   “I will personally come to your cell every day and check the situation. Also I assure you that every day I am going to invite your older camera to have a private talk to clarify about the behavior of newcomers!»

   For several days, the cell was at peace. The prisoners Jeanne-Panther and Laura actively participated in the life of our “hut” according to our rules, helped each attendant in cleaning, played Board games with us, read books. Saddened only that these days to us “didn’t put the road”.

   At night, when across the prison have all “stood the road”, with the male corps, we were otkryivalas: “One, nine, zero – there is no road!» 

   For four days we were without communication with relatives and without communication with prison. We could not unsubscribe to the boiler that Masha-khokhlushka was taken to the punishment cell, and other prisoners were brought to us.

   Trying to distract myself, I looked at the court documents of Jeanne-“Panther” and showed her clues in her favor.

   She said to me in surprise:

   “I have three years of trial, but my lawyer did not notice such an elementary contradiction in the case. Urgently need to tell your parents to stop paying him ignorant of his work. And yet, where did you get this experience in criminal records?”- the last phrase the cellmate said quietly that it wasn’t audible to the others.

   “Innate talent! I replied.

   During these days, the supervisor “Vasilisa” every day visited our cell, and then took me to the “conversation”. I had nothing to tell her, so I was back in the cell in five minutes.

   Two days before my trial, I was taken to the administrative building to meet with a new lawyer.

   At the open door of the office I was met by a tall man of pre-retirement age.

   “I was appointed by the court in accordance with article 51, for your protection.”he introduced himself to me.

   For an hour he told me about his defense tactics. He said that he had read only the minutes of the court sessions. This lawyer seemed to me a very experienced specialist.

   “How long have You been practicing law?”I asked him a question that confused him.

   «Several months.”he confessed to me.

   “You used to be an investigator?”- I asked.

   He nodded his head, but avoided my gaze.

   “Don’t worry! I know how to “sew” cases against the innocent, so it will be easy for me to protect you.”he assured.

   “See!”- I answered, and to myself I thought about the number of “fabricated cases” by his hands.

   “Do You have any wishes or requests? Maybe someone to pass a note or call the family and something to pass?”he asked.

   “I would like to meet my son. Can you get permission from the judge to see your son? I asked.

   «Certainly. I’ll file a motion with the judge tomorrow!”he said happily.

   “I have one more request to You: I want you to copy all the materials of the criminal case and bring them to me for study. My son will pay for Your work. I want to see the documents on which I am accused!”I said.

   “Have You not been acquainted with the materials of the criminal case in the order of 217? he was surprised.

   «No. The investigator was afraid to provide me with documents for studying. And yet, this investigator threatened all the previous lawyers who took me to defend. Are you not afraid of what it expects you? I said.

   «Not afraid. I’ll copy the case file in court tomorrow, if the judge says so.”- promised the lawyer, again avoiding to look me in the eye.

   After a meeting with a lawyer, I was taken to the septic tank. There was already a prisoner aunt Masha-a former lawyer.

 After saying Hello, we shared our meetings with our lawyers. I liked that woman. We talked about the new presidential decrees on pardon. Then, I told aunt Masha That Masha-khokhlushka was “slapped with drugs” and sent to the punishment cell for it, and also that we have new cellmates. I also complained that we had no road for a few days and I could not report the incident in the cell to either the boiler or Adam. Aunt Mary suggested that I now write a “kite” to Adam, and it is through the “doronino” in his cell, send him a message.

   I texted Adam briefly, and as soon as I had a piece of paper folded, the reservation opened, and the warden said she’d take us to the cells. I quietly handed the note to aunt Masha, and we went to the women’s building.

   Standing in front of the closed “armor” of my cell, I heard the wild cries of my cellmates.

   “Call Me Vasilisa!”I asked the guard when she closed the door behind me.

   The cellmates remained silent for several minutes until all the bolts on the armor were closed.

   “These drug – vichevyi!”- in horror shouted Natasha-Armenian.

   “Don’t lie, bitch! You were eavesdropping on our conversation, and you misunderstood what we were talking about!”a drug-addicted killer, Laura said menacingly.

   “I understood correctly! Now for lunch, balander brought a diet for Jeanne, Laura, Anka and Pebbles. And this zhanka asked Anka: “You, too – vichevyi?”I give verbatim, as was the conversation!”- Natasha explained to me-Armenian, she was shaking from the experience.

   “Women, tell the truth! You four, suffer from HIV or AIDS?”I demanded.

   “None of us is sick with these diseases! Lorik and I paid the prison doctor to put us on a diet. We don’t know what disease he wrote down there. You have to understand, we’ve been in prison for so many years, and we’re deprived of normal food. And on a diet give those products, which banned through peredachki. If you want, I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow and arrange with him that you all included in the diet, and your relatives then he will lose money on the SIM card!”- calmly explained Jeanne-“Panther.”

   Natasha and I looked at them incredulously.

   «Admit. And, how do you explain Anya and Galya, why are You dieting now?”- I turned to two drug addicts-cellmates.

   “We do not know, today balander opened his “pocket” and called our names, then said that we were included in the diet.”- blushing, said Galya-addict.

