Manipulators in robes

 On one of the forums for lawyers, ran into a question: 

“How to manipulate a judge?»

    Interesting gives you the answer, apparently, of “very experienced” lawyer:

   “Judges are also people and they have human weaknesses. Therefore, all of them, like us sinners, fall under the technique of NLP.»


Think, that judges, reading this forum, from souls make fun of lawyers, because as, such banned manipulation they possess in perfection!


   And what do you know about manipulators, that is, about people who use hidden, deceptive and violent methods to control people?

   NLP – neuro-linguistic direction in psychology. This branch was created by the psychologist R. Bandler in the seventies for correction of mentality, for control over emotions and programming only on positive emotions. The doctor created this program on the basis of his tests, when he cured himself with hypnosis from a deadly disease.

   Who can easily fall under the manipulative influence? Absolutely any person who has a temporary weakness, for example, neuropsychic exhaustion, constant tension, subconscious fears, complexes, lack of attention and understanding, under constant insults and humiliation, a long separation from native people. All taken together, only prisoners can experience.

   And here are a few techniques that are easy to manipulate the prisoners:

Manipulation of needs. When a woman is at liberty accustomed to the comforts, well-being and comfort, it is easy to manipulate even with the same tweezers for eyebrows. (I am exaggerating about the tweezers, the technique of drawing the eyebrows with a thread in prison, can be read in Prison beauty salon. 7 tips from the prisoner.)


False attention and care. But it is clear from most of the prisoners very quickly give up family and friends.
About love. Here too it is clear – will the betrayal of her husband or cohabitant, etc. Hard in terrible conditions in prison be aware of the mind and the mind being manipulated by hormones and pheromones.
Herd instinct. Forced to follow the masses and act “normal”. Of course in the “herd of prisoners” to survive easier.
And much more…
   But, what kind of manipulations used in the interrogation, the investigators:

The elimination of emotion, shouting, insulting.
Pseudo-evidence of guilt.
Unsubstantiated accusation.
Hanging stamps and labels.
This is only part of the manipulation, there are about a hundred.

   And now, if we imagine that such a “manipulator – investigator” became a judge.

   And what can threaten the prisoner or the prisoner who for a long time were under the influence of manipulators of the investigator and the judge?

   A cruel disappointment on the day of the sentence!

   How many times have I watched in the court septic tank, as the prisoners came on the day of their sentences with all their belongings from prison. How their faces lit up before going to trial because they believed in the acquittal and decency of the judge. It was scary to see them pale and perplexed faces when they returned to the cage with conviction. Like children abandoned by their parents.

   Are the manipulators in the mantle is absolutely no humanity?

   What if the manipulator does not respect human rights, then this is a socially dangerous impact?! 

Continuation: Poison in the sugar from the prisoner. 

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