45. The journey of recidivists.

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 Two days before the may day holidays, Diesel was taken from jail to the prison hospital. With her departure, somehow all perked up and cheered up. Only one Dasha looked at us with discontent.

   On the morning of the first of may, Masha-Gypsy offered to develop products for hodgepodge (Life hacking the bag in the prisoner’s.).

Gypsy Barbie offered to bake prisoner pies stuffed with mashed potatoes-fast food, instead of dough she used bread. I will tell you honestly that I did not really like the pies, so I do not share the recipe.

   Instead of an evening of soup, we ate prisoners ‘ soup and cakes. Then the Gypsies sang songs and we danced. Everyone had a lot of fun. Polina asked me to do breathing yoga. And the two of us, climbing on my upper rack-palm tree, began to learn exercises.

   Of course, they laughed more than they studied, because it looked like a fool from the side: on the inhale and exhale, they had to say certain words-“har, hare, Hari, wahey, fool” and even wave their hands. Our cellmates laughed too.

   “The male body stares at you! Just a shame our house his “croak”!”- dissatisfied muttered cellmate Dasha.

   Turning back to the window, we saw that from the case on the contrary, the Windows were hung male silhouettes waving their hands to us. Polina and I got embarrassed and got off my rack.

   In the evening, as soon as Dasha put the road, we were sent to the whole camera “bandyuki with sweets” from different male cameras, as well as malyavy in which men wanted to get acquainted “with karkush”, that is, with me and Polina.

   Immediately after hanging up, I was approached by Dasha and said quietly:

   “Adam wants to talk to you on the phone.»

   I looked at her in surprise and shook my head, said::

   “It’s you behind his girlfriend’s Diesel, now pimping do? I don’t want to talk to him. Tell him that!»

   Dasha went back to the bunk near the window, where the “stood in the way.” But after a short time she came up to me again and said in a pleading voice::

   “Tell him yourself, because he threatens me with trouble. Thinks I’m not giving you a phone.»

   “Yes, I do care deeply what he thinks and who threatens!”I refused.

   Dasha ran to the Gypsy aunt Tonya and whispered something in her ear for a long time. Then the Gypsy said in a dissatisfied tone:

   “Yes, she is right to refuse. Look, while Diesel was in the house, he did not call, and as she left, so immediately emboldened! And you, Dasha, don’t be a six.»

   After half an hour, the cry of the prisoner: “One, eight, one, take it off the road! One, eight, one – no way!»

   “You see, I told you Adam was going to punish us!”- almost crying, said cellmate Dasha.

   “Let him choke his way!”- protested Gypsy Barbie.

   For the “armor” one of the jailers swore to our address. Cellmates who had phones, quickly began to hide them. The pocket opened, and the matron shouted menacingly into the cell:

   “You vermin, “brake” on your set? Oh, quick, the brakes are off!»

   Polina blew up to the armor and quietly pulled out the “brakes”, while saying:

   “Olga, You’re talking about, what are the brakes? We’ve never even heard of them! We’ve been asking for two days to send a locksmith, because sometimes the reservation sticks. And suddenly we have in the camera will fire as you will save us, if the door is jammed?»

   The warden opened your booking and along with it went two of the male guards. They walked around the cell and looked at each of us with displeasure.

   So where’s the cable car?”one of the jailers growled menacingly.

   “What rope roads? There are no roads in our cell!”replied Pauline.

   Male officers examined the window and one of them disgruntled voice muttered longitudinal:

   “There are empty seats here, transfer the transit here. And then, the tranzitka too much. Come on, I’ll show you exactly who to transfer here.»

   When the jailers closed the reservation, we all looked at each other incomprehensibly.

   “These men are not from our prison! Their uniforms are darker than ours!”Dasha announced.

   “These forms go to the camp “Dubki”. We have any time in prison not expected the sudden “cellphones”? Saw our longitudinal fearfully at us askance?”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said.

    “We need late night “go to pot” and to clarify.”Dasha said.

   Booking again with difficulty opened and the camera has brought two prisoners with bags. One of them, was dressed as guy: male trousers, jacket, cap, shoes.

   “Why did You bring the boy to us?”I was indignant, looking at the matron.

   “It’s a girl! the matron said, laughing, and slammed the reservation.

   The boy-girl turned to me. His face was like a young man with a mustache under his nose. I looked at the miracle in surprise.