   “Yesterday you both were taken to the hospital because the tests came. Zhenya, tell me honestly, are you sick with HIV or AIDS?”- I demanded a response from two of the cell mates.

   “Yesterday we re-took blood from a vein, said that the first tests were lost.”said Anna-a drug addict, and I realized that she was lying.

   “Women, don’t lie! None of us will tell the prison about your illness! Because, for it it is possible to get one more criminal article. But understand, if You have indeed discovered such a disease, then You must be kept in other conditions. In hospital, but not among healthy!”I said.

   “Prison doctors do not care who and what it hurts! In each cell on several Speed! And they’ve never been put in a hospital! The jailers don’t care if we get it or not!”Laura said categorically.

   The reservation was opened, and the convoy said that I was waiting for a conversation.

   Vasilisa from the threshold told me that he knows about the scandal in the chamber. She put before me four cards of my cellmates Anna, Gali, Jeanne and Laura and pointed to one column, said::

   “Look, everyone here says that HIV, AIDS, HEPATITIS – not detected.»

   “And for the peace of our souls, can we see the results from the hospital with a seal? I asked.

   I didn’t tell “Vasilisa” that all four cards were without photos of prisoners, filled with identical paste and handwriting of one hand. It is even possible that they were filled a few minutes ago.

   “The tests themselves are in the doctor’s office. And he has no right to show them to anyone.”the jailer said unconvincingly.

   It was clear to me that the warden was lying.

   “How do I get an appointment with the warden?”- I asked.

   “All questions You can solve with me!”- scared rattled “Vasilisa”.

   “I remember the first time we met, You said that you work as a material values specialist in prison! I think You’re incompetent in matters I want to discuss with the warden!”I said sternly.

   The twitching eyelid gave the jailer Vasilisa about the nervous shock after my statement.

   “I’ll check with the warden when he can see You personally.”the matron lied, not looking up from the false cellmates’ cards.

   “Isn’t the boss obliged to conduct personal meetings with the prisoners, as prescribed in the Rules of the Order of the FSIN? He doesn’t have a schedule? At the next round of inspectors, I will be forced to inform them about it!”- I finally finished off the jailer.

   “I promise your meeting with the boss will take place soon!”- with a note of threat said “Vasilisa”.

   When we with longitudinal have risen on my floor, I asked:

   “And Vasilisa, will tell the prison Governor that I want to meet him?»

   Warden-longitudinal Alla whispered to me:

   “Write now a written statement, and I’ll take it to the office for registration. Okay, you’re definitely going to him. Just don’t give me away and don’t tell anyone about it in the cell! Agreed?»

   I looked at the longitudinal with gratitude and nodded my head. Because of the armor camera was heard again the cries.

   “Alia, get down here Vasilisa? Let her deal with the next scandal. I have from meeting with a lawyer in itself does not come.”- I asked longitudinal.

   “These two fools ate all pills from our first-aid kit and “regurgitated” all toilet room!”I wailed Natasha, is Armenian, and when opened your booking.

   Laura was lying on the floor of the bathroom, choking on vomit. Jeanne-“Panther” with a white face was lying unconscious on his bunk.

   “Now I’ll call a doctor and Vasilisa!”- promised longitudinal.

   I took a notebook and quickly wrote two statements to the warden: the first one about a personal meeting, the second one about transferring me to a non-Smoking cell.

   When the reservation was opened and “goat” brought a stretcher for insensitive prisoners, the longitudinal reported:

   “Vasilisa said she would come to see you tomorrow. And now, these fools will be taken to the hospital for gastric lavage. Until tomorrow, they will remain in the hospital rakolovka.»

   I slipped her two folded sheets of paper, which she quickly put in her pocket.

   When drug addicts were carried out on stretchers to the hospital, Natasha is a drug addict is suggested for a pack of cigarettes to each of us to clean up in the bathroom. We agreed, and Natasha, six packs of cigarettes brought the entire camera in order.

   Only late at night we heard: “One, nine, zero – put the road!»

   I looked at Valya-a drug addict and asked:

   “You want to be a roadie? I’ll teach you what to do!»

   The delighted cellmate, quickly learned how it is correct “to put the road”.

   “The first way” I sent to “pot” the list of the new composition of the prisoners in the cell.

   When Adam “flew the stirrup”, the first thing I heard from him:

   “Darling, get out of this cell now. Ask to be transferred to diesel! You have no idea what kind of scum you’ve got! I’ll explain it to you in court the day after tomorrow.»

   I in detail told about the found Masha-bats the forbidden pills, and also about the current happenings in the chamber. Also reported that I wrote the application for transfer to the non-Smoking camera.

   “In the “non-Smoking” now there is no free space! And on entire prison – only one non-Smoking female camera! Until there’s room, stay in the cell at Diesel’s. I will personally ask her to petition the “Master” for your transfer. She doesn’t have a single drug addict in her cell, and the women are all decent and sedate. Not like those crazy kids you got in the hundred and ninety.”- tried to convince me Adam.

   “I’ll think about it.”I promised Adam.

   I really did not want to be in the same cell with “Diesel”, she was unpleasant to me, as a person and a woman.

   Continue reading in: Bloody fight with the Pink Panther. 

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