   “How many primroses do you have in your house?”a girl-boy asked in a rough male voice.

   “We are all primroses, except aunt Tony, she is the only one – brief. We all still have trials, we’re not convicted!”- Polina answered for all.

   The boy-girl nodded her head and walked over to Bronya, ramming furiously at the door. The pocket of the armor opened, and the disgruntled voice of the matron asked, “What?»

   “That! Bring the prison officer here! You doing here is not the laws contain the prisoners? We’ll both be all law breakers, love, and here are still not convicted! Get the attendant, I told you! He is now, I explain in detail in the concepts! Or you want us to rock the concepts in this house, so we’re not assholes!”boldly said the girl, boy, speaking of himself in the masculine gender.

   “I’ll call the duty officer!”the jailer said in an ingratiating voice.

   I sat on my top rack and watched with curiosity. The boy girl took off her cap and we saw that it was bald. Both of all law breakers, love sat at the table and puffing on cigarettes, smiling, looked at us.

   “Yes, you are not afraid of us, we are not contagious! My name is Edward, and my wife Jeanette!”- the girl-boy was presented.

   “Why would we be afraid of you? I like you already not this one in the area trampled.”- protested Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   “Why are you with primroses here? Mind-reason teach or duck podsadnaya?”- with hitting said recedivist-Edik.

   Everyone in the cell tensed, as they already knew the explosive and combat nature of the elderly Gypsy. But her response and behavior surprised me and many others.

   “The “brief” space was not me, that’s here on time and started. Yes, for this time became friends with the girls and don’t want them to leave. Old age already take a strong liking to this young and inexperienced.”the old Gypsy pretended to shed a tear.

   “You this “posibility to set” can indeed, but not me, the old woman! So it’s a decoy after all!”- aggressively declared recidivist-Edik.

   Gypsy aunt Tonya began to sort through her things in the bag, as if she had not heard the last phrase.

   The reservation was opened, and the longitudinal said, referring to the recidivists:

   “You two, get out!»

   The recidivists took their bags and headed for the exit. Suddenly Edward turned to me and said:

   “I see you’ve already started to work, all in wounds. Take care, look out, this house is “evil”, don’t trust anyone here!» (Non-random situations, cellmates and friends in prison.)

 The reservation slammed shut, and I began to reflect on what was said. This camera really was some kind of depressing mood. Even with the departure of Diesel, it seemed as if every prisoner played a bad role.

   “What are you thinking? Did you believe the words of this “male”? Don’t strain! This is bullshit!”Polina was chirping merrily around me.

   I looked at every cellmate and noticed how everyone is angry about something his thought.

   “Tonka, and you not like it or comment on phrase, that this “male” in your worded bailed on?”- with hitting asked Anna-zolotoruchka.

   The tone of the cellmate’s voice surprised me, until today Anna seemed to me a very calm and conflict-free woman.

   “This nonsense apart to anything! But you yourself, Ann, you want to tell me how many times you’ve “went the Owner”? Or do you think I haven’t noticed your Zona sayings, which sometimes slip?”- launch of the crackdown said the old Gypsy.

   Everyone stared in surprise at Anna the Golden-handed.

   “And you, what’s garbage for me turned?”with a threatening tone said Anna-zolotonoshka.

   “Your face?”- an elderly Gypsy quickly jumped out of bed and ran with his fists on Anna.

   She apparently expected an attack, and with his feet hit the Gypsy in the stomach, why she bounced. But the Gypsy did not groan in pain, and even more violently attacked her cellmate.

   I was shocked, two adult women with such anger and hatred beat each other in the face that such in the TV you won’t see. They did not seem to feel his pain, and tried as hard as possible to beat the opponent. Gypsy Masha and Barbie rushed to separate the fighting.

   At this moment the reservation was opened and the men-guards ran in, they grabbed the hair of the fighting prisoners and dragged them both to the length. The reservation was closed, from the corridor could be heard pleading cries of our cellmates. 

   We were all terrified of what was happening. I’ve concluded: Gypsy aunt Tonya and Anna-zolotonoshka exactly the same had the fight punched in the face, not pulled each other’s hair and not fingernails. They fought desperately as only men fight in the wild.

   For the next hour there was a silent silence in the cell, each cellmate thinking about her own. Again opened reservations and longitudinal brought to the chamber a Gypsy aunt Tonya and Anna-silotruck. Both of us were smiling happily.

   “Don’t worry! We won’t fight anymore. We made up.”- both declared when the reservation was closed.

   They took turns rinsing in the bathroom, and aunt Tonya conspiratorially called us all to the table. When we all sat down at the table, she whispered:

   “Prison “mobilka” I stopped. When we were being led to rakolovka, I noticed several men in helmets, body armor and a metal detector. There’s gonna be a huge riot in prison in the morning. Need to “bans to bury.”»

   “It is necessary to contact the boiler to put the road and “mobile phones in the warehouse” to bury! I’ll call them from the bathroom, and you’re still on the lookout stand, so that if let know, I would be your “flashlight” into the sewer washed away.”Dora Doronina.

   After talking with the boiler, Dasha came out and told us:

   “The cauldron is in shock, they say that no one warned them. Now we will put the road, and we will have time to send all the phones to the “warehouses”. The rest of the “prohibitions” will have to sacrifice to create “ignorance of shmon.”»

   The camera out the window flew a paper arrow, and Dasha ran to put “the road”. Fifteen minutes later, the phones were sent to some secret warehouse and together we went through his things, getting ready for the big shakedown.

   It was two o’clock in the morning. That’s nice and together we celebrated may day.

Continue reading in: The sixth circle of purgatory or a mobile phone — shakedown. 

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4 thoughts on “45. The journey of recidivists.

  1. Джина

    Почему рецедивисток подсаживают к первоходкам? Замыслы тюремщиков?

  2. Альфа

    Как можно передать лекарства в СИЗО? Телемедицина туда дойдёт в карантины?

  3. Человек под дождём

    Жуткие истории. Особенно для тех, чьи арестанты ещё вневоле.

  4. LaTu

    Рецедивистки: История силы и слабости”

    В мрачном лабиринте времени и судьбы существуют женщины, чья жизнь переплетена с чередой ошибок и перемены. Они — рецедивистки, но не в том смысле, в котором обычно употребляется это слово. Это не просто преступницы, попавшие за решетку своего выбора или обстоятельств. Рецедивистки — те, кто стоит перед гранью, где никогда не удается переступить последнюю ступень.

    Входить в их мир — как разобрать сложную головоломку. Возможно, это игра фатума, которая вызывает непредсказуемость в их судьбах. Некоторые считают их проклятьем, но на самом деле они не только отражают жизненный круг «заход-встань-уйди», но и пытаются вырваться из свивающих их пут.

    Рецедивистки — не лишенные человечности. Задача каждой из них — доказать окружающим, что возможно собраться с силами, даже после множества ошибок. Они несут в себе страсть, драматические повороты, переживания, которые заставляют их плавиться в выкованном собственными руками кузнецом судьбы мече. Катиться вниз и подниматься вновь становится частью их бытия, но они не останавливаются, они идут в бой.

    Чтобы понять рецедивистку, нужно проникнуться историей ее внутренней красоты. Она несет в себе горечь и печаль, но и всепоглощающую любовь и внутреннюю силу. Как юная Джанет Хартвиг, пережившая детство в запустении, поднялась в самых темных сферах своего существования, чтобы оставить след на страницах истории. Или Мэри Энн Гриффин, курсирующая между грехами и идеалом, каждый раз совершая вторые шаги, терзаемая сомнениями и выбором.

    Рецедивистки — это доказательство, что невероятные препятствия, долгие потери и самопроизвольные ошибки могут быть преодолены. Они стали лицами, которые открыли путь к обновленному таинству существования и продолжают борьбу, несмотря на горечь и разочарование.

    В созерцании их жизни есть зерно надежды для нас всех. Мы можем увидеть себя в этих женщинах и обрести веру в лучшее будущее, несмотря на множество падений. И уже измученные отчаянием, когда нам кажется, что все потеряно, мы можем обратиться к этой их истории, чтобы найти вдохновение и силу идти дальше.

    Рецедивистки научили нас, что ошибка — это всего лишь шаг в сторону истинного пути. Они научили нас не просто полагаться на судьбу, а сами же творить ее. И в этом есть несомненная сила: сила превратить трагедию в победу, ошибку в возможность, и, главное, сила полностью принять свою судьбу.

    Так что давайте вместе откроем для себя их истории, разгадаем их головоломку силы и слабости, и пустимся в волшебное путешествие к настоящей сущности рецедивисток.

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